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Posted by KiwiKid | Jul 11, 2007 @ 07:38 AM | 9,352 Views
I learned to fly on a Parkzone Stryker and have enjoyed a variety of fast and varied models since. A friend of mine recently rewound one of my burnt out outrunners (donít ask) and, looking around for something to put it in, I realised I had run out of models. Feeling that I had missed out a bit on the slow side of flying I decided to get a GWS Slow Stick. They are cheap as chips and quite versatile, being good indoor flyers and able to take a bit of wind outside. First job was to tweak up the performance a bit with the addition of some full wing ailerons and a strengthened wing. Then I added some light strings and wing tip lights for night flying and, just recently, built the excellent auto gyro accessory kit from

Some pics below.

Here is a link to some build pics for the auto gyro accessory kit posted on the sight:

There are plenty of SS vids around, but here is a short one from the website showing how the SS flies with the autogyro kit:

There are some more pics and vids in the customer gallery on the site.

In a secondary posting here there are some pics of some strange light effects I stumbled upon mucking around trying to take a night shot - also, some pics of mods others have made to their Slow Sticks.

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