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Audio transcription is the process of converting speech in an audio file into written text.

In simplest form, it is the transformation of verbal communication and audio materials into text format. Interviewers, court reporters, professional secretaries and web design specialists create audio transcripts as part of their everyday job responsibilities.

For many businesses across the globe, audio transcription is an essential part of the daily grind. There has been a huge shift in content from written to audio and video, meaning there’s reams of data to be typed up by an audio transcription service.

The Benefits of Using Transcription
No matter what your goals are, audio transcribers can help you. Individuals find the affordable pricing, unbeatable accuracy and fast turnaround time to be a tremendous benefit of using transcription services. Many people will send their interviews, research notes and more before they go to bed and wake up to a fully-transcribed document in their inbox.

Best and easy way to distribute information
While you can share information in the audio format, it is difficult to access and use such files, as and when you need them. This is not the case with audio transcriptions. With an audio transcript in hand, you can read them in PDF or .doc formats and even print them out. The versatility of audio transcripts make it easy to use and share on an anytime, anywhere basis.

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A batch of heroic soldering, a reversed buck converter, & the motors came to life. Mounting those right angle hall effect sensors took some doing. Mounting the motors was another buster. Things aren't as modular as hoped.

A few dozen more farsteners would go a long way. Given how many farsteners were in the standard model copter, the lion kingdom might have over emphasized efficiency of farsteners. The wires aren't very vibration proof either. It could stand to use another plate with wire traps .

After voltage testing, a few strange sounds, the wheels lunged forward. It was still running firmware for calibrating the motors & it showed the drivers were installed correctly.
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Using 8mm EPP foam, fishing pole sections and hotglue to make a fuselage. No templates, just eyeballing it. Wonder what it will be?
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This is Roy's HobbyKing H-King A-1 Skyraider PNF RC Warbird Flight. During the video, you can see other RC Airplanes in the background like the E-flite Viper & E-flite F-15 EDF Jets.

Roy's HobbyKing H-King A-1 Skyraider PNF RC Warbird Flight (7 min 10 sec)

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Looking for a cool lockdown/winter project? Do this!

This is assembling an open source based FBL controller and installing it into an OMP M2.
Why do it? Well, you end up with a fully configurable and innovative flight controller with top notch flight performance and some very useful telemetry features.
Like what? Like motor current telemetry, so you can monitor the actual battery power used. Also, you have access to all of the FC parameters so you can configure it directly from the transmitter.

If I can do this, anyone can. I got into r/c helis nine months ago during the first lockdown, starting with a Nano S2 and a DX6. I then moved on to an OMP M2, and when I started on this project I knew nothing about FBLs, ESCs, OpenTx, etc.
Was it a lot to learn? Yes, but if you have the time to read, why not?

What I have tried to do here is highlight the internet sources which I found to be very useful and add a few tips based on my experience.

The thread that started it all, by eqtrian, introduces the project and documents its progress (page 1 and the bottom of page 18 are perhaps the most important):

P.I. Engineer has put together a handy zip package that is available/pinned on the Heliflight 3D discord channel, then under the opm-m2 section.

His package contains the following files:
- compiled firmware for the FC board (Heliflight 4.1)
- a dump of the commands for configuring the...Continue Reading
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Looking for Axial Wraith replacement steering couplers and knuckles in aluminum. Preferably red anodized. Where can I find them?
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Check out the Maiden of the AR Wing PRO! Such a great flyer!!
I also did a detailed unboxing/build video! Check the links in the description
Cant wait to get some more FPV time on this one, its a powerhouse!
Get one here:
MAIDEN FLIGHT Sonicmodell AR Wing Pro 1000mm Wingspan FPV Flying Wing (7 min 53 sec)

UNBOXING & BUILD Sonicmodell AR Wing Pro 1000mm Wingspan FPV Flying Wing (21 min 49 sec)
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Halloa people

it is time for a new build project over here in Dutch-land, and with that 2021's first buiid
I'm not really sure what the interest-level in this one would be (?) It is a cinematic build but
the chosen frame is a bit "out there" :P

The frame: Ethix Cinerat 3-inch video-quad-frame

In this first part I'll show you the frame itself

Ethix Cinerat - 3 INCH Video Production Quad - FRAME REVIEW (18 min 41 sec)

type: Cinematic / Video production drone
wheelbase: 153 mm
Left-to-Right: 123 mm
Front-to-Back: 90 mm
base thickness: 5 mm arms (!)
weight: 144 gram (with printed optional parts)
material(s): Carbon fiber + allu standoffs + TPU prints
chamfered edges: nope
clean: 95% clean
20x20 mount: Yes 2 spots
30.5x30.5 mount: Yes 1 spot
motor mounts: 9 x 9 mm + 12 x 12 mm
Action-cam mount: 3 seperate ones!
battery strap: Nope
battery anti-skid pad: Yes
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If you hate scrolling through the 512 voice commands, create a personal folder and copy your favorite voice commands to it. From the Function List go to System Setup>Sound Utilities>Select/Add Category>scroll down and select <Add new category> Give it a name and then select (Add Sounds to Category). Go down the list and select your favorite sounds.

I added about 64 sounds and then put them in alphabetical order. Go to Sort Sounds Within Category. Go down the list and drag the A’s to the top of the list.
Some of the sounds will do things for you. For example I put “photo click” on my I button switch. This takes a picture of what is on the display and puts it on your SD card. You can put “Time Remaining” on the I switch as well and it will tell you the amount of time left on your countdown timer.
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Edit word in previous blog.
In section ..
When talking to others I should have said that their advice was " turn off Rx first. Not Tx
Overall message still the same though to test for re connect after brief interuputing of Tx signal . Test Tx interup in safe positions on ground An auto re connect should occur.
With the units features it did not.
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Hi all new to this and need help i cannot get my l109 out of beginner mode due to the option not being on the app any help please
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Yep Les Amis,
Prends soin de tes lipos ! Dans cette vidéo j'ai en test le chargeur 4 lipos de chez ToolkitRC, le M4Q et nous allons aussi réviser un peu sur l'entretien, le stockage et l'utilisation des lipos. Avoir un bon chargeur c'est bien, mais savoir l'utiliser c'est encore mieux quand on veut économiser sur l'investissement batteries. Ce chargeur est très simple à utiliser et très pratique car vous pourrez charger ou stocker 4 batteries en même temps. Il est limité et ne prend que jusqu'è 4S, que ce soit la version XT30 ou XT60 donc si vous n'utilisez pas de 5 et 6S, ce chargeur sera idéal ... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

ToolkitRC M4Q Chargeur 4 Lipos - Review Test Démo - Conseils pour vos batteries ! (35 min 12 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 Pratique ...

Les + : Facile à utiliser, 4 lipos, bonne finition, Alimentation fourni, Accès rapides, pas très cher.
Les - : 4S maximum, Pas de décharge, Alim DC 4S max.

- ToolkitRC M4Q XT30/XT60 :
- ToolkitRC M6D 500W :
- Chargeur polyvalent HTRC T240 Duo (meilleur rapport qualité prix):
- Testeur balance complet :
- Testeur Buzzer :
- Adaptateurs XT60 .. :
- iFlight Shortsaver :
- Sac de transport sécurité :
- Détecteur de fumée :
- Boite munition militaire :

...Continue Reading
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Assemble ESC.

Assemble ESC (2 min 18 sec)


#BrotherHobby #LandSnaiL #ESkateboard #LandSnaiL930 #electricskateboard #esk8 #eboard #eboarding #electricskateboarding #skateboard #skate #electricscooter
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I repeate the question : anybody knows this site :

Check the price!!! But are they trustable ?
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Would you prefer LED lighting props?
Over 2 years in the making, testing the best options, durability, materials... Designing the Moonlight LED PROP has been one of the most difficult things we've done, but we're pretty happy about it. Excited about the infinite options in the near future and looking forward to your epic videos with the FIRST and ONLY LED Props, by Gemfan.

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I was inspired by Kvn2019's 248gm Drift to shave some weight off my 315gm elephant (Drift). I spent a long time studying Kvn's pix on Rotorbuilds- . His parts were all lighter than mine, but the biggest differences were:
His DLG 2S 1300mah lipo (80gms) vs. my 2S, 3200mah 18650 lithium ion pack (105gms),
His Emax 1306 2700kv motor and HQProp T5x3 prop (10gms) vs. my stock motor and prop (20gms)
His HAKRC F4 Mini flight controller (3.3gms) vs. my Matek F411-WSE flight controller (8gms)

The HAKRC F4Mini is no longer available, so I wound up using the F411-WSE. I ordered his motor and prop, then replaced my 18650 pack with a 2S, 1200mah Efest 18350 lithium ion pack (53gms). Copying Kvn again, I replaced my 18ga battery and ESC wiring with 20ga. I traded my Emax ES08MD tail servo (13 gms) for an Emax ES02E (8 gms). By then I'd saved enough weigh to keep my Matek SAM M8Q GPS (7 gms vs. the stock BN220, 5.3 gms). I'd expected to use the lightweight Runcam Racer 3 (5.5 gms), but I actually needed more weight in the nose, so I used a Runcam Split 3 Nano (10.5gms). To get the CG right, I also had to move the GPS from its old spot by the motor pod to a new one on the floor ahead of the wing. My new AUW is 244gms.

Final Parts:
Zohd Drift kit
Emax Bullet Series 30 amp ESC
Emax RS1306 2700kv motor
HQProp T5x3 prop
2S Efest 18350 lithium ion battery pack (1200 mah, 10 amp continuous discharge)
Matek F411-WSE flight controller
TBS Unify...Continue Reading
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After a moment of silence before sacrificing $30 of hardware, the decision was made to bend all the pins in reverse, grind holes in the enclosure, & bolt the L6234's on the angle aluminum with their heat sink sides out. It required 22 new jumper wires to put the L6234's on breakout boards. It now is quite packed, despite containing only 1/2 the total amount of wiring.
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EACHINE TXC23 VTX 5.8Ghz 48CH 25/200/600/800mW FPV Mini Transmitter 28*28mm 36*36mm Mounting Board Pitmode IRC Tramp

EACHINE TXC23 VTX. Тест мощности. Banggood (4 min 27 sec)