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Posted by Edge767 | Oct 05, 2015 @ 03:28 PM | 7,154 Views
I finally got a chance to go out to the local club yesterday, and I'm glad I did. Even though winds were 3-10 mph (gusting) from the North, those winds were predominantly down the runway and only sometimes at a crosswind from the North-East.

I took three planes this time: My Albatros, Spitfire, and the queen of the squadron, the P-47D. All three planes were flown twice for about 5 minutes each, and it was a great time with each of them.

The Spitfire seemed a bit twitchy on its first flight, having flown it after the P-47 which flies like it's on rails. I dialed in some expo on the transmitter and the second flight was far smoother and looked better.

The Albatros was a better flying plane than I remembered. I haven't flown it in over a year, and while I remembered that it required a lot more coordination to fly it than the WWII birds, what made the experience really nice was that I used 2200 mAh batteries in it installed far more aft than the usual 1300 mAh batteries that the plane calls for. Doing this puts the CG back just a little, but it really made the plane fly better, nicer, and landings/takeoffs were sweet. I will be taking this plane to the field with me more often. As always, it got the most looks and comments. People love seeing a red bi-plane.

The Jug was once again the show-stealer for me. This plane just flies so incredibly well. I like it so much, I have another one in the box just in case I crash this one up too badly. For me, it flies exceptionally well, and even when it's windy or gusty, it just behaves nicely. Always a pleasure to fly this plane.

All in all, it was a great day of flying. I wish I could have gone out again today, but work and such kept me indoors. Maybe tomorrow.