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Posted by CopperIodide | Nov 05, 2017 @ 02:00 PM | 18,134 Views
Hello guys!

I am finally taking the time to write this brief review. I may edit here to add more detail as necessary and avoid spamming this thread too much.

TLDR : The Vendetti Split 3 is an excellent frame for the runcam split and probably the best currently, although it still has room for improvement. Great video footage WITHOUT soft mounting is produced (check video for proof).

Long read :
I was looking for a frame with a low center of gravity, top mounted battery, runcam split support (30x30mm mounts) and 3 inch propellers.

I first spotted the Vendetti but it had 20x20mm support only. Since I really liked the design I asked Stef if it made sense for him to produce a variant for the split. He was very generous in spending the time to design a variant for the split and I quickly ordered 2 frames from his armattan submission. Stef even bothered to produce a frame quickly and sent it to me early within Europe. I have now 3 frames and will assemble at least 2. This post is about the very first build and how great it came out, although with challenges.

Part list :
Gemfan flash 3052
Dys 1306 3100kv
HGLRC F4 Flame
Armattan ESCs (4x)
Tattu 4s 650mah
Runcam split v1
R-XSR receiver
Atx03 vtx
LCD and buzzer module
Vendetti Split frame

The build can be challenging when keeping the low profile. There is almost no extra space in the main body. The FC and split board already rise the middle section to its optimal height ( battery middle at the...Continue Reading