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Posted by bobepine | Jul 19, 2012 @ 11:14 PM | 65,220 Views
When I first saw pictures of this tricopter, I thought it would be far too fragile seeing that it has the inverted props. I figured it would be high maintenance, to say the least. I preferred the Ladybird because, at the time I thought it was just a better model that could take a beating and keep flying.

Well, now that I have flown both the Ladybird and the Y6, I have to say, I changed my mind. I have crashed the Y6 a good handful of times now, and sometimes quite hard as you will see in videos below. Not a scratch on it, not even a bent propeller. Some of these crashes would have caused arms to split on the Ladybird, for certain. The Y6, however, remains unscathed. I am short for words... This model is totally awesome. It's fast, it's agile, it's responsive and it almost seems unbreakable so far. Or maybe I've just been REALLY lucky.

I actually like this little aircraft so much that I decided to put together a small review of it. I am surprised to see so few people discussing this model. Perhaps my small review and my commentaries will bring more attention this model, which I believe is a better model than the Ladybird and all of its copied versions. Now bare with e and I will explain why I feel that way.

The first thing I noticed on this tricopter is the beefy arms. The carbon fiber arms are quite a bit bigger than the arms on the Ladybird, something that, I believe, is ill designed on the Ladybird. The arms split and break too easily on that small quad. The Y6...Continue Reading