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Posted by orenda635 | Sep 08, 2008 @ 10:55 AM | 5,676 Views
This past weekend was the Kitchener/Waterloo Flying Dutchmen's big scale rally and airshow. Their show makes ours at Dopeville (Oakville) look like crap. The weather was perfect, just a nice 10km/h breeze and sunny with just a few clouds. Their field is probably one of the nicest in Ontario. Golf green runway with no trees nearby in a picturesque area just outside famous St Jacobs. It's on the KW Rod & Gun Club property. They even have a fully electrified impound shed and a clubhouse with kitchen. The food was pretty awful though. I don't know who they have doing the cooking but I swear my burger was made of dog food.

The show featured a huge collection of scale aircraft of all sizes, with both static and flight displays. I've compiled about 20 pictures of 100 or so I took. I've also got a video of some fantastic heli flying from the Canadian champion, which I'll upload once I edit it. Click the link for my album.