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A Photo Album of

"Allen and Kim's Excellent Adventure"

The "Ice-o-Lated Control Line Contest" at Buder Park near St. Louis, Missouri

So, you're awakened by lightning and thunder on a day when your friend and fellow Circle Turner is gonna be twirling 60 foot lines around in the sky...what could go wrong with that?

Allen Bagg switched from steel to Spectra flying lines a long time ago, but if God can hurl a blinding stream of gaazzilions of volts and amps through miles of thin air, it's still something to consider.

We decided to roll the dice on this trip to Buder Park in St. Louis, even with the predicted storms and accompanying 26 mph winds, figuring that a washout could still be salvaged with a side-run to Schaefer's Hobbies just a mile off 270.

Cruising up I-55 through showers mixed with blue-sky-teasers, it was still a fun trip, talking model airplane nerd stuff, and whatever else came up.

We got to Buder Park in a light mist, with Dan out in the circle, putting in a practice flight. Also, the predicted winds, thankfully, never arrived. Allen got his gear down the line and I grabbed my cameras, just in case the weather would let the contestants get some flights in.

The weather, amazingly, held through the day with just a few moments of light drizzle, until the event was abruptly ended by a clap of thunder later in the afternoon.

Allen got his flights in, and won 1st place in Intermediate, with some good practice for the coming season. He...Continue Reading
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Mark, Byron, Claudio and I did a quick slope tour .... this time to the East of Port Elizabeth ...... conditions turned out PERFECT! Thanx Carlos for the awesome video.

Morgan Bay Day 1 (4 min 32 sec)

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Finally warmed up enough to paint.
Sanded, vac'd, and tack cloth.
I got 2 coats of HiGloss White down.
Needs to cure for a few days then I'll flip her over and get the sides and top done.
Buff with 800 then clear top coat.

Feels like forever but almost done!

Lighting was poor but here are a few pics.
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Spitty Depron Dogfighter (2 min 2 sec)

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Starting on a new project and hope to create as much multimedia for this plane as I can, especially pictures/video of construction and many flying videos when it is completed. Not too many of these planes out flying. Can you guess what we are building? Will post what it is in a day or so.

Thanks for watching!

Matt Prachar

A new set of RC planes are beginning to be built soon.... can you guess which one? (1 min 18 sec)

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My Tamiya TT-02 on-road to Monster Truck Conversion is almost finished! Still have to buy and replace some parts but for now I think it looks very nice! Tomorrow there will be a video with the first test drive!

Please visit my website!

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Eachine Mini F16 Falcon 365mm Wingspan 6-Axis Jet Trainer RTF - MOD - Elevator Linkage Test Flights!

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Banggood GCRC

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FRSKY Archer SR8 PRO has an External Voltage measurement via AIN2. The manual describes this as:
Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device): 0-36V (Battery Voltage Division Ratio: 1:10).
No other explanations for this feature.
Ill write down my experience with this option:

The AI2, green cable, will go to the external battery +
The -, black cable, will go to the external battery -

Be aware that this receiver accepts 0-36V. It has its own voltage divider inside. Other receivers might accept lower voltage!!!!
The other issue is the Voltage Division Ratio. The manual declares 1:10 ratio. Setting this sensor up with 1:10 ratio gave me unreasonable outcome.
I have used two batteries (3s and 4s) and a multimeter and started to play with the values. For this receiver, the best values were a Ratio of 35 and an offset of 0.57V. Got a good voltage reading for the two measurement points that I used.
My colleague, Lior Zahavi - i3dm, suggested that the difference (ratio) is because Im using OpenTX.

Hope that this small how to helps.

Please feel free to add your division ratio values and/or comment on this issue.

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YANGDA Sky Whale Heavy Lift Electric VTOL Drone Endurance Test: 90 minutes with 10KG Payload (3 min 51 sec)

YANGDA Sky whale heavy-lift electric VTOL drone: specially developed for LiDAR mapping and long-range cargo delivery & transport. It provides stunning heavy-lift and long-endurance performance: 120 minutes with 6.5kg payload and 90 minutes with 10kg payload.
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TRUMP 2024!

Donald Trump makes speech at CPAC | ABC News (1 hr 33 min 26 sec)

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Tugu Wisata adalah jasa sewa mobil Jogja dan paket wisata Jogja. Kami mempertemukan antara kualitas kendaraan sewa dan ragam pelayanan yang prima dengan harga yang kompetitif. Tugu Wisata menghadirkan beragam jenis kendaraan yang siap mengantar perjalanan tugas dan liburan keluarga anda. Melengkapi semua kebutuhan pelanggan perorangan maupun perusahaan. Dengan harga yang bersahabat. Tugu Wisata juga menyediakan berbagai paket wisata yang dapat anda nikmati untuk mengisi waktu liburan anda maupun keluarga, dengan harga yang terjangkau dan fasilitas yang lengkap. Tersedia beragam jenis paket wisata seperti paket wisata sehari, 2 hari 1 malam, 3 hari 2 malam, 4 hari 3 malam, 5 hari 4 malam, dan paket honeymoon jogja.
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RC Volvo digger | Double E Hobby E111 (2 min 40 sec)

Double E Hobby team is proud to announce Volvo digger series models.
We offer hydraulic and electric units with a pocket size prices.
Business enquires: [email protected]
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Ive had loss of pitch control from a single elevator servo failure, and pushrod system failures so I like to add redundancy when it is convenient. The Heron T tail is an easy compartment to add a second elevator servo. However the single elevator pushrod must be replaced with a left and right elevator pushrod and they should not touch each other. The other challenge is connecting them to the elevator with out the white plastic tube fixture. For high reliable servos I chose the Bluebird type. They are expensive but are metal gear and digital. Having them on the same signal with a Y connection will make it simple with a 6 channel receiver such as the AR 637T with SAFE. In case of a single servo lock up the other servo will provide pitch control to compensate for the other servo and stuck elevator. A preflight check will be easy to spot a failed single elevator servo failure as well as a post flight check.

The supplied 2-56 clevis and rod is OK for a single servo but I wanted a spring loaded connection so I soldered the .038 music wire rods to them for a flexible connection. Two servos and the pushrods weigh 15 grams and with a heavier motor this added weight will compensate. With a lightweight Heron build the fuselage plastic tube can be eliminated and clear tape skin can provide torsional strength. See pics
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A 19 mile drive brings out the defects. The bumpers fractured between the laminations. So flexing can't be perpendicular to the laminations. One does not simply rotate the laminations. Thus began the 1st attempt to adhere TPU. E6000 was hopeless. There was hope for CA with a tongue & groove.

It was the 1st time anything went that far on a single battery. The power usage was 216mAh/mile.
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This is my first effort at building a 3D printed aircraft and, as there are quite few YT build and flight videos out there, it will be mainly photos.

Main change is using a forward motor "carbon" bulkhead as in my experience rear mounting a motor leads to increased out of balance vibration. The screw holes for the servos also have too little material around them so the servos have two turns of masking tape around them and are glued in with white glue. Servos can be replaced easily by slicing the masking tape.

Apart from sticking fingers to the aircraft or each other there were no particular difficulties with the build.

Motor Blue KDA20-22L, 10x6 Aeronaut folder. A 2200mAH 3S pack was needed to get the published CG. AUW 816gm so not light but then a little heavy is OK on the slopes....Continue Reading
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Foam builders, rejoice!

Just when you thought all was lost and foam aircraft projects would forever be limited to paper-backed poster board from a dollar store or blue foam insulation board , a resourceful inventor and modeler by the name of Greg Tanous has done the unimaginable.

Through his company, Greg Tanous Lasering and website,, genuine German-made Depron is once again available in the US! Tanous is the inventor of 1:1 scale RC flying superheroes, a scaled-down RTF toy version from EB Brands depicting Marvel's Iron Man and the Playmates Super G free flight toy wingsuits which I reviewed elsewhere.

Greg took it upon himself to contact the manufacturer to inquire about shipping a container of Depron to his new home in Lorena, Texas. All was not as easy as it seemed. Communications between the factory and a shipper proved difficult; even his choice of customs agent was denied. Shipping from the docks required a specific type of trucking company. Greg called the ordeal "tougher than imagined times 10."

What's more, Greg shipped, on his own initiative, several sheets of 3mm Depron to me on his dime which in turn gave me a really cool idea.

Some time ago, I'd purchased plans for a micro EDF model of Batman's Batwing jet from That's because I was given a crashed E-flite UMX F-16 from a local hobby shop about to close its doors. The model had been sold to an inexperienced pilot who insisted on buying the thing.....Continue Reading
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A visual flight control analyzer is included for comments.
You can view all control functions with settings adjustable to match any fixed wing airplane.
I have set up many planes with the device.
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Couple of pics of my SR 71. Twin 12 blade fans on 3s and AR636 Rx. Weak original U/C replaced with Eflite retracts. As yet unflown.