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Posted by dambit | Feb 01, 2013 @ 06:45 AM | 16,241 Views
Hi All,

So that I don't clog up the owners thread I've decided to move everything over to my blog.

As people who have been following the FW 190 owners thread know, I have recently flew the firewall out of my plane
The foam was beyond easy repair, so I have taken this opportunity to bash the plane into an early D-9 variant.

The images show the progression of the build so far, beginning with a hero shot of the original model and then the damage to the firewall etc.

My 190 was a little unique in that it was one of the first to have its motor come apart in flight (# 25) causing a fire inside the ESC and battery area. This ate a lot of the stock foam away forcing me to coat the entire inside of that area with epoxy. So another failure was eventually inevitable I guess, however it lasted another 180 or so flights, dogfights, crashes and nose overs before the repair finally gave out

So sit back relax and hope to hell that I can pull this mod off


Posted by dambit | Oct 25, 2012 @ 12:42 AM | 11,940 Views
Hi All,

Well, after months of faffing about with the 3d model I have finally got the full scale propellers back from the printers, and I couldn't be happier

They look great on the plane (even though mine is a bit worn ) and upon initial taxi tests, they seem to perform just as expected. I won't be able to do proper throttle tests until I have made the mold and cast some props from the correct material. These props are just the plastic from the printer and it's a little brittle. That should be by the end of next week.

In the mean time here are some pics to enjoy.



Here is the latest flight video (as of 18/11/2012)

Fw-190 1400mm (FMS) Custom Scale Propellers Flight Footage (6 min 18 sec)

And here is a preview video

Full scale propellers for FMS 1.4 FW-190 (1 min 20 sec)
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Posted by dambit | Aug 28, 2012 @ 03:58 AM | 11,417 Views
Hi All,
I got my first 3D printed propeller back today and can't believe the quality of it. Amazing.

Anyway, I have a short clip linked below showing the prop during my test fitting on the stock prop hub with two of the stock blades for comparison. If the blade looks a bit shorter than the others it's due to the phone camera lens being odd. It's the same size as the others.

FMS 1.4m FW-190 Semi-Scale Propeller (0 min 41 sec)

I'll be starting the molds tonight and should have them done in a day or so.


Posted by dambit | Jun 27, 2012 @ 10:11 AM | 15,109 Views
Ok All,

Over the last couple of months I have been going through the process of building my own scale propellers for my FMS 1.4m FW-190 A/8. I've had some success but my first props needed lots of refinement. They were too thick and too heavy in all the wrong places. The master for the first set of blades was carved from balsa wood. I then boxed it into a two part mold from which I could cast the functional blades. I used a rigid two part polyurethane plastic for these blades. It's a good material but as I said, the weight distribution of the blade was all wrong. Too heavy towards the tips and not enough material at the root. Plus the airfoil shape itself was not ideal. (my first attemp, give me a break. At least they flew.....once anyway )

Link to my videos of the Prop tests are below.

Walk Around:
FMS FW-190 A/8 Scale Propeller Project (4 min 15 sec)

First Flight:
FMS FW-190 Scale Prop Test Flight 1 (2 min 42 sec)
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