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Posted by Shikra | Jan 12, 2010 @ 10:22 AM | 17,985 Views
Portable FPV Plane Launcher

Funjets etc. are great for FPV, but can be a bit challenging to launch - particularly with extra weight of FPV gear and if flying solo (in my world it's allowed!). So I decided to address the problem and build a launcher for it. Have seen a few on the web (not many surprisingly), but none of them seemed to meet my needs, so time to give it a go

Design criteria...
  • Lightweight and portable for car
  • Able to launch remotely via hand or foot operated switch
  • Secondary Saftey latch to prevent accidental launch when not "armed for launch"
  • Able to launch Multiplex funjet / flying wings and other similar rear pusher types
  • Able to launch traditional EZstar / Twinstar types
  • Adjustable launch length under tension (if testing shows necessary)
  • Adjustable tension for different models (if testing shows necessary)
  • Adjustable launch gradient (if testing shows necessary)

Brief description...
  • Aluminium box frame for supports and the guide/track rail.
  • 8m of bungee cord for power
  • Bungee cord runs through multiple bearing pulleys to increase effective length in a short space.
  • Reduction in difference between full tension load and launch point is typically no more than 20%
  • 12v Solenoid operated from a 3s lipo via a push to make switch
  • A "dolly" runs along the track - various launch cradles can be fitted dependant upon plane type
  • The length of travel required for launch can be adjusted via different mounting points on the belt that attactches the
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