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Posted by whiskykid | Feb 18, 2015 @ 11:56 PM | 10,104 Views
well if you read the early posts, you would have seen the beginning of this plane.

I finally got the other 30a ESC and 1300ma batt's so I got the servo's installed, and the rest of the electronics, fans, motors, ect.

went with full flying elevator, having lost one foam elevator, I went with all wood ele's, with 13oz ht mg servo!

ok too the fun part, after ripping off 1/2 the right wing, of my super bandit, my confidence was not high, but I charged up the batt's, hooked her up too the catapult, and pop, pulled the hook off! the rails are a lil too wide for this plane!

after gathering myself up again, Bob offered ta give her a toss, I said, "if you think you can get a grip, go for it"
he ask if she had any pull, so I gassed it he said "lets try it!"

so with a gentle toss into a slight breeze, there she went, me! "DAMN" Bob "what's wrong?" me "she's flying"

ok I did slow her down, and for good reason, I noticed a bit of flutter, which is what I assumed took the bandit! had the same tape hinges on the Mig! so after a couple of slow cruise I brought her in for a semi sweet landing!

well! with that said, now she has CA hinges, and the horns glued in,( doopy me forgot ta glue the horns), covered all the wood flying surfaces!

the rudders are just taped on for now, couple more test flights, before I diced too add em!
Posted by whiskykid | Aug 30, 2014 @ 10:51 PM | 8,851 Views
had a great day at the Sequim valley RC flyer's "Hospice Fly In"!

only one casualty, the Allstar had a glitch, and was all I could do too get her back too the runway!
did a cartwheel and busted the cabanes, no worries, as I hand cut this whole plane anyway!

on too the good stuff, flew the Hawk Pro twice, the crowd loved it, nothing like the youngins ew and ah'in!

they also loved the DC Hornet Blue Angel, so I had a blast flying!

got too see some great flying by the guys from Valley View, and Tri-County I think! had some 100cc Slicks and a 55cc Edge!

all in all, I will be paying for this one for a couple days! but had a blast!

did not win anything from the raffle, this makes 4 years strait!
Posted by whiskykid | May 14, 2014 @ 12:53 AM | 10,262 Views

ya that's right! "HELI's" took my EXI450 and my HAWK PRO and my big EXTRA too the field!

ok a lil back story here, was watching Lewis Black and he said that those of "us" taking statons, are loosing our memory's!

so got too the field all ready too take the cowl off my big Extra and work on getting her running for the weekend! and happen too notice there was no wing bags! did they fly out of the back of my truck? nope couldn't have, they where never put back in! so playing with the Extra was not going too be!

ok well I have more things too play with, so I pulled out the 450, and did some sweet flights, tail was working real good(gy48) with solar digital tail servo.

the pulled out the Hawk, and proceeded to get her running, only too find out,I GOT THE ONEWAY BEARING in backwards!
so I says too myself, "self" it didn't take that much too put it in wrong, you should be able too fix it easily enough! got down too removing the snap ring, and twang, there it went, into the grass!
well after a 1/2 hour or so of looking by myself, I decided to blaze down too the hardware store, and see if they had some, yes 22 cents each, bought 2!
called wife, said going back too field try again, got too field went together easily enough, and proceeded to get a couple excellent flights in with the Hawk! first time in 3 yrs!
other then not getting the Extra running, was an excellent day! hope you all had a great one too!
Posted by whiskykid | May 10, 2014 @ 12:31 AM | 9,626 Views
well my E-Flite Extra 260 lost her mighty Os20fs to my AllStar,

so for my B-Day, the wife said I could order up some stuff, so part of my B-Day presents are, a new ASP 30fs and some new servo's, as one aileron servo had quit working!
so now outfitted with the new engine and a new EXI digital servo's for the aileron, and rudder!
the Lil Extra is back in the air!
Posted by whiskykid | May 04, 2014 @ 01:51 AM | 9,908 Views
well I bought the Ace Allstar kit way back when! and a brand new Os20fs for it!

ok after building it the best I could, I could never get it in the air for more then a couple seconds!

so fast forward 25 yrs, and now we have this wonderful thing called the net!
downloaded a set of plans, built up version of the Allstar!
and decided what the heck, try it again!

so armed with a brand new #11 Exacto, and some fresh plans, and my scrap box, I went at it!

after having too buy a few sheets for sheeting wings, and fuse sides and enough white to cover the lower wing!

here's what I got! https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...hlight=allstar
Posted by whiskykid | Nov 23, 2013 @ 07:34 PM | 9,728 Views
less not forget the Pitts! finally got her done and a few flights on her!
she fly's like a dream! a year and half in the making!

and I do not consider myself a slow builder!
Posted by whiskykid | Nov 23, 2013 @ 06:01 PM | 9,709 Views
well coming too the end of another flying season! even though I have been known too fly off snow! it is just having time too fly, and no rain, doesn't happen at the same time, very often!

wife got me a new Futaba 10c for X-MAS, so can't wait for that!

I have added a couple planes too the hanger since last year, and lost a couple along the way!

haven't been flying my heli's that much, mostly my MCPX, and my NCPX, still need to figure out the 3G I added to the 250, and find the charge plug for my 450!

just got done finishing a Direct Connection F/A 18 Hornet, prop jet, that I started probably a dozen years ago!
Posted by whiskykid | Jul 06, 2013 @ 10:56 AM | 10,597 Views
well it's been a bit, but I am still an avid RCG user!

sadly the 27% EXTRA is no more, had an issue with the castle 10a bec, is the only thing I can come up with, I was unable to test the Li-Po voltage, but after trying 2 different battery's, the receiver wouldn't stay on!

I did add a new bird too the stable, a 50 series 3D 57" bright green MX2, with an Os 61fx that I had sitting on the shelf! had an issue with the original wing bolts, (plastic Chinese crap) stripped out, and did a sweet 300 foot flat spin right too the ground!
hopefully got her repaired, and ready for some more wing bending!

oh and yes! the Pitts is finely done, and the maiden went off without a hitch, she fly's better then I could have hoped for! she is no 3D beast with that Zenoah, but she does fly with athuority, can pull too a big loop from level flight at 3/4 throttle!

I know, I am one of those guys that try and do everything himself, but I want the mustang too be a step above, so I asked my buddy that does custom paint work on hotrods, too paint the mustang!
Posted by whiskykid | Oct 18, 2012 @ 03:27 PM | 11,647 Views
well it's been a pretty eventfull 2012, with the flying season coming to an end!

there have been new additions ta the fleet, and a resurection of and oldie but a goodie( GP 40 size ultimate bipe) with the addition of a 27% hanger 9 EXTRA 260 with a CRG 50cc engine,TME smoke pump! taking up alotta of my time!

still building on the 1/4 scale PITTS getting closer ta being ready ta cover!https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...highlight=pitt

right now I am also building a SIG MUSTANG 450 wich is an old F1 kit that I am putting a OS fs 48 surpass in, should be a great sport flyer!

I also have added a E-FLITE EXTRA 260 480, with a OS 20fs in it! been waiting 25 yrs ta find the perfict plane for that engine, "think I have now"
Posted by whiskykid | May 25, 2011 @ 07:13 AM | 11,200 Views
crashed my bandit! been flying my mCPx as much as possible, the 250 when weather permits,just got a new EXI450 pro belt! and a venom 50mm A4 skyhawk!

the EXI250 got some upgrades,she now sports a micro heli aluminum bottom plate,with some trex white skidz, and a few full house heli parts for repairs!https://static.rcgroups.net/forums/a...g?d=1304804516

got a EXI450 pro for my B-day havn't got ta maiden it yet! its all stock with hobbypatz electrics!https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/atta...mentid=4020245
Posted by whiskykid | Dec 24, 2010 @ 05:08 PM | 11,546 Views
its been a pretty good year for me, as far as it goes for rc!

well the nexus is awaiting a main gear!

the EXI 250 is a great lil heli!(better then a big mac, I'm loving it!)

realflight sim! Hr's- many, and still crashing, it's the only real indoor heli I can think of! so sense even if theres no white stuff yet, the weather out side,ta say the least is frightfull!

as for the bandit! havn't found floats that fit a 55mm df,in fact still looking for a set of floats for my 250!


and may 2011 be a great RC year! for all!
Posted by whiskykid | Dec 10, 2010 @ 09:03 PM | 11,770 Views

10 yrs,a buttloada reading,some sim time,and some help from the forums, it happened 2day!

I was able ta get my nexus airborn, and in a stable hover,with some side ins, and about 10 r so landings!

it was basicaly my first real heli flight! very kewl!
Posted by whiskykid | Nov 05, 2010 @ 04:13 PM | 11,456 Views

ok yesterday was a red-letter day 4 me!

I took my bandit ta my local flying field, in hopes there was not 2 many peeps, and that there would b atleast an instructer there,as having been a former member I know that if your not a member of the club,are hav your ama paid up! you must hav an instructer at your side.

ok that being said and done,there was an instructer there that had his own edf's, and was more then happy ta check out my lil bandit, he liked it,and after he test flew it on a 1/2 charged batt. and after a recharge,I tossed it inta the air agin 4 him then he gave me the controls(my first time in over 6 yrs) and I flew that thing in circles around the feild,OMG, what a blast(I'm a jet jocky now)

had a lil misshap with a safety barrier,on landing, but no big deal she'll fly with the next weather break!

ok so I hav this ol venom niteranger, I tried ta fly bout 6 yrs ago,and never did more then just hopping on it,and batt. would only last bout 3 min.s and it was recharge time.never had enough time ta get usta the stick's.

ok make a short story long I bought a real flite sim. and been practicing on the heli's,so with some confidence I went dwn ta LHS and bought a 910ma 3s 15c lipo,and made a jumper from deans ta the plug on my VNR and took it ta the local gym which has an electric fly-in twice a mnth,(my first time) and after hoping around again,I took a lil break watched a few fly and tried again,I was able ta keep it in (what I consider a controlled hover)for what seemed like 4ever,but was prob close ta just over a min.very kewl!

so 2 day sense its very fall outside here in the great north wet,I'm taking the time ta fix up the bandit,and more hovering in between wind and rainy periods.

so for now I MEAN IT! get out n fly something,ANYTHING!
Posted by whiskykid | Feb 22, 2010 @ 02:47 PM | 11,757 Views
ok I know it's been awhile, but I hav been doing a lil work on the bandit! got the fan/motor/esc installed other day, before I glued the top on I ran the fan up ta make shure had it wired rt! and it tried ta take off accross the floor.
got the flite surfaces painted, and em watching poly dry on fus. as I type. the way I hav the aileron servo's installed, hadta install them b4 I buttened up the fus.,sry didnt get any pic's, was moving along too fast.

Ohya hint! thin coats dry faster and smoother, then thick one's.

ok thats pretty much it 4 now!

tftd:its ok ta fail! as long as u keep trying!

P.s. 40 cent foam brushes from wallyworld work exc. 4 poly!
Posted by whiskykid | Jan 23, 2010 @ 06:05 PM | 11,967 Views
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here are the two projects I hav under construction!
the bandit is the first 1 I started,from jetset44 plans. its 80% done. waiting for finnal fan installation, then finnish glassing,paint and reinstall of electronic's, gonna hav flaperons and ele. only on the bandit, for simplicity only!hobbycity 55mm fan,1800 ma 3s1p 20c lippy batt.turnegy 30 amp esc.
the mig 29 lookin one! is a jetset44 su-37 super flanker! bashed inta a mig 29! shortened up the nacells,and sized ta fit a 55mm no lip fan, redesinged vert. fins, and reshaped elevators.
I'm utalizing the fake nacell tops, by cutting the deck underneath ta fit fan,which allowed me ta trim,another 5mm from bottom of nacells.gonna b using foam cups ta make exsuast tips from. and angle sides of nacells instead of dblrs ta increase intake area.ta help round off the bottoms.
well b using 3/16th balsa for ailerons and rudders, and ta beaf up elevators!
I plan on using 5 9grm servo's on the mig, 1 each aileron,1 each taileron, and 1 for the rudders. I'll use the elerons as elevators when at high speed and then mix with ailerons when doing slow high alfa stuff.might use flap option,as I hav enough channels on radio(futaba9c),just need ta get a reciever with enough channels.
thats what I'm upta! hav a great day and build something! flying season almost here!
Posted by whiskykid | Dec 16, 2009 @ 08:51 PM | 12,627 Views
Hi! my name is John. and I'm new ta this blog stuff!
just getting back inta RC! SO I fig'd I would go all out and go EDF!
as of the time I fell off a roof n shatterd both my legs, I had built and still on hav on my wall, a GP's 40 size ultimate bipe, with a webra speed 50 in it.a GP's 60 size extra 300s with a 91 fx in it with smoke! and a fully loaded 64" P51 mustang, with flaps, retracts, sequencing doors, and bomb drops! with a 61fx flew pretty scale,
Been interested in DF's 4 a long time, but I fly at a small feild, at the end of our muni. airfeild, so we hav a 400 ft celing.
After reading through https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=436290 it looks like i can get back inta RC
And get some use outa my 9 channel futaba raidio