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Posted by Owen_bern | Oct 08, 2021 @ 10:08 PM | 20,654 Views
this is a continuation of my threads.
Current projects:
1) EDF VTOL with a mig project 33 lookalike skin.
You can see traces of the Mig 29 in its ancestry.

The project 33 eventually formed the basis for the Chinese -Pakistan JF-17

2) Combi-copter.
Most gears, bearings, and shafts are on hand.
I can start putting the mitre gears on the rotor main shafts.
- this has Kaman-stlye intermeshing twin rotors, and 6 swash servos.- They are yet to arrive.

3) slingshot canard glider.

I have been working on this today.

I am filling, sanding, and undercoating it to give a fairly smooth top coat.

It will be heavy, but I can launch it quickly with the slingshot.

Here are a few images of the EDF VTOL project, some previously posted.

My 90mm edfs seem to be a bit under-motored.
Looking at the Het Typhoon 650-68-1600, but that is
$231 nzd before freight. ($165 US)
Anything cheaper??
this is 2000w, 90A, 282-300g motor weight.

This would give about 2300 gf (2324 to 2383, ChangeSun 90mm spec from eCalc)
The 1450KV motors on my 90mm EDFs should still make about 2000gf at 70 amps.
They claim 85 A, so pitch may be greater than usual??

I need to finish my thrust testing rig, and check.

I have ordered a spare 90mm unit less motor -cheap- and a Tenshock motor- not so cheap.

I have a 70mm EDF on order, but this may only make about 1000gf.
- A bit low if the other two 90s are low as...Continue Reading