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Posted by rotorquest | Today @ 03:38 PM | 19 Views
Wow, so much new stuff came in and we have a ton of other new items on the way!

Fatshark announced the new HDO goggle which has been in the works for some time now. With much speculation about what type of upgrade the HD lineup would see, the news of the new oled optics should make for a very nice image with the new goggles.
TBS has finally released an MMCX version of the Unify Race Vtx and depending on popularity and demand I'm sure they will eventually follow suit with there other popular vtx lineup.
Foxeer Monster Micro and Arrow Pro Micro cams have arrived along with the Lollipop antennas. Camera tech sure has come a long way and now we're seeing high tvl fpv cams with beautiful image quality without sacrificing too much latency. The predator was a sign of things to come and Foxeer didn't let us down with the newest camera options. The lollipop antenna has sparked alot of debate about design origins but the performance is hard to deny. Whether or not True Rc patent pending on the ax-ii will hold up or not, only time will tell but the market is happy to see an affordably priced antenna with amazing performance. Personally I still love my ax-ii antennas and will continue to be my go to but I'm definitely going to give these lollipops a try.
The hype of the X-lite radio from FrSky is about to be put to the test with its official release being announced last week and retail price finally being set this morning at $119usd. Dealers are expected to receive them in the...Continue Reading
Posted by rclad | Today @ 12:03 PM | 126 Views
One way to save money when competition takes you on the road is to camp. Hotel expenses can add up quickly for every weekend away, but the investment in camping gear is a one time expense. I plan on going to more IMAC events away from home this year, and since I already had a lot of the camping gear I needed, I decided to try camping as a way to stay on budget.

I just had to install a hitch on my Chevy Volt, buy a rack and cargo bag, and find a simple way to prepare easy meals while on the road. One of the coolest (hottest?) gadgets I found was an MSR Pocket Rocket. This little one burner "stove" folds up into a small plastic container that fits into the palm of your hand, weighs only 2.2 ounces, and when attached to an Isobutane-propane tank, burns super hot. It can heat up water or a meal in just a few minutes.

I went up to Muncie, Indiana, this past weekend to attend the IMAC Judging School and do some flying at Site 4. I brought along the family tent with the idea that it could double as a hangar for my 87" Extra 300. That worked out even better than I hoped. I was able to set up my tent right next to the runway at Site 4. AMA only charges $5/day for primitive camping, and I had access to restrooms and a hot shower (very welcome on this trip, since temps got down into the thirties at night!), with water on site and outlets for charging my plane. The plane fit in the tent with wings on, leaving plenty of room for a full size air mattress, duffel bag and other odds and ends. All I had to do in the morning was roll the plane out, put a fresh set of batteries in, and take off. In the evening I was able to hang out by the fire with the other guys (staying in RVs) and enjoy some company I would have missed, if I had stayed in a hotel.

Camping is a lot of work, but it does have many advantages. I was pleasantly surprised how well my first adventure worked out, and look forward to many more trips this year.
Posted by RPM314 | Today @ 11:59 AM | 130 Views
Hi, all. This is a simple delta wing foamy for FPV. It's got a basic KF foil, plenty of motor, and a OSD camera on a pan servo.

-3mm XPS (HK brand depron)
-5mm tube/4mm flat CF
-packing tape

-RCX 1306 2300Kv/5" prop
-CNHL 3s 350mAh
-FrSky X4r
-Turnigy 5g servos
-Foxeer arrow micro cam
-Quanum QE66 VTx

-600mm span
-12dm^2 area
-0.25 taper ratio
-300mm sweep
-165g...Continue Reading
Posted by Absaroka | Today @ 11:42 AM | 132 Views
Clips of flying in the wind.
BW Tundra 4S (1 min 26 sec)

Posted by Paul70J | Today @ 11:30 AM | 136 Views
Hey out there! Purchased a X-UAV P-38 Lightning 1400mm/55.1" EPO Electric RC Airplane with Retracts ARF Silver at a swap meet.....no manual in the box.....does anyone have a PDF of the manual? Much appreciated if one does!
Posted by unboxingexp | Today @ 11:09 AM | 154 Views
DJI Mavic Air Quickshots (2 min 30 sec)

Posted by Hilson87 | Today @ 11:00 AM | 221 Views
This is by far the most well constructed ARF by any manufacturer I have ever assembled. The quality of the cuts, the quality of balsa selected and all the composite components are just top notch. No other manufacturer has even come close to this level of quality pre-fabrication and i certainly will be making an effort to build more extreme flight planes from here on out.

My objective for this build wasn’t to be the most powerful or to be the lightest or to be anything other than just how i like things to be done. I usually tend to not want my particular model to be exactly just like every other one I see on the flight line so i spend just a little extra time making that happen with adding little details here and there and also trying to select different components where i can.

I had to drastically change the cooling baffles to fit my motor choice. I added ducting for my ESC. Added a 1” spacer so the pilot looks better ( A friend said that the stock height of the pilot didn’t look right and he was staring at the dash.) after adding the spacer he looks MUCH BETTER!

I had an Idea to save from using a prop adapter included with the NEU 8019 motor which which almost 8oz on its own. By eleminating the need for the giant 18mm adapter i saved the weight and saved even more weight by drilled out motor shaft. See pics below.

Components i chose for my build:

NEU 8019 150kv Motor
Hobbywing 200 V4 ESC
Falcon Electric Carbon fiber 25.5x13
14s 5000mah 60c HD...Continue Reading
Posted by Bill M - RC | Today @ 10:09 AM | 191 Views
Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

Eachine ROTG01 vs ROTG02 vs DVR Review - Range & Signal Tests. In this ROTG01 & ROTG02 FPV Receivers for Android Devices
review range test, I use a 25mw vtx transmitter and the same mobile phone for comparison. You can also see how I conducted this and there is also a consolidated comparison towards the end of this video.

You can get the ROTG01 here: https://goo.gl/oJThAR

Eachine ROTG01 vs ROTG02 vs DVR FPV Receiver Review - Range & Signal Tests (21 min 33 sec)

Posted by LUTEPLAYER | Today @ 09:32 AM | 216 Views
Does anyone know of a supplier/manufacturer of a Avro Lancaster foamy which is still available, I know HobbyKing did supply one but was discontinued a while ago probably because it wasn't popular and not a good flyer a pity because it looked good from the pictures.
I'd like to add this to my WW2 planes ie Spitfire (Eflite) excellent flyer and Dakota (Dynam) nice slow flyer, keep speed up on both though when landing to avoid stalls
John (UK)
Posted by vwbsean | Today @ 07:39 AM | 381 Views
Almost finished just waiting on some stickers
Posted by Jeffrey Ewing | Today @ 06:54 AM | 403 Views
Check out my latest build video of my brothers Loki X5. I'll be posting my Merica 6s build soon as well. Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button.
How to build a racing drone (loki x5 build volume2) (26 min 16 sec)

Posted by icarus the 2nd | Today @ 03:49 AM | 492 Views
Some flight with my Dynam Gloster Meteor twin EDF

Dynam gloster meteor complete flight and bonus footage (4 min 50 sec)

Dynam Gloster Meteor uncut maiden flight (3 min 6 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by nizzamms | Today @ 02:20 AM | 518 Views
Maybe i am late here, just got this beauty from flee market without controller with cheap price, just what i am looking for ...

gladly the stock motor still great running, and the servo mechanism is ok, i just buy cheap boat brush esc, no need for a speedy tugboat right?

ok , please enjoy my video with fpv view..please subs my video and share your youtube link so i can sub back

Heng Long RC Tugboat with FPV View (2 min 8 sec)

Posted by cuavlindy | Today @ 01:40 AM | 536 Views
hi ,dear friend

here is C-RTK review for you , thanks for checking

C RTK new products FROM CUAV (1 min 49 sec)

here is you can check more details :

Posted by rinoki71 | Yesterday @ 07:23 PM | 693 Views
My review of this cheap ($28) rock crawler that's actually quite good especially for kids.

YYPLAY YY300 Cheap 1:18 4WD Rock Crawler Review (14 min 21 sec)

Posted by Mike_eee | Yesterday @ 04:58 PM | 743 Views
power system: jet fan 90 +het 2100 kv
battery 6s : DINOGY 2.0 6S 5000 MAH
exhaust dia reduced to 76 mm
intake cleaned and plywood splitter added.

Stinger 90 EDF on JETFAN90 (3 min 26 sec)