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Introducing my work at the Seto Ohashi model ship festival in 2019.
The works are jet foil "Love" and German secret hydrofoil torpedo boat "Sk116".
(Photographed by Mr. W)
ジェット「愛」 : ドイツ水中翼船 「Sk116」 (5 min 51 sec)

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ESC 4IN1 32bits

2S~6S Input (30V max.)

Nexperia mosfets with technology NextPowerS3

PWM y UART (Tx and Rx)

Current sensor


4 x ARM Cortex M0+ 48Mhz 32bits NXP Kinetis

Progranmable vía SWD

Sizes: 29mm x 34,5mm

Distance betweem drills 20mm x 20mm ISO14580
Posted by hexagonrc | Nov 20, 2019 @ 02:35 PM | 984 Views
Frequency 5.800Mhz
Modulation FM
Voltage Input 2.9V up to 8V
Voltage Modes 3V3 and 5V
RF Impedance 50 Ohms
RF connectors SMA/RPSMA and U.FL/IPX
Video Impedance 75 Ohms
Audio Mono, Subcarrier on 6.5Mhz

MCU ARM Cortex M0+
Programmable Via SWD
Flash 32 kbs
SRAM 2 kb
ROM 8 kb

Size 26mm x 26mm
Distance between holes 20mm x 20mm
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Here's WEIGH-IN Session on my E-Flite AT-6 Texan using the Park Zone 480 and the 3D Printed 9-Cylinder Radial Engine Bust.

Previous Post about WATTS - AMPS - VOLTS under Load can be found at:


However, I did perform a new WATTS - AMPS - VOLTS under load test during the night of Tuesday, November 19th, 2019 and here's the data:

I have performed my 3rd WATT - AMP - VOLTAGE UNDER LOAD test on my E-Flite AT-6 Texan that was configured with the Park Zone 480 motor and Castle Creations 45-AMP ESC and using GEN ACES 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer battery pack and fully charged.

During a careful pre-test check, I found something wrong with the propeller adapter so, I changed it and it was a simple fix as I had access to the set screw holding the Propeller Adapter and there was enough space for the HEX Tool.

Here's the Video and Results of tonight's Test: APC 3-Blade 10 X 7 and Park Zone 480 Motor

1/4 Throttle - 39 Watts / 3.23 Amps / 12.22 Volts

1/2 Throttle - 146 Watts / 12.85 Amps / 11.42 Volts

Full Throttle - 219 Watts / 20.44 Amps / 10.74 Volts

WATT - AMP - VOLTAGE LOAD TESTING - Park Zone 480 Motor using APC 3-Blade 10 X 7 (2 min 9 sec)

===================================...Continue Reading
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Hi, I'm looking to sell my Fatshark HDO. I have used maybe 5 times. They are like new. I've been using Dominator 3s because I like better than Hdo. I'm looking for $300.00. I want to buy Orqa or Hdo 2 but do not want to spend another 500 on Fatshark.
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Yep Les Amis,
Hors normes mais efficace ! Je test enfin ce nouvel engin de chez Eachine, le LAL5. Une configuration électronique très complète, des moteurs impressionnants, un châssis résistant bien conçu et quelques accessoires améliorés (sangles, prise, TPU) , font que cet appareil sera parfait pour débuter en 5" ou pour les pilotes avertis. Déjà équipé d'une bonne caméra HD et d'une excellente caméra FPV, il vous permettra de rapporter de belles et impressionnantes images de vos sorties sans avoir à ajouter une grosse caméra HD. Pour faire court, après quelques petites vérifs et serrages, j'ai adoré le comportement de cet engin et le rendu des images. Je validerais déjà à 200€ mais je valide encore plus à 175€ avec le coupon remise ... Bon vol à Tous !

Eachine LAL5 - Review Test Démo - Un monstre bien équipé !!! (44 min 39 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18/20 Bien joué Eachine !

Niveau : Amateurs et Confirmés
Les + : Design original, Puissant, résistant, Bonne config, Réglage d'origine ok, Options Bluetooth, très Bon rapport qualité/prix (175€ avec coupon) .
Les - : Pas d'absorbeurs de vibration (Carte de vol) , Antenne VTX moyenne mais correcte .

- Si Vous voulez aider la chaîne avec un don (tous les dons servent à alimenter les vidéos en produits ou matériel ):

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- Eachine LAL5 (...Continue Reading
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Most people often use the CNC wood routers to cut wood or acrylic. But CNC routers also can cut aluminum. Here are 3 tips to help you.

aluminum bits

1. Use Carbide router bits
Carbide-coated cutters can handle the high RPMs that you need for routing aluminum. Even HSS won’t be able to handle the job. Don’t forget to tell you feed and speed calculator that your bit is carbide-coated; it will give you more RPMs.

cnc Aluminum cutting

2. Feed and Speed Rates
Cutting Aluminum is different with wood cutting. This is why you need to calculate your feed and speed rates. The best way to do this is to use and online feed rate calculator.

aluminum router bits

3. Use Fewer Flutes
You may be used to using a four-flute cutter for your woodwork, however when you’re cutting aluminum, a three-flute cutter is your maximum. This will prevent overly large chips which can cause your router to jam. The fewer the flutes, the better. If you have 4 or more flutes, chips jam your flutes, and your bit breaks.

From the above, if you want cut Aluminum, a specialized CNC aluminum router bits are your best choice. We can supply router bit made especially for aluminum cutting. Top quality solid carbide, single flute upcut, specially designed for aluminum or aluminum composite panels milling. For more information, welcome to contact us.

RicoCNC is a one stop shop for CNC spares and tools, if any needs, welcome your inquiry.
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According to a report by the Korean media on January 27, the South Korean government announced that it will put commercial drones into eight major areas, including small-goods transportation and high-rise building safety inspections, by 2020, and the first test flight will be launched by the end of February. The South Korean government also decided to establish a dedicated airport for drones by 2018.

According to a report by the Korean media on January 27, the South Korean government announced that it will put commercial drones into eight major areas, including small-goods transportation and high-rise building safety inspections, by 2020, and the first test flight will be launched by the end of February. The South Korean government also decided to establish a dedicated airport for drones by 2018.

According to the "UAV Commercialization Plan" issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea, the eight areas designated by the Korean government include: cargo transportation, forest protection, coastal monitoring, land survey, equipment security inspection, communication networking, photography and leisure, and agricultural support.

In order to realize the commercialization of drone freight, the South Korean government will first try to let the drone carry small cargo of less than 5 kg. The goal is to ensure that the drone can deliver the goods to the designated location without errors.

According to the plan of the Ministry of Land and Resources of Korea, this year, Korean drones will be concentrated in the basic test phase. In 2017, they will be upgraded to advanced exercises such as night flight and remote control. From 2018, various types of transportation work will be carried out at low altitude. It will be fully commercialized by 2020.

In addition, the South Korean government has decided to expand the drone driving qualification education institution while establishing an airport for drones.

It is understood that the business forecasting company TealGroup expects the drone market to reach $11.5 billion by 2023.
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XT150 Connector Adapter Male Female Plug 6mm Gold Banana Bullet Plug

Rated voltage: DC 500V
Max. continuous current: 60A
Max. peak current: 130A
Contact resistance: 0.2mΩ
Connection material: brass, gold plating
Housing material: plastic PA
Operation temperature: -20℃ to 120℃
Usage Lifetime: 1,000 times Plug-in and Pull-out
Recommend Cable Spec.: 8AWG

Any question,Please feel free to contact me :[email protected]
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Repowa Crak 39 Velox 43
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After messing around with this idea on and off for nearly a year I have finally gotten it finished and flying beautifully. I went through quite a few iterations of the front motor mounts but now have them pretty much dialed in and working perfectly.

I have never really liked the idea of a "Quad" plane as they have too much hardware and weight to be efficient in forward flight so I decided to do a tri-copter set-up like the E-Flite Convergence with two front tilt motors and a fixed rear motor. Flight control is handled by a Matek F405-wing board running Arduplane/Chibios firmware and works brilliantly!

Here is a link to the build page -


Mini Talon Tilt Rotor VTOL (5 min 32 sec)

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Custom Sounds, listen to "Amber"!🤩
Make your own custom voice audio files with text-to-speech editor and listen to music, voice, greetings, and warnings at the flip of a switch!😲

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This was a lot more Bushleague than I would have thought ..

1) The wing section was laminated top and bottom .
2) The power pack from the Biplane Glider was put in about the same place as the capacitor power pack
3) The Su27 was then assembled as per usual
4) The CG looks to be more or less spot on , glides the same as the stock Su27

Just need some decent weather for a test flight ..