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Posted by Merovech | Oct 06, 2021 @ 09:33 PM | 11,138 Views
Been a heck of a year. Picked up several new planes - crashed a few of them too. Here's the current status:

Field (RTF): Conscendo Evolution II, RocHobby P-39, RocHobby Waco*, EFlite Staggerwing 480, UMX Turbo Timber, UMX Champ

Hangar I (repairs) ,FreeWing F/A 18E, UMX Cessna, UMX Turbo Timber

Hangar II (major repairs) Phase 3 U-2, Conscendo Evolution I

Field (storage/parts) UMX Turbo Timber, Typhoon 2, Big Bird

I'll post photos of a few of these here eventually. I have some uploaded on Instagram already