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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 02:08 AM | 3 Views
On the day the RS-25 & the BE-4 were both test fired, Musk's comeback was a picture of his shoes in front of a bunch of jack o lanterns.


Does he dress up at home? Based on the spynet, he wasn't at home. The pool didn't match, but it wasn't much different than his 1st mansion.


Bet you didn't know Elon Musk was slowly buying up an entire hillside on Chalon Rd, Bel Air. Is he going to build a launch pad? Is he going to build a massive transit center for his tunnels? Is he trying to get a better view of his rockets landing? Is he buying more room to store his toys?

It's probably more practical, like storing wealth in real estate. It's currently $100 million. It's not a very diverse portfolio, but more practical than a house in Idaho. To be sure, he doesn't really have $20 billion in cash. It's private equity valued at whatever the fed deems necessary to ensure total employment, but worthless if he sold it all at once.

Looking at the photo of the shiny shoes by the pool, the lion kingdom wondered how someone not much different than the rest of us could achieve so much more. He's not supremely intelligent like Steve Jurvetson, but only an incremental step above the rest of us. He's not very good at giving speeches or interviews. His highest formal education was 2 bachelor's degrees from UPenn, in economics & physics.

He has above normal intuition about problems & finding ways to solve them by rearranging existing technologies, but not by much. His 1st company was founded with $28,000 of his father's money, or $280,000 in today's doll hairs. Theoretically, his father also paid for all his education, leaving him debt free. Even then, if the lion kingdom had $280,000 of dad's money, it would probably go in a bond fund.
Posted by rinoki71 | Yesterday @ 10:08 PM | 130 Views
Heng Long M4A3 Sherman Tank with exhaust and air soft bullets.

Heng Long M4A3 Air Soft Shooting with Exhaust Smoke Sherman Tank Review (23 min 7 sec)

Posted by singpilot | Yesterday @ 08:21 PM | 187 Views
Departed Shannon, Ireland, destination Burbank, LaLaLand. Gulfstream 4. Westbound at FL430, Mach .80 (gas saving speed).

Talking to Artic control, we are way north of Hudson Bay. Has been really quiet on the freq, is VHF thru a remote from somewhere down there. Center calls with traffic.

"Traffic 6 o'clock 60 miles 1100 knot overtake, no altitude readout, in fact is a primary target only intermittently, we're not talking to him."

I look over at the F.O., who puts down his paper, and he asks "and what does he want us to do about it?"

The controller says that we are on a merge track, but he has an idea... be right back.

A full minute goes by...

"Your traffic is on a flight from Mildenhall (mil base in Great Britain) to Mather (military base in California), and is not in controlled airspace (60,000 feet and below), and by the way, your targets just merged."

The hair on my arms sticks straight up, even now as I type this.

I lean forward and look up. The now familiar black double triangle shape was speeding by 20,000 feet above us, with two dark yellow triangle cones from the engines.

From the time he passed overhead to disappearing over the horizon out in front of us was all of 2 minutes.

37 years of amazing things seen while airbourne, that was one of the best.
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Company Profile

EV - PEAK is committed to provide users with practical and cost-effective products,it had designed a series of practical charger and battery management system for all areas of users, and also provides users with professional application and special solution.

EV-PEAK product line:
1. Charger systerm
E series - Elf, easy charger ; C series-Carbon ; A series -Apex ; professional ; R series -
Rock ; race charger ; S series - Splendid ; D series -Dedicated ; UA series -for UAV products.
2. Battery management system: BMS series.
3. Intelligent battery: IBS series.
4. Power supply: PU series.

More than ten years of accumulated research and development makes each EV - PEAK product not only solve the users' demand of batteries for the moment, but also meets the growing demand in the future.

The cutting-edge technology, global design concept and scientific management mode providing customers with the most High quality products and services.

“Safe, efficient and flexible" is the core of EV – PEAK.
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Hey there guys! So recently on my videos more then half of my audience comes from this page right here, which is awesome!!!! My main concern is I dont get any feedback.... I love getting feedback guys!! Feedback keeps me going. I want to produce these videos for you guys so you can enjoy my fpv experience as well as a way of showing my stepping stones to get to where I am now. So please!!!! Give me some feedback and share and show your friends so I can get multiple views on what it is you guys would like to see!! I am located in the Washington area and welcome anyone local to get in contact with me so we can go rip some packs together. Thanks for reading guys!!!

Thank you gens ace and tattu for the great support in my fpv experience!!!!

-Michael Anderson/PNWFPV
Posted by scousethief | Yesterday @ 05:43 PM | 487 Views

REALACC Purple 150mm carbon and alloy frame

Emax race spec 1306 4000kv
King kong 3x3x4 props
Eachine 4x20A esc in 1
Youbi XB130 F3 flight controller and combined VTX.
Tail light ,an adjustable voltage led 3 digit display
EACHINE C800T Cmos camera.
Emax 5cm Pagoda antenna

I will upgrade the escs to Racerstar 32bit escs as soon as possible.

Overall a very nice frame.
Posted by biglombo | Yesterday @ 03:34 PM | 529 Views
maiden flight with my new taranis qx7 that is really exceptional

DRONE FPV FREESTYLE | Taranis QX7 maiden bando | ROME IT (4 min 10 sec)

Posted by phil alvirez | Yesterday @ 03:21 PM | 554 Views
i have talked about this issue several times. i watch fellows that do great while in the air: all kind of stunts and whatever happily. but when landing...is another story. there is a fellow at the club that comes with a big aerobatic plane and does whatever he wants. all kinds of stunts. am flying my gliders up there so i cant follow what he does, so i dont see how he makes the approach and what he does wrong, but every time he approaches mother earth its a disaster. he returns with the plane minus landing gear. with my gliders i try to land smooth and as close as possible, but i have reached a conclusion that it is better to have a good landing far away, than a nearby crash. and again, that flare-off idea of landing sometimes is not the most convenient. approaching with some speed and a little down elevator and sweep the ground instead so there is no floating and stalling works better. just consider it.
and above all, practice. if you fear it, perseverance is the key. you reach a time when it becomes natural. is like anything: you are learning. so, learn.
Posted by Jonnybgood3 | Yesterday @ 03:15 PM | 541 Views
Finally got around to repairing extra #5, I think it turned out ok the covering is a little difficult to work with because of its age but it will look fine in the air, I got a new pilot in it as well, unfortunately the evolution 10gx has to wait
Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 12:57 PM | 636 Views
Little weather this morning but got the B&W Tundra out for some flights.
B & W Tundra Mission # 50 (3 min 49 sec)


Posted by JosephS. | Yesterday @ 11:50 AM | 689 Views
Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I am interested in becoming an engineer or have a small business with something to do drones. I am more interested in planes then quadcopters actually, I just think that they are way more fun. I have learned so much from this hobby alone its crazy and surely nothing short of amazing! Learning antenna waves and designs from IBcrazy, scratch building planes from flitetest and getting my first dragon link and autopilot to reach sights I have never seen before has really opened doors for me. I have a few real estate videos to make around my town but I haven't got my part 107 test yet. I also want to sell a well put together video of the beautiful scenery around here. See, we get a lot of tourists around here during the summer and I'm willing to get they would buy a 20$ thumb drive with a documentary of my town from the air. I mean if you travel to a place you know almost nothing about how cool would it be to have a video like that to take back home and show your friends? I would really appreciate any input on how to make great fpv videos if you happen to be reading this. I will put my first video I made down below.

As of October 2017, my longest flight was 45 minutes and 8 miles away with the 787-8 volantex ranger. I'm sure it can go farther because I haven't landed less than 10.9v acorrding to my arkbird ap. I just recently bought the dominator v3s with a 1.3ghz receiver because even though I live close to my field it's not fun to bring my computer, tripod and plane out every time I fly. Anyways thanks for looking and happy flying!
Beautiful FPV in Alaska (4 min 27 sec)

Posted by kc8qpu | Yesterday @ 09:26 AM | 746 Views
Wow am I late doing this write up!!!!

Flying at the NATS was something I had never even thought about? Much less thought I could ever fly at that level? If it wasn’t for Tim Pritchett and others that fly along the east coast I’m sure I would have never went.

However with all that being said, I can honestly tell you if you ever have the chance to go you need to. It truly is an experience like no other. I soon found out it has nothing to do with how good you really are. It’s 100% about meeting people and mak8ng awesome friendships and memories. Let’s face it, our hobbby is not even close to what it used to be, and it most likely never will be again. That’s not saying that the flying skills are any worse, but rather just fewer that are above the reach of average flyers. Still some top notch pilots show up to fly NATS.

So let’s get to it. The week started offf by leaving Sunday morning (July 23) and meeting up with Tim and his wife in route to Blytheville Arkansas. This was the first time in over 20 years they decided to change the venue for Precision Aerobatic NATS from Muncie Indiana. It took us about 9.5 hours to travel from the Carolinas. We all stayed the week at one of the two local campgrounds. Grizzlies! Not a luxury place at all. But quiet, and decently maintained. Electric, bath house, even WiFi.

Monday morning we packed our gear and headed to the venue. It was an old World War II airfield. Their is a lot...Continue Reading
Posted by craytech | Yesterday @ 07:57 AM | 838 Views
Gaoneng 450mah Update (5 min 22 sec)

Hello everyone welcome back.

Todays video is an update on the Gaoneny 450mah 1s Lipos. I have been flying them in the Beta 75 and have had great flight times. Im averaging around 5 minutes. In the flight footage you will see me fly for 4 minutes and land at 3.7 volts.

Specs: 450mAh 1S 3.7V 80C LiPo Battery
Weight: 12g
Size: 18.5x6.3x60mm
Connector: JST-PH 2.0 AKA Powerwhoop, mCPX
Pack: 1S 3.7V
Rate: 80C/160C
Package Including
2 * 450mAh 1S 3.7V 80C LiPo Battery with JST-PH 2.0 Connector

This post contains affiliate links
Pick up some today.

Check out my Blog. I try to post everyday my adventures in FPV.

Thank you for watching.

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This works quite well, for what it is. The iPhone 6+ gives 960x1080 in each eye, which is actually higher than the lion kingdom's 1st x86 computer which did 800x600 . The Samsung Galaxy 8 would give 1480x1440 in each eye, high enough to replace a Macbook air. The LG Tribute would give only 640x720 per eye.

The computer generated 3D scene in Goog Cardboard is quite convincing. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to get 3D videos which work in it. A rectangular 3D movie can disregard which way your head is pointing. A spherical movie needs to look behind different objects based on where your head is pointing.

The mane limitation is lack of software, now that the VR craze is over. Nothing works on the LG Tribute which is actually light & cheap enough to use in the long term. There's no way to play your own spherical photos on it. Youtube videos don't play on it. Any software needs a wireless gadget to replace the touchscreen.

Its mane use so far is viewing someone else's stereo rectangular photos in color. It's quite an improvement over the anaglyphs of 15 years ago, despite much lower resolution. A 10 year old lion would have gone crazy over them. Unfortunately, no video player is smart enough to wait for a magnetometer trigger to start playing, so it's already over by the time you get the goggles on.

At $11, it's not worth writing a custom app to make these goggles more useful. If they were really worth anything, the biggest payback would come in the...Continue Reading
Posted by Bingojamas | Oct 19, 2017 @ 10:24 PM | 1,096 Views
I first saw this plane in MAN many years ago while I was in high school. Well...I stumbled on it again and decided to build it. This is the first plane that I converted to electric. It was a pain to count "calories" when I am used to using whatever glue ( like my hero epoxy ) when building nitro planes. It came in at about 19 oz, but I will double check that after a few finishing touches. I did get to try my hand at vacuum forming by building a pump system and table, as well as tinting the plastic. It is hilarious that all that effort went into one tiny canopy, but I needed to learn some things in the process. It should be ready soon, almost three decades later.