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Posted by roffey | Dec 03, 2006 @ 04:26 PM | 4,907 Views
A start!
The Bell/Hiller Mod.
I reckoned that because of my lack of skills, and being able to hover a Twister 3D successfully in my lounge, it would help if I fitted a Bell/Hiller to the 52.
The Hiller part of the mechanism is what already exists. The flybar alone is in control of the cyclic pitch, making for the delay in response. Adding the Bell part allows immediate control of the cyclic via the swash, thus reducing the response time, and hopefully allowing far easier control. Of course, this isn't required for those who can just pick up on any heli and fly away with ease.
My first successful attempt used flattened stainless steel tubing, 3mm stainless balls, silver soldering and tiny screws etc. I then used the same mechanism and added bearings.
This went ok as I progressed through the stages of modifying until I got to really looking closely at trimming, tracking, vibration and balancing etc. The orientation of the bearings allowed too much play, and try as I did, I realised that I had to revise things somehow. It's always wise to see how others achieve good results, so I looked at my defunct mini zoom, which I was not happy with. ( What I had expected from it, was not what I got, whereas with the 52 I got what I expected! ). The mechanism on the mz seemed a bit on the clunky side, and oversized, but it was obviously designed by someone who knew what they were doing. Because of the nature of the design, play was reduced to a minimum. It would be nice, thought I,...Continue Reading
Posted by roffey | Dec 03, 2006 @ 09:12 AM | 5,034 Views
Oh no, not another attempt to polish a T*rd, what's the point... seems to be the opinion of many. The one thing that I have learnt in my short time in the rc world and helis, is that every flying thing is what you make it. Sure, there are certain units that cannot be taken far, but the 52 can be a very nice, very flyable heli friend. It reminds me of my life in the guitar/amp world right from the kick off in the 50/60's. All moaning about not getting the right sounds, should have a strat, no gibby, no ac30, no mesa boogie etc etc. Never been into that. You get out what you put in, provided there's a place to put it. Never did swap my guitar with Pink Floyd at their early first gigs.

This blog will be a reminder for me, as to what I did, and how, and maybe a kick off point to those it might interest.
I bought the 52 thinking that it would be a nice indoor flyer to learn on
I soon got the wake up call. No way did I have the experience and knowledge to deal with it. It would not go where I told it too. It had no manners, kept playing tricks on me, and often spat bits from great heights just to annoy me.
No amount of serious talking too made any difference
With the inspiration of guys like Hoverup, Kill, etc I progressed through understanding and changes to where I am now. Nowhere!, but at least with a little more experience and knowledge.

I knew I needed to be able to fly the 52 using my Futaba 9CS, so that I could understand the mixing, and maybe settle into...Continue Reading