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Posted by fotofly | Aug 25, 2014 @ 01:30 AM | 5,541 Views
New RXQv2 is coming out soon

After a long time of developing and prototyping an x4/x8 frame we have come to this final version.

We wanted to make something in the professional class and with high quality workmanship and materials at an affordable price in this class.

This is the result

We have currently tested it in two x4 different configurations:

Version 1

Axis Dimension: 740mm
Frame weight: 1.2kg
Height: 300mm
No-load weight: 3.95kg (contain a 10,000mah 6s battery)
Max load weight: 5.5KG - this is because of motor pull power. In x8 configuration this goes to over 9kg
Fly time: 27minutes (4.1KG)
Battery: 10,000mah 6S
Motor: customized dualsky 5015MR 390KV
ESC: HobbyWing Premium 40A
Propeller: #1655 carbon fiber propeller

Version 2

Axis Dimension: 820mm
Frame weight: 1.4KG (with retractable landing gear)
No-load weight: 5.0KG (include 16,000mah 6s battery)
Max load weight: 8.5KG this is because of motor pull power. In x8 configuration this goes to over 13kg
Fly time: 18minutes (7.2KG AUW)
Battery: 16,000mah 6s
Motor: High-end customized dualsky 7010-330KV
ESC:HobbyWing x-rotor 50A
Propeller: #1855 carbon fiber propeller

After testing these configurations we have noticed that more motors are not necessary for heavy lift applications except for redundancy. So version 2 can fly some 18+ minutes with 2.2kg load and 16000mah battery and version one 27min with 10000mah battery without extra load.

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Posted by fotofly | Jan 28, 2014 @ 02:49 PM | 4,346 Views
Just an idea for now:

Must be a full carbon heavy lifter and completely foldable (or easily detachable - find a simple way to detach/attach),
must fit 3 axis gimbal and have retracts
esc's hidden in booms
motors 300-380kv, 15-16" props
carbon booms 30x27mm round (or 30x28? rounded square)
FC Naza M v2 or open pilot REVO, apm 2.6 or pixhawk