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Posted by ttucker | Oct 26, 2010 @ 10:15 AM | 4,338 Views
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Description: Classic Easy Star FPV platform

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Description: Wiring it up for mission.I decided to get involved with FPV flight so got rid of my 450 and few older planes to put together an Easy Star system. Under recommendations from a friend in FPv, I initially went with a 5.8 GHz video system and good Sony CCD camera on pan/tilt mechanism.

I recently retired my slug-O Easy Star and upgraded my FunJet for FPV flight. It comes in at 860g with 2200ma 30C 3-Cell lipo and Remzibi OSD, but the weight doesn't seem to effect the flight characteristics much, mainly just creates a faster than normal landing. I have a 60 AMP ESC and power to weight is still really good.

With IBCrazy fantastic Clover Leaf antennas I've taken this setup out to over a mile from base and altitude. I'm sure I can go further but need to look at ensuring my RC link at those ranges. I use a Futaba Super 7 UHF transmitter and receiver seteup....Continue Reading