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Posted by Tahoe Jmfc | Feb 15, 2015 @ 01:38 PM | 45,622 Views
1. Remove shrink wrap from just the top of the esc without exposing the electronics, use a exactly knife and fine clippers to remove carefully

2. Use sand paper to rough up the current heatsink, make sure you do not get tiny pieces of aluminum falling down in the ESC electronics, you will cause a short. use tape if needed to protect any areas that show through to the electronics.

3. Use a vacuum while sanding to keep metal pieces away from electronics

4. cut your Heatsinks to fit, I use a hacksaw or cutter disk on dremel tool. Make sure so file smooth the rough cut edge.

5. sand or file clean the heatsinks for proper adhesion

6. apply thin layer of Arctic Silver epoxy to ESC side

7. attach new heatsink to esc and hold on with zip tie.(not shown)

8. Enjoy 20-40 degree lower temps on your ESC'...Continue Reading
Posted by Tahoe Jmfc | Dec 04, 2014 @ 02:42 AM | 42,561 Views
Here is a X8 I finally finished a couple months back after almost a year of bad motor/esc combos causing sync errors in the motors.

T-Motors U7 420kv 17" carbon prop on top and 18" carbon prop on bottom
T-Motors T80A esc
Famous hobby 1100mm frame with custom carbon arm braces
Futaba s-bus
DJI WKM with osd mini
Black Sheep Fpv
Immersion 5.8 600mw
2X 6S 10,000mah

Tested Configuration
Payload - 16lbs
AUW - 36lbs
Max Esc Temp - 117f at 65f ambient temp
Flight time - 6.5...Continue Reading
Posted by Tahoe Jmfc | Nov 14, 2014 @ 10:53 AM | 42,737 Views
Here is a simple way to create your own power distribution for high current heavy lifts. I don't trust power distro boards for high current applications so I create my own using high quality Castle Creations Wire and Castle Creation Bullet Connectors for secure connections that can handle very high current demands stress free.

As you can see I carefully cut away the insulation from the area I want the bullet connector. Then I use a small flat head screwdriver to open up the braided wires and then insert the bullet connector in between the wire braids and then apply alot of soldier to the joint. I make sure the braided wire is very tight against the bullet connector for a positive connections from the wire to the bullet connector.

I purchased Very thick heat shrink with hot glue already on the inside of the heat tubing from Cable Organizer and shrink them over the connectors and then use a razor knife to carefully cut the opening for the bullet connector. I make sure to twist the main wires to help reduce EMI.