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Posted by bobepine | Apr 04, 2014 @ 11:09 PM | 58,585 Views

T-Motors recently developed motors made specifically for Armattan acrobatic models. The motors have now been tested and production started this week. Shipping date set for May 15. These should be with me sometimes around May 18.



- Model: Armattan 2820-11 (Made by T-Motors in China)
-Motor size: Ф28*20mm
-Shaft size: Ф3.175
- Weight: 38g
-KV(rpm/v): 1900
-Max Power: 185W
-Max Current: 16.8A
-Max Pull (Approx.): 760g
-7, 8, 9 inch props
-2-4S Li-Po
- Shielded bearings
- Balanced by T-Motors using the same technology used for all T-Motors.

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