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Posted by mattk0 | Jun 28, 2013 @ 10:09 AM | 6,875 Views
Looking forward to getting back into flying this year after the birth of my son last year. Here is my latest hanger pic.
Posted by mattk0 | Jul 04, 2010 @ 11:25 AM | 8,013 Views
3DHS 57 Extra SC Setup:

Motrolfly 3625-800
Motrolfly 120A ESC
Rhino 4s 3700
15x7 Xoar Prop

The Motrolfly 3625-800 ( weighs 9.06oz and is a great motor for this 4-5+lb size 3D planes and scale/sport planes up to 7+lbs. The power is absolutely awesome on my 3DHS Extra SC 57 (AUW: 4lbs 11oz) and pulls over 1360W (burst) on a 4s 3700 25C. According to the 4s setup can pull 140oz (8.75lbs) which is almost 2:1!

3DHS Extra SC 57" w/ Motrolfly 3625-800 (0 min 0 sec)

Posted by mattk0 | Dec 16, 2009 @ 09:07 AM | 8,421 Views
Here was my entry for the 3DHS Holiday Video contest.

Thanks to my wife for the idea and help in the video. We had fun making it!

3DHobbyShop Holiday Video Contest (4 min 37 sec)

Posted by mattk0 | Dec 01, 2009 @ 08:44 PM | 8,473 Views
I think I've got my final outdoor flights of the season and ended it with some great flights on my new favorite plane: the 3DHS Extra 57" SC.

With the Motrolfly 3625-800 ( + either 4s 3700 or 2x 4s 2200's this power system is awesome on the plane (4lbs 11oz - 4lbs 14oz depending on setup). I've written more info on the power setup here:
but bottom line, this setup can pull 8.75lbs of thrust which is almost 2:1!!

I have about 30 flights on this plane, and it has quickly developed into my favorite plane in my fleet. I've owned tons of 3DHS planes, but honestly this is my favorite and the one I can't stop talking about. I love the size, characteristics, KE flight, stability, lightness, power, snaps, everything about this plane is phenomenal!


3DHS Extra SC 57" w/ Motrolfly 3625-800 (4 min 37 sec)

Posted by mattk0 | Sep 11, 2009 @ 09:38 AM | 8,873 Views
With the weather feeling like fall already (and has been for the last month) here in Illinois, it's been great weather for flying as the winds have been staying lower and temperatures in the mid 70's!

1) Extra SHP 55"
I did get my first posted video of my Extra SHP 55" with a Motrolfly 3625-800 and really love the power. I'd highly recommend checking out for their motor quality, power and selection.

Motrolfly 3625-800
4s 2200 30C (x2)
15x8 Xoar Prop

The Motrolfly 3625-800 is a great motor for this plane and provides plenty of power for the 4s setup with 78A / 1200W. I'm still getting used to a 'larger' plane (for me) and am planning to shoot another video in the coming weeks as I get more practice on it!

3DHS Extra SHP 55" w/ Motrolfly 3625-800 (4 min 1 sec)

2) 3DHS AJ Slick 42"
- I've gotten now about 25 flights on my Slick 42". It has honestly taken me about 20 flights to finally tune in the CG I liked and finally start to 'tame' this plane. I really like it now, but for some reason it had some adjustment time for me that it took to get used to. Now, I'm finding myself flying it a lot as my 'go-to' park flyer and hope to be getting a video of it soon to post here.

3) Velox Motor Mishap
Ok, I definitely had this coming after quite a few crashes and over 300 flights on this bird but I finally ripped the motor box off last night while hovering. Luckily, it was a low hover and...Continue Reading
Posted by mattk0 | Jun 30, 2009 @ 10:27 PM | 8,768 Views
I've got some new videos posted now that we've been having some fantastic flying weather.

1) 3DHS Velox 47" Video (see link for full review/rcgroups video)

I have more info in the link above, but long story short this (Motrolfly 2820-950 w/ 4s 2200) is my favorite power system on all of my planeswith the and 4s 2200. With this combo I get over 900W and 2.5 : 1 power ratio . It's a blast to fly and highly recommended being it's still perfectly within the weight range.

3DHS Velox 47" with Motrolfly 2820-950 (4 min 3 sec)

2) Katana 47" Video (Motrolfly 2815-1100)
This is my second video of the Katana 47" with the Motrolfly 2815-1100 (see other with more info: here). I just got some newer 3s 2200 25C batteries and am having more fun with this motor combo. The motor runs really smooth, quiet and powerful and has some awesome torque and pull out of hovers yet fast speed for some fun fast fly-by passes!

I may have mentioned this in my prior blog, but I'm enjoying having more of a 'pattern' plane so I can work on flying better in more smooth / straight lines (and work on my landings ).

3DHS Katana 47" w/ Motrolfly 2815-1100 (6-26-09) (4 min 11 sec)
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Posted by mattk0 | May 25, 2009 @ 08:18 PM | 9,146 Views
A couple of updates since my last posting to note (BTW: Thanks everyone for reading, I hadn't gotten into this 'blog' thing, but am really enjoying seeing the comments/views on my postings!)

3DHS Katana 47" w/ Motrolfly 2815 -1100 - I finally got a video of my 3DHS Katana 47" up. I really like this plane and it is something different than my other 3D/Aerobatic planes in having more of a 'pattern' / 'precision' plane, that excels at drawing straight lines. I just need to get more used to flying that way and stretching my range of experience.

Anyways, here is the video with the Motrolfly 2815-1100 which is an Awesome setup for this plane (more info here)
3DHS Katana 47" w/ Motrolfly 2815-1100 (3 min 57 sec)

- Flea : I've had a beat-up superflea that has a long history of being beat-up, forgotten about and resuscitated. (just to give a brief history, it did have the twin A brushed motors with a NICD battery, then went to ditching the twin motors for a single towerpro motor with a crude hole in the middle for a mount). Anyways, I found myself wanting to do something with it again so got a Motrolfly 2205-2800 ( and it is screaming fast!! I was not expecting that speed out of that small of a motor.

With a 4.75x4.75 prop and 3s 1000, I'm pulling 285W! I can't stop grinning while flying this thing even though 'speed fliers' generally aren't my thing. Anyways, I'm really hoping to get some video of this soon..

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Posted by mattk0 | Mar 24, 2009 @ 05:50 PM | 9,041 Views
I've gotten 2 maiden flights in since my last blog post, so figured I'd write about it.

- My Extra 55" SHP maiden flight went very well and I got 2 flights in before calling it a night (keep in mind I'm using 2 4s 2200's so it eats up the batteries quickly). Long story short, I had lost all my radio settings after setting everything up, so my 2nd attempt was a 'quicker' attempt and I failed to notice that the dual elevators did not go up to the same angle causing a very crooked loop.
Overall, it was an extremly docile plane that seemed to feel both large and small at the same time. I'm really looking foward to getting more stick time on this (setup: Motrolfly 3625-800 (from with (2) 4s 2200). Honestly, it's tough to tell a bunch from the maiden for my on this large of a plane, because I was mostly nervous about making it fly and come down in one piece...

- My other maiden was my EPP Yak 55 32.5" that was my first 'scratchbuilt' plane from plans in the 'scratchbuilt' forum. I really like my Motrolfly 2205-1350 setup so swapped it off of my slofly on to my new Yak. For me, this is the perfect indoor plane being aerobatic and EPP at the same time (it was created to be a mix between the slofly and the FancyFoam Yak). What a blast. My wife gets the credit for the great sharpie job on the color scheme!Check out my video here:

- Although, not a 'maiden' flight I switched my motor on my 3DHS Katana to a Motrolfly 2815-1100 w/ 3s 2200 and 12x6 and it seems to have a ton of power. Unfortunately, I only got one flight because the field was muddy and cracked my landing gear on the landing, so I was grounded for the night....

More info/videos to come.
Don't forget to check out my Yak EPP 55 video here:
Posted by mattk0 | Mar 07, 2009 @ 11:38 PM | 9,365 Views
Figured I'd try my first blog today and quickly outline some of my current fleet. I may try to keep up with the blog throughout the year with my flying videos, pics, and things that happen throughout the flying season. We'll see how this goes:

Quick background: I've flown RC Planes for about 10 years or so being taught my dad. I went through several 'phases' including: starting in underpowered .09 gas trainers -> moving to .46 size trainer/tail draggers -> traded gas planes for Zagi/Unicorn electric wings -> small parkflyer electrics (Mini Ultra sticks/Slowsticks) -> recently (<2 yrs ago) I got my first 3DHS Yak and was hooked on the 3D flight and have been flying 3D/aerobatic since (even more specifically almost everything I can get from

P.S. You'll notice a lot of my stuff is either 3DHS or Motrolfly. I have had really great luck and customer support through both 3DHS and Motrolfly ( I highly recommend checking out for any motor/esc needs, as all the setups I've used Motrolfly hardware has had incredible performance and manufacturing...

Current Fleet:
3DHS Extra SHP 47"
- This plane gets credit for being the first plane that truely launched me head-first into aerobatics/3D and has been a fantastic plane for learning 3D-> advanced 3D. I'm on my 2nd SHP (RIP SHP #1 had about 200+ flights before the elevator servo came loose from the rx) and would buy a 3rd in a heartbeat if something...Continue Reading