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The Cell Diag is designed for 2-6 cells(DIAG 6X)/ 2-4 cells(DIAG 4X) Li-Po batteries with balance charging port.

Working Temperature Range: -20℃ to 50℃

Weight: 10g

Dimension: 53x 29x 5mm


1, Small, light and ultra-portable with only 5mm thickness including the LCD screen.

2, The high resolution LCD screen has a display capability of cell count, individual cell voltage, and total pack voltage simultaneously, up to 6 cell (for CellDIAG6X) / 4 cell (for CellDIAG4X).

3, High precision with +/-0.01V (10mv) accuracy.

4, It is not only able to measure the Li-Po, Li-Fe battery packs via balancing port, but also capable for checking ordinary Ni-CD, Ni-HM and other battery packs with no balancing port (the optional connection adapter is necessary), such as 4.8V receiver pack.

5, Able to direct observe the battery pack balancing condition efficiently.

6. Cell/ Pack voltage data monitoring for chargers with no voltage display. Improve the charging process safety and reliability. (Optional Y Connection adapter is necessary)

Remarks and attentions:

- Due to the battery pack loading drop, to avoid the voltage checking difference/ error, make sure the battery pack is disconnected from the loading, and observe the reading 30 seconds later the disconnection.

- Data display refresh rate may drops in low temperature environment. This is normal because of the LCD panel characteristics.

- Although it is a device with ultra low power consumption, make sure disconnect the battery after use to void over discharge/ damage to the battery
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Hi all,

The weight is 4.5g including the wires, it gets two KV, one is 3700kv, the other is 2900kv.

size:14mm*12mm, its thrust can reach 85g, with 3020prop, 2900kv, 8V, 1.8A.
its thrust is 76g with 3020prop,2900kv,7.4v, 1.6A.

I hope many companies and online shops can be interested in the little motor .


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1) AEO 450 feathering shaft

Made of stainless steel with great precision,


Steel feathering shaft 3 pcs

Alumium tube 2 pcs

Screws 2 pcs

Washer 2 pcs

2) AEO 450 main shaft

Each of them was produced by CNC grinding machine with great precision, as a result, we can ensure its centre to be align and the difference on main shaft can be controled within 0.01mm

3) AEO 450 belt

it is a very durable and tough belt, fiberglass belt teeth, can effectively avoid slipping, it won't be easily broken if pulled by two guys.

4) AEO new tail pulley (posted on the thread below)

5) thrust main ball bearings block (posted on the thread below)
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The thrust main bearings block is newly designed by AEO Technology

It is a upgrade spare parts for T-rex 450SE, it can improve flying performance and let customer feel delight for flying. We use full size, bigger thrust bearings to eliminate its internal step design, so the force to the main shaft can largely be absorbed by thrust bearings on the block..

1,we add trust bearings on the base of original 450 bearing block to adsorb the force largely on main shaft, it can reduce friction and longer use life of bearings, and eliminate vacancy seat from the direction on shaft.

2, internal step design of no thrust and high performance and larger diameter thrust bearings can effectively increase the bearings’ service life.

Including: bearing block*2 ball bearings*2 thrust*2sets

Weight of parts: bearing block 4g, ball bearing 1.8g, thrust bearing1.9g. (all:15.4g)

Mounting and how to use it:

1、The product is used to be as a replacement for metal main bearings block on T-rex450SE and those similar helicopters or work with the high precision fiberglass 450Se Frame.
2、please assemble the product according to the diagram below step by step.

1、Thrust bearings include bearing and two pieces of backing rings, the backing ring with bigger diameter should be put under the bearing block.

2、Please add some lubricator while assembling or while using to insure its good working performance.

we welcome any enquiries and business cooperation worldwide
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Dimension:Φ28mm x 29mm

Weight:55g / (not including connectors)

Diameter of shaft:Φ3.17mm 2.3mm

Length of front shaft:16mm

KV:3650RPM/V 2950RPM/V

Idle current:10V 2.2A / 10V 1.8A