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Posted by mintie | May 04, 2013 @ 09:56 PM | 10,021 Views
A project I have been on for a while now and near completion.
A 1/16th scale Shovel nose hydro of the 60s A Gary Findley design at 24 in[600mm] lenght.
All blasa and fiberglass constuction, with the odd bit of .8mm ply where needed.
The driver and Alison engine I got from Doug at in the USA
The upper deck I shaped from blue foam and glass.
Power is from a Turnigy 3900 kv water cooled motor mounted on a home made T3 ali frame with a 60 amp water cooled ESC
The flex drive and strut I made, and fitted a x430 octura metal prop.
Rudder system is a HK product with the water cooling pickup in the bottom.
So far wt is 1.5 lbs.
Finished paint will be Cream and orange ,same as the full size of that day.
1963 Tahoe Miss U-3
Posted by mintie | May 04, 2013 @ 09:35 PM | 9,614 Views
I have had this plane sitting on the shelf for a while and thought it was time to fly it again.
Looking at my log book showed that it is 18 years old and last flown 6 years ago.
Definately needs its wings stretched again.So 4 hrs later all ready to fly again.
It is a House of balsa Harvard semi scale of 43 in w/s..power is OS25FP.with 9x4 prop. 3 standard servos and one HXT900 on the throttle.
I made up a fiberglass cowl when I built the plane.
Checking in my log book it has done 13.75 hrs flying and 125 flights over its flying life.
Covering is oracover and still the original.All the graphics were computor cut by a sign writer friend, copying one of the NZ war birds at Ardmore that was with the roaring 40s.
All we need now is a good day and away we go. Remembering it as a really nice little flyer.
Posted by mintie | May 04, 2013 @ 03:59 PM | 9,284 Views
We have just arrived back from a week in Rarotonga...This is our second time there and love the place. the people,culture,warm weather,water and food.
Our secand boy Tristan decided to come with us so picked him up in Auckland on the way.
Beautifull warm weather for 5 days,and in the water at least 3/4 times each day
Yes you guest it, I am a water baby.
A very enjoyable 5 days and he loved the place as well...His comment was on leaving ...we need to do this again some time. yes agreed on that......Continue Reading