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Posted by Galangl | Mar 28, 2018 @ 12:51 AM | 4,176 Views
So far there are a variety of ways to install a diversity module such as the Eachine Pro 58 and and the RJXHobby . There are two different types of goggles one that has three wire and five wire camera setup. I had initially thought they were divided by IOS vs Android but I opened more up and found another 5 wire setup in an IOS goggle. I could not find any other way to differentiate the two. These are the three ways to add diversity. WARNING THESE MODIFICATIONS MAY DESTROY YOUR GOGGLES CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK

Three Wire
The three wire setup is really easy to install diversity. The wire is standard camera wiring setup yellow, red, and black. I measured 5v with my multi meter (Please double check this on your goggles it may be different). It's a simple splice and connect with single pin duponts at the end to connect to the diversity module. Once installed you press the change view button and the built in receiver will turn off preventing and interference. Unfortunately you lose the front camera which I found to be a nice luxury feature when having to quickly fix a lose battery strap or tighten a loose antenna.

Five Wire
The five wire setup is a little more difficult since now you have to start soldering and the camera has to stay connected. There are multiple locations you can tap into 5v especially on the bluetooth module they even have some areas labeled for 5v and ground. For video signal you have to connect to the last wire on the camera connector. It's on the...Continue Reading
Posted by Galangl | Mar 17, 2018 @ 05:15 PM | 7,465 Views
I recently purchased a lot of Ehang goggles at a local auction. I knew the quality would no where close to Fatsharks but they would probably good backseat driver spectator goggles. Here are a few specs

- Front Facing Camera
- Internal 1s 1700mah lipo
- 32 channel auto search
- USB micro charge port able to use power banks to charge and fly
- AV output port
- 2.8g antenna for head tracking data for Ghost VR drone
- 5.7g antenna (no diversity)
- 3 headstrap system for better hold and comfortable wear

The camera unfortunately has no IPD, no diversity, a decent screen, no DVR and a subpar antenna. I decided to open up one of the goggles and was surprised to see a diversity module can easily be hooked up without any soldering. The camera switch button also turns off the built in reciever so there is no interference.

To install the diversity module just cut and strip the camera connector and use 1p Dupont connector to hook it up to the diversity module to the according 5v, ground and visual signal. No voltage booster needed since the camera uses 5v.

The hardest part will be fitting the module. I will take a dremel to it and see what I can do.

The dremel was a little too much noise for my 5 month old. I was able to sneak the wires out the small camera hole. So there are major differences between the IOS and Android goggles.

The IOS goggles is the easiest to install since the camera uses 5v. Open the goggles and remove/splice the camera...Continue Reading