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Posted by capteasy | May 25, 2018 @ 12:10 PM | 5,589 Views
Manufacturer: Windrider Models (discontinued)
Scale: 1:12
Wingspan: 42 in
AUW: 44 oz
Motor: Turnigy SK3 3535 - 1200Kv
ESC: Turnigy TRUST 45A w/ SBEC
Bat: 3S 2500-3300
Prop: 10x7x3
Servos: HXT900 (x 5)


Many mods added and kit bashed including scale instrument panel and cockpit interiors; machine guns and dice flaps. May add option for bomb drop also - dependent on weight considerations.

Wet news print worked very well as masking but did leave ghost-print image on surface in some cases. Un-printed news print paper would be perfect masking.... light adhesive tape, sticky notes, etc all lifted paint.

Most of the build all is complete at this point - however dive brakes currently remain undecided due to added weight but are temporarily being installed anyway....Continue Reading
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The Stinson Reliant produced by Phoenix Models and distributed by Tower Hobbies is another scale Golden Age Classic representation of form and function. The following will describe my experience during the build and as usual several modifications, mostly scale will be illustrated and described.


Maiden: MAY 4, 2016
Scale: 1: 7.4
Wingspan: 67in (1720mm) Clark-Y
Length: 52.6in (1338mm)
Wing Load: 90g/dm2
CG: 2.5-2.7in (65-70mm)
AUW: 9.7-10.6lbs (4400-4800 g) 9.88lbs Actual
Motor: TACAN BIG FOOT 60 400Kv
Battery: 5S LIPO
Prop: 15X10 - 16X8 APC E
Rx: LEMON 6Ch +Sat

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Maiden: TBD *

The subject of this build is the Ryan STA. however it may be necessary to mention the STA in comparison to the Ryan ST3KR or PT-22 since misconceptions and confusion arise between the two aircraft.

The Ryan PT-22 evolved specifically designed and dedicated as a military primary trainer prior to Pearl Harbor. Ryan STA Sport Trainers of the mid 1930's shared a similar profile but were entirely different airframes with different power plants. The PT-22 was more rugged, while the original STA was lighter and built with civilian primary and sport training in mind.

Stock Ryan, civilian STA's powered by four cylinder, inline 150 hp Menasco engines were enlisted to provide US Army Air Corps primary training but couldn't stand up to military training demands. Subsequent STA airframe modifications eventually evolved into the PT-22, powered by a five cylinder, 160hp Kinner radial. Two totally different airplanes.

When Tower Hobbies came out with this plane there was not a second thought to ordering it. Despite Tower's factory cover based on a full scale Ryan, I never care for checkerboard graphics. Original Ryan factory STA's were polished aluminum fuselages, silver doped fabric wings and tail with dark blue trim and white accent. That had to be my choice so the Tower covering was replaced with Chrome and Silver Ultracote with Blue Monokote trim.

Photos are intended to document an initial comparison between the STA and PT-22 and...Continue Reading
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Our local AMA Club, The Fredericksburg "Wingdingers" has started Mark Rittinger's featured design in the April 2016 Model Airplane News.

Some of our members are new to RC building and flying and Mark's "Pharaoh", classic sport plane, tail dragger caught our attention. The Pharaoh was also designed to to be an uncomplicated build so it was a perfect choice. Full size plans and wing cores were ordered....

SEPT 9 2016
After full size the plans and required wing cores arrived a special club meeting was called and the plans were laid out and wing cores shown. Members discussed what they wanted to start on.

SEPT 10-11 2016
All 1/8" ply and balsa fuselage formers; 1/4" ply firewall; 1/16" ply cowl ring; competed. Landing gear blocks cut, slotted and drilled from 2/8"x1/2x6" hard wood stock.

SEPT 12 2016
Landing gear 1/8"ply sub ribs cut; Foam wing core dihedral and length cut per plans.
Foam wings cut for landing gear blocks

MAY 2018 Fast Forward -
Initial maiden was an ugly disaster. In short, it lost complete signal over the runway during approach and landing, crashing hard. Part of the fwd fuse and partial wing tips were damaged but considering the force of impact on an asphalt runway, damage was relatively minimal and has been repaired and re-maidened successfully.

Photos include some of the build and final completion prior to the initial flight....Continue Reading
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The Curtiss P-6E Hawk is another airplane that evokes the Golden Age of Aviation for me and has always been one of the most beautiful bi-planes ever designed. Accordingly I've had an affection for it for a long time especially the iconic P-6E's assigned the 1st Pursuit Gp, 17th Pursuit Sqn.

Great Planes discontinued then re-issued the larger 1:4 scale ARF then discontinued it again. I found the larger one on eBay about 6 years ago and now it's available again in a smaller version which immediately caught my attention. When I noticed one on Tower's "Scratch & Dent" site, complete but missing the hardware bag I thought it was a lucky find and ordered it with an additional member discount plus free shipping.

JUL 03 2015
The P-6E arrived complete, no damage, however one minor problem eventually involved the size of the hardware after discovering it didn't match what the the manual described. The wing brackets were a concern at first but eventually available at minimal cost.

The manual was studied while locating some of the hardware and waiting for the brackets. Reviews and articles on the plane were read and I decided to apply the decals first before construction. That proved to be a good idea as the application was more convenient.

The landing gear was installed but interestingly, the bolts were 6-32 not 4-40 as stated in the instructions. Not much problem - they were available at a local hardware store and installation was straight forward...Continue Reading
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MARCH 20, 2015

Before I took any notice, Hobby Express (formerly Hobby-Lobby) discontinued this model so I found one NIB from an ad here on RCG's.

edit: Mar 2016
Hobby Express apparently has them back in stock again. I love the looks of this plane. However as a word of caution from my experience please contact their sales or tech dpt before ordering one due the problems I had.

The Blue and Cream was my choice and the build went OK except for the landing gear struts that didn't fit and the bolt holes didn't line up. It was a time consuming disappointment and has another major issue as well.

Flaps, and Scale Instrument Panel were added and a tail wheel from a Maxford USA Gee Bee Y.

The maiden was successful and subsequent flights have been pleasant. Landings with and without flaps are nice and scale however very notable pitch up in level flight when the flaps are deployed.

The only problem with this plane now is the very soft aluminum struts that have weakened and one side will no doubt break shortly so new struts will have to be made from some proper aluminum if the airplane fly's anymore. I might add no hard landings have contributed to this weakness, the aluminum struts apparently are just too soft.

Scale: 1:12
Wing Span: 54"
Rx: Lemon DSMX 6Ch w/satellite
BEC: n/a
Bat: 3S
Prop: APC 11x5.5E
Servos: HXT 900 /HS-55

MAIDEN May 2015

Static and flight photos taken at LBJ National Park Stonewall ,Texas Summer 2015

Current Status: Mar...Continue Reading
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Hobby Lobby ( now Hobby Express) originally marketed the Mini Gee Bee Senior Sportster about six years ago when I began flying RC. It caught my attention and it became my second plane following my Hobbyzone foam Super Cub. I flew the Gee Bee but had difficulty with orientation and crashed several times.

This discussion covers the recent the rebuild of one of the several crashes.

Scale: 1/12
Wingspan: 48.5 in. (1232mm)
Wing Area: 395 (25.5
Length: 36 in. (906mm)
Wing Load: 12.4 oz./sq ft (37.6 g/
AUW: 34OZ. (960 g)

Motor: Turnigy SK3536-910
ESC: Turnigy 40A
Prop: 11x5.5
Bat: 2250 3S
Servos: HXT900 Ailerons; Elev;Rud
CG: 65mm/LE
AUW: 41oz/2.6lbs./1175g

Additional: Instrument Panel; Pilot; Dummy Radial; Sprung Landing Gear - Mains & Tail (Maxford USA Gee Bee Y)

The wings required slight modification to accept the Maxford Gee Bee Y landing gear but they function perfectly and look great. Stock wheel pants need enlarging if the gear rotate forward on landing. I have new sets of wheel pants but will try repairing some damaged ones first....Continue Reading
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JAN 2014

A friend of mine had a used E-flite Hurricane sitting on his shelf that caught my eye. Since I'd discovered them too late before they were discontinued, and he was moving, he sold it and it came home with me.
He included an AR7000 but I removed it and added an AR6210 Tx.

Scale details were added to include a sliding canopy; instrument panel and gun sight; flow through radiator cooling; exhaust stubs hollowed out; LED lights; and Turnigy flap servo speed regulator. Weathering, exhaust stain, and machine gun dust covers with blast to behold.stain have been added also.

SEPT 08, 2014

The Hurricane has been regularly but mastering the landing technique has been difficult due to characteristically nosing over. Even though it's performance in the air is outstanding, the landings seem to command extremely high skills with attention to speed and pitch attitude. Nose overs are really a pain but scale landings are possible if pitch and power are spot on and absolutely beautiful....Continue Reading
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OCT 11, 2013

Another Golden Age airplane cornered my attention a while ago and I finally gave in and ordered "MISTER MULLIGAN" from Tower Hobbies. Usually I feel guilty for spending the money for another plane when I have about three or four yet to maiden and one still waiting completion.

So much for self discipline, the build was started the day it showed up. Great Planes instructions were pretty good and all the parts were intact. One fact I did not care for are the pre installed CA hinges. The CA was applied very sloppy and the hinges were very stiff, especially flaps.

I called Customer Support just to inform them of the issue and they said they'd send a replacement wing set. Seemed like a lot of trouble and expense for sloppy work, but if they hadn't been pre installed it probably would have saved them some money and I could have installed pinned hinged like I prefer anyway. The support is much appreciated though, and a spare wing is a good thing....

OCT 14 2013

Got an email from Hobbico techsupport thanking me for info and photos....they're sending another wing set. I'm curious if it will look any better.

Meantime, while waiting on electronics offers time to work on some details.

The Dummy P&W Wasp Radial: Time consuming cutting and separating the plastic but needed to be done. Black and silver craft paint for the cylinders and valve covers. Black plastic stir sticks were substitued for the silver stock pushrod tubes with alum tape and copper...Continue Reading
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JULY 29, 2013

The Travel Air Myster Ship is one of the airplanes I've admired for a long time. I have a Fred Reese Short Kit waiting to be built but am waiting for my build skills to catch up to the challenge of getting involved with it.

In the meantime Troybuilt Models sells a Travel Air ARF by ECOMRC:

It arrived about 3 weeks ago and I started on it and haven't been able to stop working on it. (So much for my TopFlite SNJ that's still not finished....)

This thread will cover a general build log with personal mods and some addtional scale details.

Several disappointments were noted right away but nothing too serious. The biggest problem was the rudder control rod guide tube was installed incorrectly resulting in an "S" turn. I called Troybuilt and they provided another fuse to compensate. However, while waiting for it to arrive I experimented with trying to remove both rud & elev guide tubes. I began to think I might install an internal elevator control if I could get the tubes removed and during the process I was surprised both tubes finally did come out. and without damage.

JUL 30, 2013

Early attempts at trying remove the elevator guide tube were difficult until the first cross member was cut then the aft tube where it exited the fuse. Twisting and pulling with pair of hemostats did the trick and to my surprise it let go without breaking anything.

At that point I thought why...Continue Reading
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Pretty much finished an EP conversion on this rubber powered Herr Engineering Ryan STA. It needs windscreens yet.....

Wingspan: 30in
AUW: 265g (9.3oz)
Motor: HURC 2712-17 brushless outrunner on stick mount
Bat: 7.4v 950mAh lipo
Prop: APC 7x5E composite
Servos: HS-55 Elev; Rudder; aileron (ailerons may be disabled and servos removed for weight considerations - just tape the aileron in neutral position)

Trim was provided in the kit. NC# and tail decals are W/S.

Maiden: June 2013

Fly's okay but not too great due to the added weight on my build - recommend eliminating the ailerons
Posted by capteasy | Oct 24, 2012 @ 07:13 PM | 18,852 Views
Oct 17, 2012 After looking over a few of the classic Texan ARF's available, I finally settled on the Top Flite built up version. I like the split flaps and more colorful pre-war colors.
A fellow pilot on RCG's had one available NIB and we closed the deal. It was shipped USPS Parcel Post from the East Coast and arrived safely intact here in Texas in four days.
I think the the overall construction is very good and what I expected except for the main gear but I'll mention that more on that later on.

Oct 19, 2012The build began with touching up the Monocote Cover in a few places with a covering and trim iron then progressed with installing flap and aileron hinges.
Hinge Point hinges were supplied for the split flaps but I used my own for the install with White Gorilla Glue.

CA hinges were supplied for the ailerons also but again I used Du-Bro Nylon Flat Pinned Hinges with White GG. I prefer flat pinned hinges over CA hinges due to much less resistance on the servos. The GG expands and really fills up the hinge slot better too I think.

Oct 24,2012
Futaba S3004 servos are installed for ailerons but all I had was one pair planned all around so more will need to be ordered. Meantime an inspection of the landing gear found cracks in both L&R right out of the package. The really cheap plastic couldn't hold up to assembly let alone any landings. No wonder why so many reported trouble with them.
Contacted tech support and replacement retracts are being sent.

...Continue Reading
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This was a kit version from Airfield since I prefer the option of adding some of my own components. However it has the stock motor and props. ESC, BEC and servos are my choices. Several scale mods were added including sliding canopy, instrument panel, machine guns, etc.

MAIDEN: 06 SEPT 2011

Ref Thread(s):

MOTOR: stock 4250-500Kv
ESC: Turnigy 60A
BEC: Dimension Engineering Sport
BATTERY: 4000 4s; 4S 5000
PROP: stock Airfield 3 and 4 blade
AUW: 8 lbs

1.) Battery Hatch - enlarged
2.) Scale instrument panel and switches
3.) Gunsight
4.) Removable antenna mast and antenna
5.) Tailwheel control rod connected to rudder servo
6.) Sliding canopy
7.) Stock Pilot enhanced with custom paint
8.) Scale Flaps
9.) Prop Hub - Painted Grey
10.) Semi-scale Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Dummy Radial Engine
11.) More Scale machine Guns
12.) Radiator Screens
12.) Oil Streaks & Grime
13) 1/8" Ply Firewall

Dummy R-2800 Details
The P&W R-2800 was a twin row radial but simplification has to dictate. I also took some artistic license in the details of the ignition harness, magnetos and prop governor.
Any comments or questions welcome.

1.) Stock Airfield Cowl and Dummy Radial
2.) Thin copper wire - Ignition Harness
3.) Plastic stir sticks, Q-tips, Round Toothpicks - Push Rod Tubes
4.) 10&...Continue Reading
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Finally nearing completion of this big Black Horse Models P-36A originally purchased in 2009. Some variations to the original are intended to provide a P-36A from 94th Pursuit Sqn Selfidge Field, Michigan ca.1938 - 1939.

Maybe a couple more mods to be considered, plus a secure battery tray prior to maiden....

HISTORY: Preceeded with same basic airframe as the Curtiss P-40 but with a Wright R-1830 air cooled radial. It was the first Pursuit plane to exceed 300mph and was highly manueverable - reportedly as much as the Zero, and climbed extremely well but lack of a supercharger dramatically reduced performance at altitude. Scored first US air victory in WWII Dec 7, 1942.

Ref Thread(s):


Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1830-13 or 17
Power: 1,050hp at 10,000ft
Crew: 1
Wing span: 37ft 4in
Length: 28ft 6in
Empty Weight: 4,567lb
Gross Weight: 5,470lb
Max Speed: 313mph at 10,000ft
Service Ceiling: 33,000ft
Range: 825 miles at 270mph at 10,000ft
Armament: One .50in and one .30in machine guns in nose
Bomb-load: None

Scale 1: 7
Motor: Turnigy C5065 400Kv
Rx Bat: NiMh 2000ma
Pri Bat: 2x 3S 3700mqh Rhino
Prop: 14x10 APC E
Wingspan: 63.0in Length: 52.0in
AUW: 8.0 lbs
CG: 110mm/LE

1.) Sliding canopy
2.) Scale Instrument Panel
3.)...Continue Reading
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My first Spitfire and it was a joy to build but couldn't abide the standard factory finish. It ended up with several mods and new paint and insignia representing RAF Wing Commander and top scoring ace, Johnnie Johnson's Spitfire Mk.IX, EN398 while commanding the Canadian Kenly Wing.
The addition of a 4 blade spinner for the static prop still needs to be added sometime in the future.

Oct 2012
I've been flying "JEJ" on 3-blade and 4-blade Hobby Lobby Adjustable props with great success. They both offer wonderful performance and still land with about 75% on the 4s after a 7 minute flight. However that's without any spinner as of yet. It flys so good I don't care much about the looks right now.

MAIDEN: 18 JUL 2010

Scale: 1:9
Wingspan: 48.6 in
Lenght: 41.0 in
Motor: KDA 36-12L 1000KV
Prop: APC E 11X7
ESC: Turnigy 60A
BEC: Dimension Engineering Sport 3.5A
BAT: Rhino 4S 4000 20C
AUW: 3lb 6.5oz
CG: 75mm/LE

1.) Sliding Canopy
2.) Hinged Cockpit Entry Door
3.) Instrument Panel
4.) Pilot Seat
5.) Retractable Main Gear - HobbyKing 312 e-tracts
6.) Park Zone Corsair Tailwheel
7.) Cannon Blisters
8.) Oil, Intercooler Radiators and Carb Intake
9.) Custom Paint, Decals and Insignia
10.) Static Scale 4 Blade Prop
11.) Scale Antenna Mast - removeable, secured with small magnet
12.) Scale Cannons - removeable, attached with magnets; turned with hand drill (photos taken prior)

E-Flite P-51B

Posted by capteasy | Dec 27, 2011 @ 01:19 AM | 18,820 Views
The "B/C" model is my choice of Mustangs. This version from E-flite had some disappointing deficientcies condsidering it was marketed as a "Platinum Series" but nevertheless I had to try one.
Initially I didn't intend to get involved with adding more details but just as the build progressed I thought it deserved more attention. Much appreciation to All American and LICobra for their help and advice.


Scale: 1:8.54
Wingspan: 52.0 in
Overall Lenght: 45.5 in
Wing Area: 460 sq in
Motor: E-Flite Power 32
Prop: 13x8 APC E
ESC: Tgy 60A
Battery: 4S 5000
Servos: HS-81x6 E-Flite Etracts - Mains FMS Etract/E-Flite Nose Gear Steering Arm -Tailwheel (All American's Mod)
Main Struts: VQ P-51
Tires: 2.5 in Robart Treaded
AUW: 103.4oz / 6lb5oz (less pilot and seat)
CG: 3.0 -3.5/LE Wing Root

1.) Canopy cut and hinged
2.) Scale Instrument Panel
3.) Scale Pilot Seat and Seat Belt (55g / 1.9oz)
4.) Scale Interior Cockpit
5.) FMS P-51D exhaust stacks with custom paint detail
6.) All American's Custom Tailwheel Retract Mod - FMS P-51D retract + E- Flite nosewheel
7.) Radiator and Oil Cooler Exit Doors
8.) Scale Machine Guns
9.) Additional decals - W/S
10.) VQ Struts with scale Robart wheels and custom doors
11.) Custon made scale Fuel Caps; Ground Plugs
12.) Antenna Mast and Insulator -...Continue Reading
Posted by capteasy | Dec 07, 2011 @ 01:00 AM | 15,504 Views


Motor: Turnigy C3548-900Kv
ESC: Turnugy 60A
Bat: RHINO 4S 4000 25C
Prop: 12X6 MAS
Wingspan: 54in
AUW: 4lbs

1.) Instrument Panels
2.) Leather Cockpit Combing
3.) Custom Flying Wires
4.) Correct Windscreens
5.) Custom Battery Hatch
5.) Relocated Wing Walk
6.) Cowl Intake Vents
7.) Repainted With Correct Green Anti-Glare Panel
8.) Custom Streamlined Metal Struts
9.) Pilot - Sullivan Bros.

Flight charactoistics are just okay. It's an honest flyer but no acro has been performd due to a very weak spar in wing design and construction. It needs structural reinforcenment and I have'nt had the inclination yet to undertake the task. Meantime I'll fly it as is. It has a beautiful presence in the air and on the ground but definately requires attention to speed - it appears to have a high wing load.
Posted by capteasy | Dec 06, 2011 @ 02:26 AM | 15,924 Views
This ARF was originally a CMP Spitfire 50-54 converted from glow power to electric, custom painted and highly modified. My intention is to represent the Spitfire Mk.Vb flown by Don Blakeslee while flying with RAF 133 Sqn (Eagle) during early WWII.


Scale 1:8.2
Turnigy 50-55
Turnigy 80A ESC
5s/4400 Bat
2200 Rx Bat
APC 14x10 Prop
AUW 114oz/7lb 2oz

1.) Sliding Canopy
2.) Cockpit Entry Door
3.) Instrument Panel
4.) Cockpit Bulkhead
5.) Pilot Seat & Sutton Harness
6.) Antenna Mast/Post (Removeable - threaded nylon post/nut)
7.) Custom RAF Paint - Dk Green, Med Sea Grey, Ocean Grey, Sky (latex) 8.) Custom Painted Roundels/Insignia (latex)
9.) Custom Stencil Decals (waterslide inkjet)
10.) Custom 20mm Cannons - Removeable (turned with hand drill)
11.) Custom Battery Hatch
12.) Split Flaps
13.) Shortened Ailerons
14.) Oleo struts (w/E-tracts)
15.) Mk2 Gunsight
16.) Pitot Mast w/fairing - Removeable - secured with nylon screw and nut embedded into fuse
17.) Pilot's Rear View Mirror - Removeable - secured with magnet from electric toothbrush
18.) Fuel Filler Cap, Grounding Post
19.) RAF Pilot - Custom hand painted ("Pete's Pilots" e-Bay)
20.) Three Blade Prop w/ Custom Decals (static only)...Continue Reading