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Posted by rcduder | Jul 24, 2014 @ 07:01 PM | 4,859 Views
Hi there, this reciever is a great parkflyer reciever and for $8.99 a piece how could you pass that up.

Some specs:

Weight: 4grams
Voltage range: 3.5v-9.0v
Channels: 6
Range: about 500 yards

I love the quality of the gforce products and currently use this rx in a warbird model, a 32" epp foamy , and a 43" 3d model and have a couple more on the way.

This rx provides great range, light weight, cheap but quality and very easy to setup, it even comes with a bind plug and instruction picture so you know where to plug everything in and in the correct way.

If you go to valuehobby.com to look at them,they also carry 2 other versions in dsmx both in 4 channel and 6 channel versions so check them out!

Thanks for looking

Posted by rcduder | Jul 24, 2014 @ 06:48 PM | 4,837 Views
Here is my thoughts and expeeience with these packs.

Lets start with some specs:

Weight: 46grams
Capacity: 500mah
Discharge rate: 30c
Cell count: 3

- Great choice for heavier 31-32" epp foamies requiring a 3s setup such as a crack yak or one of the value hobby line of planes

Personally i have used these packs in a value hobby laser 32" epp and will be also using them in one if the new rcplanebuilder wicked yak 55's, they performed awesome in the laser and have no doubt in them to perform just as well in the wicked yak.

Mine have about 40 cycles on each of them (i currently have 3) and still fly as if they are brand new!

They are very high quality packs and at $7.25 a piece from valuehobby.com you cant afford not to have them for your foamie!

Thanks for looking!

Posted by rcduder | Jul 20, 2014 @ 11:06 PM | 5,052 Views
I havent had thw chance to maiden this thing yet because of waiting on the battery packs to come in, but thought i should do a little review on my thoughts thus far.

This is a new 3d model from zeta science (newzeta.com)

Its not your average 3d model, it is a completely new design and does not copy anything else out there, full epo and carbon fiber construction.

Newzeta was kind enough to give me an opportunity to test/review this model and surely enough about a week or so later this beautiful model showed up on my porch lol

The wingspan is 43" and is super light for its size!

It has a very unique and easy removeable wing design which uses a carbon fiber tube with set screws built into the wings, kind of like the eflite inverza 280 or edge 540qq does.

I was sent a plug and play model having to only provide a rx and battery pack

The servos and motor are actually name brand emax equipment, not cheap china products, i was very pleased with this!

The esc comes with a replica deans pre installed

Landing gear setup is super straight forward, already prebuilt (except for wheel pants and skirts) and you just slide them into the slot and your ready to go, i put a couple dabs of gorilla glue on them just to make sure it stayed strong.

The paint on this model is very good quality, much better then you would see on a epo plane of different companies.

Overall i am very happy with the quality of this plane and i cant wait to fly it!

They even supply the glue to build so you really only need your own tx/rx and a battery pack, 1300mah-1500mah. Ill be using gforce 1500mah 35c packs provided by valuehobby.

More details and flight video to come after maiden and a few trim flights so stay tuned!

Posted by rcduder | Jul 10, 2014 @ 09:50 AM | 4,355 Views
3drankin no doubt makes the most quality airframes you can get for the umx as3xtra along with a single servo version and 2 different versions of the umx 4-site airframe.

But recently i recieved an airframe from him that is now made with depron aero foam, this foam is almost 20% lighter then the original 3mm depron version(still sells as well) and yet just as strong and rigid.

As you can see the airframe itself isnt much different except for the weight cut of the new material, but there is a couple things that are different with this version.

#1 being the rx brick is mounted further up then the original to get the correct cg for the weight loss of the airframe, now i know a lot of you must be thinking what should i do for new pushrods because the old ones wont be long enough? Well dont worry 3drankin has you covered he adds two carbon rods 1 for elevator(shorter) and 1 for rudder. You still will have to build up the micro z bends onto the carbon rods using shrink tube and ca which is very easy

#2 being something I noticed that some may not have coming from the original airframe, the depron aero foam cuts so much more precise then the original foam, leaving no little chunks of foam that you have to clean out just to get the hinge to work, this is big for me because now theres no worry of cleaning out hinge tracks and worrying about scraping up the foam or damaging the hinge.

Here is a couple pictures:

First: complete airframe with no electronics

Second: showing the carbon support job i did for the main wing and the landing skid design, this setup actually weiged out to be less then 2.5 grams so adding all the carbon and extra foam didnt do a thing to this airframe due to how light it is already, holding the airframe without electronics is like holding nothing almost its nuts!

Thanks for looking, will have a flight video as soon as possible!