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I have my gyroscopic two-wheeler vehicle mobile now. It turns left and right though I have not tested sharp turns yet. Need to change the steering linkage a bit and test that out. Usually, gyroscopic two-wheeled vehicles with a single gyroscope will turn well in only one direction and typically fall over in the other direction. I use RC electrics to drive the front wheel and the steering servo. A 550 12volt 18000rpm (no load) motor drives the 360gram gyroscope rotor. Using three 3S 800mah lipos for power, one for the Arduino Uno, one for the gyroscope rotor motor, and one for the RC electrics. Using an LM327 voltage regulator.
Self Balancing Gyroscope Two Wheeler (Part 3) (2 min 30 sec)

Posted by lee taylor | Today @ 06:50 PM | 138 Views
I have been to this flying field. I have met with this group. Great bunch of guys in my opinion. They are in Rembert SC. They are having a fly-in. It will be in April.

A link showing photos of some of the birds you will see at the meet:
Posted by aethelred | Today @ 06:00 PM | 206 Views
just made an rc groups account. i look at rcgroups often for 5 years. never bothered to make an account. i just now bothered to make an account
Posted by Alan 3D | Today @ 05:54 PM | 221 Views
A long discussion about Brownouts Interference, BEC and Receiver batteries.

Brownouts not to be confused with interference. 99 out of a hundred times. Loss of control with the exception of defective or crappy equipment, bad install, going out of range or blocked non line-of-sight signal loss would be from brownouts. Interference is very rare when frequency hopping is in use. Unless you're using a really crappy receiver or faulty antenna or you're standing underneath a cell tower with microwaves. I Fly in two areas where there are cell towers very close by and one that's about 500 ft away and another one behind that about a thousand feet away. I also fly very close within 3 hundred feet of a small cell tower. My planes will get as close as 100 ft to it. No problem unless you want to fly right up to the tower which I did with a drone which stop about 50ft from the Tower and return home. And that was with a really crappy receiver that was very prome to interference. A non Spektrum receiver. In other places it did the same thing, the drone would stop freeze in flight in the exact same spot every time then returns to home due to microwave signals from the nearby cell tower 600 feet away. Does not do that with a different receiver, only the crappy one.
Wi-Fi it's not frequency hopping so unless there's a very strong boosted Wi-Fi signal, it will not affect you. Pilots may mistake brownouts as interference. It is not. Interference was more common in the old days when Crystal...Continue Reading
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Well today is Sunday and I am goofing off with my modeling stuff. I have my plane on hold while I work on my flight system. It is a 40 year old design but that is okay because I am an old guy and I am old school. With my modeling hobby I just do what I want to do. I am picking up where I left off 40 years ago. I am posting a video but it has not finished loading

Flight System - Model Plane, R/C, Old School (2 min 26 sec)

Posted by Ed Gilkison | Today @ 04:59 PM | 259 Views
Hello Everyone,
Had to put everything on hold for about four years - as life got in the way with my hobbies.

After clearing out my rc airplane collection a few years ago,I am once again getting the building and flying bug, & was checking to see if anybody was doing something like the Wild RC IFO, or the Falcon flying wing and Carbon Traveler that Ken at Ace Sim was offering, - but no joy.

I've decided to try again , and have a go at building a few. My motorcycle shop is pretty busy, but plan on having the first ones done in June.

Not sure if there will be any interest at all, but wanted to let you know - and will be posting my progress -

Thanks again,, to those that took up my offer a few years back , and helped me clear out my collection!

Posted by IntroSpec | Today @ 01:46 PM | 626 Views
Almost forgot... need to put goggles on too!

Will show final pics when he is complete
Posted by IntroSpec | Today @ 01:44 PM | 634 Views
Well he is just about done. I need to apply the final protective coating and then he will be ready to fly! Here is how he has turned out...

He has been a fun project from start to finish.
Posted by GroundControlRC | Today @ 10:50 AM | 782 Views

Tip #32 - Avoid My Mistakes & Self-Inflicted Flight Anomalies ;-)

Here is a link to the Video:

This Tip is different than any I've posted before in that it's mostly what not to do.
I'll list the many Mistakes I've made as well as the Flight Anomalies that were Self-Inflicted ;-)

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #FlightAnomalies #Tip

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The first iteration of my first ESC is described here:
and while I'm slowly beginning to call that done for now, I'll go into the second interation to get rid of some FETs I used for level shifting the gate driver inputs from 3V3 to 5V. Those FETs are Q1, Q3 and Q5 (DMN2990UDJ) in the previous design. They are tiny, but still about 1 mm² each. That's 12 mm² and easier routing on a 4in1 ESC, and that's something!

New schematic:

The pinout is that of "O", as is the basic function of each output, but they have to be open drain and inverted with regard to original "O". A prototype of the driver stage is already built - the PCB is the same as before, but without the EFM8BB2 (that's on its own little breakout board) and without the level shifter FETs, plus some magnet wire.
Posted by Hobby4Life | Today @ 06:53 AM | 951 Views
The weather is not always good for testing things outside.
To be able to continue testing with the GPS widget, I made a GPS simulator / sensor based on a previous project.
I once developed a GPS Simulator app for android, this app can generate GPS NMEA senteces like a real GPS does.
It is possible to connect to the app via an HC-06 Bluetooth module.
The Bluetooth module then sends the same NMEA messages via the UART.
Such as position, speed, height, bearing and satellite fix.

What do you need:

 Arduino Nano or any AtMega328 based arduino will do
Name: Arduino-Nano-R3.jpg
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Size: 42.9 KB
Arduino Nano

HC-06 Bluetooth module.
Name: HC-06.png
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Size: 324.9 KB
HC-06 Bluetooth Module

 USB-TTL converter PCB

This is needed to program the bluetooth module and / or the Arduino Pro Mini, this can be any kind of USB to TTL adapter.
...Continue Reading
Posted by GBLynden | Today @ 03:56 AM | 1,075 Views
This is my E-flite UMX Ultrix BNF Basic Unboxing & Review video. Enjoy!

E-flite UMX Ultrix BNF Basic Unboxing & Review (9 min 27 sec)

Here are my Review Notes for the Ultrix:

- A fair price for twin motors
- 1S Brushless motors
- The foam is thicker and more robust than other UMX Plane foam
- Has a skid for protection when landing on pavement
- You can add lights
- It comes in a small box, perfect to slide in your car on the days you fly big jets like the E-flite Su-30.


Posted by Adc49866 | Yesterday @ 09:28 PM | 1,541 Views
Does anyone know if the skyzone sky030 fpv goggles work with fimi x8 se drone. Thanks
Posted by burkefj | Yesterday @ 08:29 PM | 1,570 Views
I had done a smaller version of this a year ago using 2.6 in tubing and using a trick of an oversized wing with the oversized portion painted flat black so that just the scale wing outline was mostly visible and it worked really well. I decided to do an upscale using 4 inch tubing, modifying the nose cone front block head off and turning the rear diameter a little bit to match the thinner wall tubing I'm using. are you single ply 9 mm depron for the wings and tail with 1/8 carbon spars, two in the wing and one in the vertical stabilizer. the decals are a mix of hand cut self-adhesive vinyl and some printed vinyl from sticker shock 23. This model weighs 28 and 1/2 ounces without the motor. I had five test flights I started with an f -26 then an f-25 then 2 g-38 and 1 g-40 the video shows them in reverse order. These are all composite Aeroteh motors without the ejection charge. I was super happy with how stable at boosted and how slow and docile it was gliding and. landing. it's really draggy so the flight times aren't super long but it really looks the part and I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out.

Large RC Colonial Viper Rocket glider flying on F and G motors (4 min 22 sec)

Posted by jmxp69 | Yesterday @ 03:46 PM | 1,851 Views
This video is a first look at the Dynam B-26 Marauder. It's a shockingly big fuselage. Definitely made an impression on me.

Dynam B-26 Marauder RC Plane First Look - Unbox (14 min 20 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 02:42 PM | 1,944 Views
This video review is the Freewing A-4 Skyhawk Maiden Flight Review With GoPro Hero 7 Black Footage from July on my second RC channel:

Freewing A-4 Skyhawk Maiden Flight Review With GoPro Hero 7 Black Footage (5 min 4 sec)

I am really itching to get back out and fly this and my L-39 again permitting lol

Posted by Leadchucker | Yesterday @ 01:53 PM | 2,125 Views
87" Fokker. Rimfire 50cc motor, 5KW, 5000 mah 6S main power with 2 2200 mah 3S batteries for radio. 27 lb AUW. Maiden this week maybe....Continue Reading
Posted by Leadchucker | Yesterday @ 01:46 PM | 2,012 Views
Bunch of pics of Rambler build . She's been done for a year or so and has two contest under her belt. Not putting any other description unless someone asks for info....Continue Reading
Posted by TMacFPV | Yesterday @ 12:19 PM | 2,066 Views
Best 20x20 Flight Stack Comparison! 🤩 Spec's, features, & more
Which one should you get? 🤔
I've got a "Special" 3-inch build coming up and looking at the following 4 flight stacks to choose from. Decided to go over spec's and features of each in a side-by-side comparison and go through my thought process for choosing the "brains behind the build", thought it might help some folks out. Other ideas? Let me know!
Micro FPV Flight Controller (8 min 3 sec)