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Posted by chucksolo69 | Jun 20, 2012 @ 12:09 PM | 12,362 Views
Up until about 2 months ago my major interest in RC was mostly in cars/trucks, both electric and nitro. I have been flying RC helicopters for 6 years and finally decided that it was time to give RC airplanes a try. My first RC airplane, a Hobbyzone Firebird Stratos was bought after a lenghty research process. Flying the Stratos was kind of easy, but like any rookie, I made mistakes. The worst mistake I made was letting the aircraft get behind me. Well, she augered into the ground nose first and did some minor damage to the nose, but that was basically all. I realized that I would be better off buying a simulator and starting there first. RealFlight 6 was my sim of choice and although a bit pricey, it is probably the best money I have spent in RC. I used the RF6 for a month before attempting to fly the FB Stratos again. After that time, I took the Stratos out again, and this time, no crashes and near perfect landings each time. I went a step further, I installed the trike landing gear. Prior, I had done all belly landings. I took her up again, and lo and behold, I brought her down in a near perfect 3 point landing. Wow, this was getting great. I did some more research and went out and bought a Hobbyzone Champ. I bought this because I have a sports park a mile from my house and flying the Champ would be great there. It has been. After flying the Champ and Stratos for another month, wanted something bigger. Enter the Hobbyzone Super Cub. Boy, what an airplane. It flies like...Continue Reading