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Posted by coreire | Feb 09, 2020 @ 08:59 PM | 5,614 Views
I recently received a Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro charger. I've had a bit of time to live with it now and use it at a few races so I said I'd post a review.

What's in the box? -

In the box you get a specs sheet and quick start guide, AC power lead and the D6 Duo Pro itself.
Everything is nicely packed so that the accessories can't damage the charger or display.
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The Charger -

The Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro is very compact for the functionality that's packed inside.
It's footprint is only a little bigger than some single channel chargers, yet you get dual channels capable of charging upto 6 cell packs, an internal power supply and wireless charging for a phone.
It feels extremely solid and well made and has a nice weight to it. It won't get easily knocked off a bench or dragged around when connecting batteries for charging.

On the front you have the XT60 outputs for each charging channel and the balance ports for each.
You get a button on the left for selecting each of the channels and a metal rotary encoder on the right for scrolling through the menus.

The display is very crisp and easy to read and has 3 selectable brightness levels. The highest brightness setting is very bright and easily readable in an outdoor setting. I've had a few other chargers that had a dim display that were almost impossible to read in sunlight, no such issues here.

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Posted by coreire | Sep 05, 2016 @ 03:33 PM | 6,186 Views
Lately Banggood have been releasing a lot of RC related products under the brand "Racerstar". I've used a few products from the line already including the Racerstar RS20A and RS30A BLHeli_s ESC's and found the quality of the products to be generally high, so I was very interested to try the BR2205 motors.
At the time of writing they're less than $8 per motor including shipping, which is a bargain if they perform well.

The packaging is basic but sufficient to protect the motors during shipping. The motor comes wrapped in bubblewrap in a Racerstar branded cardboard box. I wouldn't expect any fancy packaging with foam lining etc. at this pricepoint anyway.

The motors have a red anodized base and bell and come in both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation options. They have arrows marked on the bell to indicate the direction and also have different coloured self-locking nuts for CW and CCW which is a nice touch.

In the package you get a motor, self-locking nut and 2 sets of screws for mounting the motor. You get 4 of M3x6mm and 4 of M3x8mm so depending on the thickness of the arms you mount them to, you can select the length you need.
Take care not to use the longer of the screws when mounting to a thin arm, as the screw could come in contact with the windings inside.
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