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Posted by bobepine | Aug 23, 2014 @ 11:49 AM | 48,922 Views

Hi all,

As the title states. I have decided to extend the lifetime warranty on all my CF acrobatic frames. The CF 226, CF 258 and CF 355 are now warrantied for life against breakage. Break it and I replace it. It's that simple.

The warranty covers the arms and the center plates. Hardware, electronics and the CF top plate mounted above the FC are not covered under this warranty. Only the arms and center plates, which is, well, the core of the frames.

Previously, this warranty was only valid for the CF 226 model. But I have been toying around the idea of extending this warranty for a while. Why? Well, after selling hundreds and hundreds of these frames, I have yet to sell a single replacement arm or center plate. NOT ONE. To this day, I have not received a single report of someone who managed to break these frames. Not a single order for replacement parts. So why not?

Why not take Armattan to the top of the food chain when it comes to product support. To this day, Armattan is the only RC manufacturer to offer this kind of support. Be it cars, planes, helis, tanks, etc, no RC manufacturer is willing to offer unlimited warranty against breakage in the event of a crash. In fact, the word "crash" generally equals to "voiding any kind of warranty."

Well, not for Armattan Productions. I am proud to announce that we are now setting the standards when it comes to product durability and support. Call it innovation, if you like, because...Continue Reading