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Posted by KiwiKid | Oct 04, 2015 @ 11:46 PM | 11,151 Views
Well, by a somewhat circuitous route I managed to end up with one of Alex Louw's moulded gulls and maidened it last weekend in around 20 kts which made it pretty frisky.

Flew really well and I had trouble getting it to come down low enough for my head cam to capture it. Struck a bit of a problem with elevon flutter at (very) high speeds, so I will have to address that, but otherwise a great flying model. I added an elevator, mixed with the elevons.

Here's the vid - click on the Vimeo icon to watch it at Vimeo in HD.

Very fast little model so a bit hard to video - will try again on a sunny day with a bit less wind so I can slow her down and bring it in a bit closer.

My wife insisted on the soundtrack

RC Seagull (2 min 14 sec)