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Posted by jon8889 | Dec 26, 2006 @ 08:59 PM | 2,990 Views
My Current Projects OOOO
27th December 06
at the moment i have a few long term and short term builds

Short Term:

Depron AutoGyro - cdrom B/L/ Lipo powered=

Ultimate Bipe -( picked this up from the NATS for 15quid CAnt wait to get going must try out a Variable pitch (yellow) VP prop system for 3s lipo indoor flying events coming up for the winter new year indoor events!
Videos Soon

Now have 1 Test flight on this Styro Beetle Lightweight indoor electric glider
weighs about 200g but runs from 800 mah lipo 2s and cdrom brushless 40w motor

Works well outside too but not much authority with just the rudder in winds turning might add another servo to channel 1
heres a video: coming soon

Dago Spitfire - designed fast electric pylon racer / street racer
running on b/l 40w cdrom motor 350 mah 3s lipo :-) aileron elevator model

I wanna make a depron VTOL very simple theres one in the foamies thread or somewhere that is just like a cros lookingfrom above and has a rudder all the way along ah the heck i built one here it is test flight soon - shud VTO and VL easy fun indoors

GEE BEEEEES !! wow i found some great details for these RTF Gee bee shockflyers usually 130 (yeah in in england) 50 ish each gonna be selling a few RTF kits at the NATS or indoor flying events so watch out jonnys about - these are awesome shockflyers all setup ready 2 go - with cheapo B/l motor esc lipo servos n rx all connected up :-) cant wait til the nxt indoor flying event

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Welcome U

Posted by jon8889 | Aug 24, 2006 @ 03:48 AM | 3,456 Views
Jonman Fly Rc blob
im a keen enthusiast with not too much but sufficient money to burn with a wide variety of interest in all aspects of flying check out the current projects expect videos photos in flight videos and cool ideas
happy flying

Shutup spitfire123

Me = Jon
age = 16.68956753
flying = 3-4 yrs
funding = wallet of mummy / part time DOS job
family interest = partiall brother and father but never goes anywhere
mother is very interested and allways takes me flying likes to watch tho not very confident on the buddy box

flying club =Fenland Model Club (ooop reminds me i need to renew BMFA insurance !!! )
This is our Club currently rented i think:
very good member man made us some nice benches to setup / a caravan for those winter days peg board and mowed grass each week runway heli section / twin sided to switch over for wind directions - and a big plot of long grass which is dead airspace. No time limits!

main fields of interest:
Fixed wing Glow/ E/p shockies Foamies/ Autogyros/ small helis/ weirdosenvent

flying mass: My Planes

(pictures coming as soon as i dissasemble my digi camera and fix it and add a new lipo pack and make it fit in my plane for upto 40 min video flights WOO)

x2 Irvine Tutor 46 and 40 powered plane (dont like to call it a trainer with what i do with it)
one of those is in the Tail Dragger Setup erp..

Bossanova 3d Funfly on a OS FL70 yet to come however the TT.61 2s bust a bearing in a day or so...Continue Reading