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Posted by KiwiKid | Nov 08, 2010 @ 05:41 AM | 8,800 Views
As mentioned in an earlier entry, I have recently got a Bird of Time operational and have been assembling an Elegance powered glider to complement it. I was rather impressed with the quality of the kit, accessories and instruction manual. The model was designed as a thermal glider, but I wanted to primarily use it as a warm liner and ridge soarer so it was time to pep this baby up (insert Tim the Tool Man laugh).

Main mods made were:
- cf strip glued to the bottom of the horizontal stab;
- sheeted the inside of the rear fuse with 1/8th balsa;
- inserted a 5mm square cf tube through the wing with 3mm c/f rods on the ends as the wing tips have dihederal. Servo wires encased in straws see pic below;
- the stock wire and snake operating the elevator through a near 90 degree bend was an accident waiting to happen, so I replaced it with a small DLG servo positioned at the top of the vertical stabiliser, activating the elevator with a direct push rod; and
- fibreglassed the inside of the front section of the nose.

Power comes from a Mega 22/20/4 inrunner, with Hyperion 50 amp esc and 2500mAh 3 cell lipo generating around 300 watts.

Just finished it last night and did the maiden flight today. Flew great and I had a really enjoyable session. I was surprised how well it thermalled given the extra weight added by the strenghening undertaken.

Just to add to the pucker factor I shot this vid of the maiden flights.

Elegance powered glider (2 min 57 sec)