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Posted by mintie | May 12, 2010 @ 04:10 AM | 7,133 Views
I have had an interest in gyros for some time.Finally found a build and decided to have a crack at building and flying one of these machines.
The site can be found here ..
I had a bit of a stock of depron and all the electronics so there was nothing holding me back.
Had the gyro built in about 3 days,then had to wait for some good weather.
First flight one night just before dark and it flew but had a head vibration. So home and built up another head base and that cured the vibration. Have now had about 5 flights ,and just coming to grips with it. Orientation was my biggest problem but I just landed and started again.
No action shots as I fly by myself,and very hard to take pics and fly.
But I have now built up a cam frame for my TX and will be experimenting with that.