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Posted by jimmyzrx | Oct 06, 2013 @ 02:36 PM | 4,681 Views
We headed up to Kansas City yesterday to go to the casino, on the way there we stop at hobby haven in Overland Park, wow they have a big selection of planes!
Was looking for a set of wheel pants for my 2 meter and wife comes around the corner and says you have to see this!
There she sits a new P-47 from hangar 9, beautiful! boy do I love this! I did not know they made this, priced at 349.99 I told the wife I want it but I just bought my new 2 meter a couple weeks ago. So we head over to the casino which is the reason we drove up here.
I go see a movie while she is gambling,2 guns very good movie
After the movie we go to Hereford house for a nice meal, then we get a room for the night.
Get up today go eat breakfast and taking about what to do today before heading home.
She asks what Time the hobby store opens? I think they are closed on Sunday
We drive by on the way out of town and they are open she wants to stop and see the plane one more time?
We get there and it's sitting on the shelf and she tells me to get it down and open the box, she wants to see if it is damaged oh are you buying it ? She said yes I am for you!
So I am sitting at the casino again just finished reading the manual with a big smile on my face.
It takes up the whole back seat of the dodge
Posted by jimmyzrx | Sep 28, 2013 @ 11:11 PM | 5,252 Views
Had a Great 2013 season flying Sportsman.
moving up to intermediate for 2014 with that I treated myself to a new plane and a new Spektrum DX9.
Posted by jimmyzrx | Jul 05, 2012 @ 10:57 PM | 4,686 Views

I have started a new venture, a few weeks ago my club held a pattern contest.
I had never even heard of this and I do believe im hooked.
have been just playing around with my corsair trying to do some of the route in sportsman.
This hobby is starting to get a little exspensive
I went today and bought :
3D hobby shop 62" Osiris
Hacker A50-12s
Castle Ice 100 amp esc
Spectrum 7000 rx
4- Futaba s9650 digital servos
2- Venom 5s 5000 batteries
Posted by jimmyzrx | Jun 10, 2012 @ 01:48 PM | 5,129 Views
Took a trip down to Eureka Springs Ark. yesterday June 9th 2012

It was windy so not much flying was going on so i took some pics and headed over to Silver Wings Field, they have a Aviation cadet museum there, very interesting tour.
http://www.aviationcadet.com...Continue Reading
Posted by jimmyzrx | May 20, 2012 @ 11:05 PM | 5,748 Views
I have been flying my parkzone corsair for a few weeks now and im feeling really good about that plane, i have been flying everyday and the winds 20-22mph everyday.

So today i take all my planes to the field, fly the corsair 5 times, flew A-7 3 times so i get my A-1 ready and there is 10 guys around all of them loving this plane.
I have yet to fly it and i am real nervous about it, one of the guys that i have been talking with asked if he could fly it, i said yes please, so he goes over the plane checking all the controls and added some expo and taxied out and off he went, smooth and easy, it is a beautiful bird to me.......
He lands it and brings it back to us.
Hands me the transmiter and said she is ready, i said thanks but i am not sure i am!
He offers to stay beside me and land it for me if needed,.
I then taxi out turn into the wind and start my take off, soon as the rear wheel is off i am pulling on the elevator, tip stall nosed into the deck.
I am sick, the motor is separted the prop adapter is bent tore one retract off.
so it is sitting on my pool table with the wings off already fixed the wing, gorrilla glue, tmw will reinstall the landing gear mount and work on hanging the front of the fuselage.
I was not ready to fly this one yet, it is not a little 44" parkzone foamie lol!
Prop is fine go figure ha
Receceived motor couple days ago got it mounted, but she is sitting a little low i think, i epoxied the firewall today and wedged some wood...Continue Reading
Posted by jimmyzrx | May 19, 2012 @ 07:45 AM | 5,387 Views
My other hobby, or previous one as my wife says.
I drag race a motorcycle.
Started in 2005 with my street bike taking it out to the fun drags just to run it and see how consistant i could get.
That snowballed quick as i was not bad at running the same number my street bike was running 11.2____ something every pass
here is my latest bike, a Chassis Werx small tire chromoly chassis, best pass is [email protected]
Posted by jimmyzrx | May 17, 2012 @ 11:53 PM | 5,434 Views
Well to start off,
I am new to airplanes, a co-worker brought in a blade helicopter one day and i was hooked, i stopped at a hobby store bought a blade mcx2 and seen a parkzone corsair it was a micro, so i bought that too 30 minutes later i crashed it tore the wing off one side. so i was done with micros!
so i sold a pistol springfield 1911/ went back to the hobby shop on April 6th and bought a bigger corsair, the plane was only 165.00 dang i just paid 110.00 for the micro. well 520.00 later i walked out with everything needed to fly.
the hobby store owner told me to have someone with me when i fly this one i told him i knew noone so he offered to take me to his flying field the following weekend.
Once we got there, he pulls out a gas powered high wing trainer and for the next three evenings he teaches me to fly. I also bought a Phoenix flight simulator I fly every nite.
I have always loved old warbirds and the A-1 is top of the list for me, while in the Navy stationed at NAS Oceana my Squadron VA-176 (A-6 Intruder) had a A-1 sitting on display at the front gate, bumble bee stripe and all.
As of April 6th I now have
Starmax A-1 sky raider (with most of the mods)
Parkzone micro corsair (with new wings)
Parkzone Corsair
Parkzone P-47 (razorback conversion,flaps,retracts)
Parkzone F4F wildcat (hand luancher)
Parkzone Habu EDF
J-Power A-7 corsair EDF (hand launcher)
E-Flite Blade mcx2

wish list
WW1 Biplane
A-6 intruder EDF