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I've had pretty good success building these fine planes for the good folks here at RCG. I really enjoy Bill's designs and my primary interest is keeping him in business, introducing the rest of you who don't have time to build to these planes, and funding the hobby by putting forth some effort. Its not really about making money, but I have to charge something, and it wouldn't cover minimum wage if I looked at it by the hour. I like to build, and it keeps me from building them for myself.

See my thread here:

Here's how it works:

Its best if you let me buy the kit and all the materials, unless you already have them.

You provide a 50% deposit based on my good standing here, and my excellent shipping history.

I build the kit, basically to ARF format depending on the plane, and ship it to your door in the Conus. My prices include a basic two color scheme, and all the associated costs. The only caveat is that I prefer USPS money orders because I hate paypal. I will accept paypal, but please notify me prior to your quote so I can factor fees into the price. I'll do anything you want covering wise, and will install your electronics if you like, but again let me know in advance so I can factor it into the price.

To reiterate my basic prices include:

I supply all materials and have them shipped to me
I build the kit with a two color scheme to arf format
I box it up and ship it two your door.

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