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Posted by dlgdude | Jun 11, 2012 @ 01:23 AM | 8,991 Views
Today, I came back from a great day of flying.

The SC2 was holding a Man on man contest over two days, with winners for each day, and then a separate overall for the best combined scores for the weekend.

The Saturday contest was rough. I hadn't flown a TD ship since last December for the "Toys for Tots" contest at the same field in San Pedro. It seems like every time I fly here, we have overcast skies and wind that makes thermal activity few and far between. Saturday was all about shaking off the rust. My first round (7 minutes called time) went for a 3:19 in just awful stuff. The second round wasn't much better, with a 10 minute call and a 4:20ish result. I went into the last round with the attitude that I just wanted to beat my combined times from the first two rounds. I beat it and then some, but it took a low level save to get 'r done. Got the whole 10 minutes and a max landing to boot.

Sunday looked a bunch like Saturday. Cold, and overcast. We flew 4 rounds, a 7, followed by 3 10 minute rounds. I seemed to pick up where I left off on Saturday and had a pretty uneventful flight for the first 7. I got my time and another 50 point landing. Kyle Paulson timed for me twice today, and made some great calls, pointing out options for alternates to the air I was flying in. It was really comfortable with his calling and it showed. I had to work one of the flights from under 50 feet, and stick with it way downwind. It wasn't too scary, as I...Continue Reading
Posted by dlgdude | Mar 24, 2009 @ 10:02 AM | 9,412 Views
AUW is 160 grams....