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Posted by rcartie | Oct 20, 2016 @ 07:22 PM | 4,832 Views
I just came across this article in our local newspaper about a great man by the name of Eddie Paige "DRONE EDDIE" who passed-away. I may have not known Eddie but I feel he is part of our RC Drone community and should be recognized as a great man who cherished and respected our hobby. Not only did he make friends but he served the community of Huntington Beach California. It's people like Eddie that inspire us to be better at our hobby.


HUNTINGTON BEACH What solace Jennifer Paige gets is that when her husband died he was likely happy.

Eddie Paige suffered a fatal heart attack Sunday while on a break from an aerial shoot he was conducting near the Huntington Pier. He was 60.

Im glad he died while he was doing something he loved, said Jennifer Paige, his wife of 25 years. Id proably be freaking out if he had died in a car crash.

Eddie Paige, a 40-year resident in the city and popularly known as Drone Eddie for the aerial still photographs and videos he shot of Huntington Beach and its environs, had become a fixture at local events and could talk endlessly about his aerial photography.

He used his drone for videos of the annual Duck-a-thon charity, the Fourth of July Parade and the Blessing of the Waves, among many events.

One day, when a group of surfers did a paddle-out for a friend who died, Paige volunteered to shoot it and had the surfers arrange themselves in the water in the...Continue Reading
Posted by rcartie | Oct 13, 2015 @ 08:26 PM | 5,916 Views
I just got the new Blade AH-64 Apache helicopter. I am looking forward to setting it up and flying it in the near future. I am so happy and glad that Blade came out with another micro scale helicopter besides the Red Bull 130X. I am a fan of micro sizes aircraft. I hope in the near future that E-Flite comes out with a micro sized general aircraft besides the Carbon Cub. I am thinking a scale 172 Cessna B737.