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Posted by ocminimoto | Mar 28, 2010 @ 11:39 AM | 3,602 Views

Good power to weight motor.
Quite silent but not totally, makes a nice whistle.

I personally don't like the motor mounts, there should be four screws on the firewall mount to help keep the vibrations down. I know balancing the prop will mitigate vibrations but on something this small a dead mosquito on the prop will start up a vibration.

FRAGILE! the bell for this unit is light and probably strong enough but the armature/prop axle is very sensitive to bending and coming out of true. This leads to the magnets rubbing on the coils or the prop spinning unevenly. Both of which can be fixed with small pliers and a vernier caliper. Trouble is this can only be done a couple of times and then bell unit simply breaks rendering $50 unit garbage.

If this is how the unit behaves and if you ever crash I highly recommend you don't buy one of these units. Purchase the cheaper Chinese units at $8 each. This way if they are going to break at least they can be considered disposable.

Personally I think the people at park should;

1) drop the price of the motor to about $15.00.
2) stop selling it all together.
3) sell replacement bells.

If you never ever crash, buy one. If you do on occasion crash don't.


As with the rest of the Park line, these motors are much too expensive. IMHO the value proposition here is completely out of whack. Are you listening Park?!?!?

BTW, if you have managed to get one of these fixed or have a suggestion, by all means, leave a note. tnx