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Posted by Beaver_XT | Jun 02, 2017 @ 10:59 AM | 10,659 Views
Recently I bought a used Tamiya DT 02, a cheap one no less. Actually it was so cheap that too good to be true.
After I got it, I instantly fell I love with it for simplicity and handling. However the car was dirty so I decided to rebuild it and document what I do.
I also planned a video series for this, but I don't have time to edit it right now.

Disclaimer: I am not a hardcore RC person with hi-end tools and equipments. What I try to show here is that this hobby doesn't need to be expensive. You can have fun with just regular stuffs you can easily find in supermarket and electrical store.

Part 1: Inspection & cleaning
At first I noticed that this car has strong smell of electrical fire, sticky left front wheel and it is very dirty with a lot of sand stuck in places.
To clean it first I have to dissemble it. The process is just the reverse of the manual which I will not cover it here.
To clean the dirt off plastic parts, nothing is easier than brush and dish washer.

For the stickers and glue, I simply spray WD40 on them and rub them off.

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