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Posted by ronin4740 | Apr 18, 2015 @ 07:33 PM | 10,801 Views
Middle of last year I started reading the Armattan thread in the MultiRotor Talk forum, became interested and bought a ready to run Tricopter from Chris. I waited on pins and needles for it to arrive and when it did I was stoked! I installed a receiver, strapped on a 3S 2100mAh pack, took it out into the back yard and managed to keep it in the air for a few seconds (maybe 30) before I crashed and broke a prop...

I'd ordered spare props when I bought the Tri from Chris but I quickly went through them... I ordered more but it took a while for them to get here... Meanwhile my thirst for flying multirotors just grew and grew as I watched video after video of other Armattan owners putting theirs through the paces. Zipping through barns, storming into the forest, screaming over houses and into the sky.. They were flying FPV!

So, a month or so after I'd ordered enough props for the Tricopter that it would be a looong while before I'd be in any jeopardy of not being able to fly because I didn't have a CCW prop I bought a set of Skyzone goggles, a Boscam TR1 and an Armattan FPV V1 Multicopter so I could dive in and join the fun.

I had a few decent flights but nothing like what I'd observed posted here and my impatience was starting to show. The more I worked at it the more I realized that the reason I wasn't getting any better was that both didn't have the knowledge to tune my own PID's on a Naze and that I wasn't getting a good set of PID's to start with for the Armattans...Continue Reading
Posted by ronin4740 | Apr 25, 2008 @ 02:54 PM | 15,082 Views
So, I spent April 17th - 21st visiting friends and family in Reno. My Uncle came up from the L.A. area and brought his F-86 to fly. Unfortunately the weather was not terribly cooperative but we did manage some small amount of air time.

See the Electric flight videos for the results of the flights

I did a few other things while home:

* talked my father into purchasing a new PC to replace his old, slow Shuttle box that we built for him about six years ago. He seemed to be pleased with the change when headed home. Hopefully he hasn't had too many issues with it since.

* Went ATV riding with an old friend and his wife. Had a blast riding his 4 wheel'er and look forward to doing it again.

* Spent just the right amount of time with my nephew and niece who turned 2 shortly before I arrived. Ate the cake that she'd been sticking her fingers into repeatedly and survived the experience

I always look forward to "going home" to visit family and hope for many more trips in the years to come.
Posted by ronin4740 | Apr 06, 2008 @ 10:37 PM | 14,885 Views
Both Saturday and Sunday I loaded the car full of planes and spent the better part of each morning down at the field. The club members showed up in droves on Saturday as the weather was absolutely beautiful and there was no wind at all in the morning.

Looks like the club photographer was out on Saturday as there are a bunch of new photos on the club website:

Greg Bohr's F-4 was really stunning and performed really well on both 3 and 4 cells. Feroz must have brought his A-4 out after I left but it looks great in formation with the F-4, even though it's half the size.

As for me I'm trying to learn a few new tricks this year. Landing more smoothly and some basic 3D flying with a PA Katana MD top the list. I'm also trying to wrap my brain around heli's again this year. I've been watching too many folks have a blast with theirs not to try to get in on the fun!

Well, that's a wrap on the blog post. The mild sunburn will be a nice reminder of a couple of great days of hanging out at the field and flying. More next week!
Posted by ronin4740 | Mar 16, 2008 @ 09:59 PM | 14,973 Views
This weekend my father came from Reno to help with a home project - this will be the last superbowl bet he'll ever make with me

I spent the better part of the weekend painting but did manage to get him to take a break and come to Spirit's R/C flying field with me for an hour of R/C flying. I chose to take the Hyperion P-51, E-Flite Pitts and a HZ Super Cub which I needed to maiden prior to handing it off to our 12 year old.

We went on thursday and the weather could not have been better. There was a little wind but it was almost straight down the runway. Each time I put a plane up he came with me to the pilots fence and it was nice to hear him comment and enjoy the day out at the field. The Realflight sim time is definately paying off and he was able to witness two of the smoothest landings I've ever managed with the P-51. I didn't need to true the landing gear after the first flight and if I hadn't run off into the grass after the second flight's landing I doubt I would have had to bend them either.

Several other club members were there and he had a chance to talk with them a little bit as well and listen to what drew them to the hobby his son has embraced so very tightly.

For me it was a chance to share something I enjoy with my father who I have the highest regard and sense of love for. I know this won't be the start of a hobby for him but I'm still happy that he was willing to come and watch.

He's heading back home tomorrow morning but I'll be...Continue Reading
Posted by ronin4740 | Feb 24, 2008 @ 02:17 AM | 15,187 Views
The clouds over St. Charles went away today, the wind was non-existant and the temperature was over the freezing mark so a trip to the club field was in order.

I loaded up the E-Flite P-38, the Hyperion P-51 and a Cox micro P-40 along with the normal support gear and batteries.

Upon arrival I was a little discouraged to find that the snow had not melted or been plowed off the runway. Several of the club members had purchased Dubro Skis for their models and were having great success accelerating down the mostly frozen strip, attaining take off speed and doing touch and goes before landing.

I asked a few of the folks there if they'd been able to get anything with wheels down the runway and into the air and the field guru, Bob Gizzie, said he'd had success on his attempts.

As I hastily attached the wings to the P-38 another gentleman with a gas powered P-47 fired his plane up and attempted takeoff. After three unsuccessful attempts, all ending up in nose overs, he gave up. Comments were made that the sheet of frozen snow/ice was melting due to the sun...

The P-38 didn't fare any better. The small wheels and thin landing gear wire were no match for the 1/8th of an inch of ice/slush on the runway. I looked longingly at the folks who had skis on their planes and commented that I should have picked up a set at the hobby store while I was there earlier.

One of club members overheard this and offered to sell me the set he'd purchased. I accepted and quickly...Continue Reading
Posted by ronin4740 | May 25, 2006 @ 10:28 PM | 16,150 Views
Blogging takes away from building and flying time! Don't look for updates to my life here!!!!