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Posted by kopterheld | Feb 22, 2020 @ 04:50 PM | 1,592 Views
Get the Eachine EV300D FPV goggles
from [CZ] EU warehouse Coupon: BG333D - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/Dvmv6QZ4r0
Fast delivery from EU warehouse
The EV300D has new 4: 3 very good LCOS displays that can also be switched as 16: 9. The lenses are adjustable to diopter +3 to -8.
Two diversity receivers are installed with SMA connection. A rapidFiRE module can also be used on the left in the shaft. The picture in the goggles is really good, large (42 FOV) and even reduced noise. With the new firmware 2020-02-25, the latency has now been improved on all cameras from 100ms to 30ms. PAL and NTSC cameras get less that 30ms what is good.

EV300D new Firmware update (2020-02-25) PDF document ans download URL:

Video 1 - Eachine EV300D FPV goggles and update the firmware (EN subtitle)
Eachine EV300D FPV Brille neue Firmware (5 min 25 sec)

Micro USB to USB 2.0 OTG Adapter
Adapter to connect USB memory to the EV300D.

Short Antennan for FPV goggles
Lumenier AXII 2 Right-Angle Stubby
- https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3DDDgBLA5A
Amazon - https://amzn.to/2RsDlwT
4x Foxeer Lollipop 3 Stubby
- https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KGGD2mBK4h
And 2x 90 degrees Adapter - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/Gvm3q3g30W

EV300D has two diversity modules which roughly correspond in quality to a True-D V4 module.

Alternatively, other modules can be used, such as the...Continue Reading
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Here I show how to update the Multi Module URUAV TMX5 and TMX5-Lite and install the bootloader. Later you can update the module with the Taranis transmitter via OpenTX. The Multi Modules are perfect if you have the new Q X7 ACCESS or X9 Lite transmitter to control FrSky D8, Flysky, DSMX and other receivers.

Video Multi Module URUAV TMX5 Lite update with Bootloader (DE with EN subtitle)
Multiprotokoll Modul URUAV TMX5 Lite aktualisieren mit Bootloader (3 min 47 sec)

Multi-Module Firmware

Flash Multi Program

URUAV TMX5 4 IN 1 Multi Module
The TMX5 is the same as the iRangeX iRX4 Plus multiprotocol module. The module is suitable for the Taranis or Turnigy 9XR, Flysky TH9X, Futaba S-FHSS. With the IRX4 you can control almost all receivers like DSMX, FrSky, Flysky, Futaba, DEVO and all quadcopters fly whether like Eachine E010, E011, JJRC H36, Hubsan, Syma.

URUAV TMX5 Lite 4 IN 1 Multi Module
This is the multiprotocol module for Taranis X-Lite, X-Lite Pro, X9 Lite. Support almost all protocols like FrSky D8, D16, DSMX, Flysky, BAYANG and much more.
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Posted by kopterheld | Feb 11, 2020 @ 06:55 AM | 2,141 Views

Meteor65 flies longer and smoother with the RPM filter thanks to the free bidirectional JazzMac firmware for ESC's with 48k O-H-5 16.79 or the L-ESC's boards O-L-5 16.78f 48k
Without RPM filter with 22000KV motors approx. 2:35 minutes with the standard BLHeli 24k firmware
With RPM filter and 16.79 48k JazzMac firmware with 22000KV motors about 3:15 minutes.

Super light under 23g with the new BT2.0 connector instead of the old PH2.0. The new BT2.0 connector can conduct more current. A light F4 1S FC and 0802 19500KV or 22000KV motors with a CMOS camera and 25mW video transmitter are installed.

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Posted by kopterheld | Feb 06, 2020 @ 04:10 PM | 6,386 Views

This is the Eachine LAL5 with the 4k Caddx Tarsier V2 camera.
Overall, the Eachine LAL5 flies very stable and well, has a great FPV video footage and you can have everything recorded in HD or even 4K. The motors are heavy but very good, the ESC's with 50 amperes have enough power. So if you are looking for a quadcopter with HD recording and maybe later want to convert to a 6 or 7 inch quad, this is a very good basis.

2507 1850KV 6S Motor mit 42 Gramm

Myvideo review (DE) and EN subtitles
Eachine LAL5 6S Freestyle - 4K Caddx Tarsier V2 camera
Eachine LAL5 6S Freestyle 4K Caddx Tarsier V2 Kamera (4 min 10 sec)

Eachine LAL5 - Caddx Tarsier 4K V2 Cam 6S Version
Banggood 6S Version from [UK] EU warehouse Coupon: aFfBg10 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DvD34HnHDJ
or [CN] Coupon: BGZBLAL5
Eachine LAL5 is a 5 inch freestyle with F4 FC and the CaddX Tarsier V2 4K camera optimized for 6S Lipo. 50A ESC's with large 2507 1850KV motors are on.
So only good components and despite the heavy motors, the LAL5 flies very well.
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Posted by kopterheld | Feb 03, 2020 @ 09:35 AM | 3,535 Views

This is the Mobula 6 1S brushless Tiny Whoop. For 70 EURO you get the Mobula 6 with the best Runcam Nano 3 camera with internal FrSky or Flysky receiver.

my video review DE with EN subtitles
Happymodel Mobula6 bester 65mm TinyWhoop (7 min 0 sec)

I find the Mobula 6 very successful, inexpensive and perfect for beginners as well as for professional FPV pilots. Such a 65mm TinyWhoop is absolutely necessary for the winter time.

Mobula6 with coupon: aFfBg10 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KvmGg2tm9g
The Mobula6, a TinyWhoop with 20g 19000KV motors, Runcam Nano 3 camera, 25mW VTX, 1S LiPo, F4 FC FrSky or Flysky. With 19000KV the flies about 4min well through the apartment. With 25000KV the Mobula6 is extremely fast, but the 300mAh battery doesn't even manage 2 minutes. My favorite with 19000KV. And the Runcam nano 3 is sooooo good!

compatible batteries:
Happymodel 300mAh 1S 30C Lipo PH2.0
Banggood - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/GGKvbkIwt5
Original battery from Mobula6
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GEPRC CineRun HD3 3 CineWhoop
Coupon: aFfBg10 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mDDDnSc5Gj
The new CineWhoop from GepRC with 215g weight with DJI Air Unit without a battery. Flies very quietly perfectly for video recordings with the DJI camera or even with the GoPro camera with the included GoPro 7 mount.

My Review: GEPRC CineRun HD3 CineWhoop with GoPro 8 (DE with EN subtitles)
GEPRC CineRun HD3 CineWhoop mit GoPro 8 (4 min 34 sec)

Light Cinematic Whoop
can carry a GoPro Hero 6,7,8
- included GoPro 6,7 Mount
- good motors 1404
- DJI Air Unit with 1080p DVR
- durable prop guard
- F7
- bidirectional BLHeli_32 ESC's 35A

- nothing

The flight time is aprox. 3 minutes with 850mah LiPo. If you only need a 3inch professional cinematic whoop for GoPro7 or 8 the best choice is the Diatone MXC Taycan
or iFlight BumbleBee. Both are optimized for carrying a GoPro and are more durable with the big ducts with foam. But for me is the GepRC CineRun the best because the HD Video from DJI system is good enough for me. And I can freestyle flying with the CineRun HD3. And when I need 4K quality video I can make it with the GoPro8 on my CineRun too. Diatone Taycan or iFlight BumbleBee are terrible, to heavy for acro freestyle with the big ducts. If you have a freestyle drone and you use only GoPro Hero for professional video then take a drone with ducts

Diatone MXC Taycan - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mDmmAaZ0av
iFlight BumbleBee DJI...Continue Reading
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FatShark Dominator HDO 2
408,64€ - $455 - 9% Coupon: 2020cNy - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KmGKeeY4pN
9% Coupon: 2020cNy gilt auf alles auch FPV Sachen.
Fatshark HDO2 with new 1280x960 (4: 3) OLED displays and 46 degrees FOV. The best FPV goggles on the market
Banggood guarantees duty-free shipping via Priority Direct Mail or EU Priority Line

Video - FatShark Dominator HDO 2 TBS Fusion RapidFiRE and antennas DE (EN subtitle)
FatShark Dominator HDO 2 TBS Fusion RapidFiRE Module Antennen (7 min 44 sec)

Pic 1 - Fatshark HDO 2 delivered from Banggood

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Eachine EMAX EAT03 RC Car
Coupon: BGEachineFPV - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/vmDGQKe3AR
77€ - with FPV goggles
EMAX EAT03 is a small RC car with FPV camera and remote control. Great toys for every young RC beginner. Identical to the EMAX Interceptor RC car.

The red EMAX Interceptor RC car is identical with the blue Eachine EAT03
Coupon: BGEMAXRC - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mKvmQ0Ptop
Coupon2: 5ca607

Video - EMAX Interceptor Eachine EAT03 FPV RC Car (DE) (EN subtitle)
EMAX Interceptor Eachine EAT03 FPV RC Auto (3 min 23 sec)

It is really fun to drive around the apartment by car. Since the car is very small, it can get through almost any small gap. The perspective is funny as if you were a little mouse running through the apartment. Behind thicker walls, the video reception is worse, so a better antenna may help. A great FPV car that I can recommend to everyone.
And as I said, the difference between Eachine EAT03 and Emax Intereptor is only the color blue instead of red.

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This is an adapter to connect an analog diversity module to the DJI Digital FPV goggles outside by cable. Clean solution, but you should install the current DJI update to at least v01.00.02.00 so you get very low latent times up to 20ms. So you don't need any other analog FPV glasses anymore !!
A video module is simply plugged in here and you can fly analog tiny whoops, toothpicks.

URUAV RX PORT 2.0 DJI Digital FPV - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/vvmGbyC4Vi

Video - DJI FPV goggles with analog Module - RX Port (DE) with EN subtitle
DJI FPV Brille mit analog Modul RX Port (3 min 29 sec)

...Continue Reading
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Beta95X Whoop Quadcopter (HD Digital VTX)
BetaFPV - http://bit.ly/Beta95Xi
NOW available from BetaFPV
The Beta95X has the CadDX Vista DJI Air Unit which is flown with the DJI goggles. The recording in 720P takes place on the goggles. The quad has 2.5 inch propellers with F4 FC, 1106 4500KV motors and 32 bit ESC's with 16A. Empty weight 110g. It is flown with a 450mAh 4S battery
Use the GiftCARD to save 5% more coupon: GiftCARD http://bit.ly/BetaFPVgc

When the Beta85X HD came onto the market, the enthusiasm was great. Unfortunately, the Beta85X was a bit too heavy for the 2 inch propellers, so you could fly around with it, but real acrobatic tricks do not go so well. The Beta85X 4K also had a really good FPV camera with 4K video recording, but was even worse to fly.
Video 1 review - Beta95X with Caddx Vista DJI camera (EN subtitles)
Beta95X DJI Digital HD Whoop Caddx Vista (6 min 50 sec)

Now comes the Beta95X HD which either has an analog HD camera or even better, with the DJI digital video transmission. The Beta95X has the DJI camera with the digital air unit CADDX Vista VTX under the blue canopy. Now you can fly with digital technology from DJI FPV with razor-sharp FPV live images and the video can be saved in HD ready quality in the DJI glasses , only 720p. The DJI camera with the CADDX Vista VTX weighs just 29 grams. There is also a decent 3.5 gram RushTank antenna. Here, the recording function in the Air Unit was dispensed with in order to save weight.
Where...Continue Reading
Posted by kopterheld | Jan 12, 2020 @ 10:03 AM | 3,252 Views

Here is the SkyStar Talon X110 and show how to make all settings under BetaFlight 4.1 with the new RPM filter. The best future is the bidirectional DSHOT protocol firmware for BLHeli_S ESC's and you can fly all mini quads 2-3 inches and even TinyWhoop with the RPM filter. And that means: even better control and smooth flight.

Video 1 - Skystars Talon X110 BetaFlight 4 1 BLHeli_S RPM Filter (DE) with EN subtitle
Skystars Talon X110 BetaFlight 4 1 BLHeli_S RPM Filter (10 min 26 sec)

This is how I set the RPM filter:
1. Install the BLHeli Configurator 1.2 (* 1)
2. Connect the Talon X110 to PC via USB and power on with battery
3.Open BLHeli Configurator and note the type of ESC's (O-H-10)
4. go to JazzMavic GitHub and load the latest BLHeli_S firmware 48k 16.78 a12
5. Flash all 4 ESC's with the JazzMac BLHeli_S 16.78 firmware
6. Start Betaflight Configurator
7. Flash Beta 4.1.X to your FC
8. In the Configuration tab, set DSHOT300 because it works flawlessly on the Talon, better than DSHOT600 with more flight time
9. activate bidirectional DSHOT
10. Set motor poles to the number of magnets on your Kwad. Talon has 9 poles.
11. Set the gyro and PID frequency to 4k/4k or 8k / 2k or 8k / 4k or 8k / 8k so that the CPU load is below 40 percent. I'm using 4k/4k
12. Of course set up your receiver and set the correct stick values min, max with the command: rxrange
13. Set switch for motors, flight modes, beeper
14. Under the Motors tab, check whether all...Continue Reading
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Binding to X9 Lite or X9 Plus 2019 EU LBT is now possible with Betaflight with the OnBoard receiver. You have to wait at least 2:10 minutes for the binding to be completed. And then save everything manually under Betaflight CLI. I hope the issue will be fix in the next Betaflight 4.1.X

Get Meteor65 from BetaFPV - http://bit.ly/BFMeteor65
Use the GiftCARD with 5% off Code: GiftCARD here - http://bit.ly/BetaFPVgc

22000KV Version - Amazon - https://amzn.to/35vY9ti
19500KV Version - Amazon - https://amzn.to/35y6ixu

How to bind Meteor65 to X9 Lite
(build-in SPI RX FRSKY_X_LBT)
write to CLI:
diff all
copy to clipboard and save to text file
write to CLI:
defaults nosave
set rx_spi_protocol = FRSKY_X_LBT
4. After FC has rebooted write to CLI:
5. start bind button on the X9 Lite
6. after 55 sec. write to CLI:
7. copy all frsky_spi commands to text file
8. check if the command set frsky_spi_bind_hop_data did not have any 0 at end.
If you have some 0 at end repeate the step 6. to 8.
9. write your current RxNum from the X9 to CLI (my is RxNum = 7):
set frsky_x_rx_num = 7
10. check the RSSI on the X9 Lite. If no RSSI move the X9 Lite one meter from the 
Meteor65 and repeat step 3 to 9.
11. Copy the new 4 frsky_spi commands from CLI to your
text file and replace the old4 frsky_spi commands
12. Copy your text file to clipboard and paste to CLI
13. The Meteor65 rebooting and it is now connected with your X9 Lite
and have your old configuration.

...Continue Reading
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The Nazgul5 is a very good freestyle drone that flies smooth as butter with 4S or 6S battery. The Stack is with F4 FC and 45A ESC's. The video transmitter is 25-600mW and at the front is the good CADDX Ratel FPV camera. The iFlight Xing-E 2207 2750KV motors are great even though they are entry-level motors.
6S - Coupon: BGnazgul https://www.banggood.com/custlink/GD3KgGYqMc
4S - Coupon: BGnazgul https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3mmm4mhMzh
oder 10% Coupon auf alles: BGBFAFF2019

Very good propellers are the HQProp Ethix S3 DP5.1X3.1X3
Amazon - https://amzn.to/2MdVOdY
Banggood - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mvmG4dnULK

Runcam 5
Amazon - https://amzn.to/2nexDUp
Coupon: BGBFAFF2019 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KGmmBdQkTc
...Continue Reading
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The iFlight Titan DC5 is a 5 inch FPV freestyle drone with 222mm. The special thing about the drone is that it has the DJI Air Unit and can be flown with the DJI Digital goggles. The video image is digitally transmitted at 720p 120 frames per second to the goggles. At the same time, the video can be recorded in HD with 1080p 60 frames per second on the drone on a micro SD card. So you really do not need a GoPro camera anymore.

Video 1 - iFlight Titan DC5 6S DJI Digital FPV System
iFlight Titan DC5 6S DJI Digital FPV System (8 min 11 sec)

iFlight Titan DC5
6S - Coupon: BGBFAFF2019 https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mGG3BI80Ky
4S Version - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3vD30n8snM
or from iFlight-RC - http://bit.ly/iFlightTitanDC5

Or the Bundle iFlight Titan DC5 with DJI FPV goggles
Coupon: BGBFAFF2019 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3mmGnmtWkU
iFlight-RC - http://bit.ly/iFlightTitanDC5DJI
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Current I have the DJI FPV System from Banggood and it is amazing for freestyle FPV Racing drone the 3 inch
I'm using only the DJI goggles with the Air unit. My transmitter is the Taranis X9D Plus SE with CrossFire module.
DJI Digital FPV System
628€ - $696.15 - Coupon: BGOTC21 or App Coupon: c5d300 (only 1x for mobile App customer) or aff7off https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mGvK0KF1Em

- big screen
- easy to use
- good design
- compatible with betaflight
- good range
- best camera colors
- HD recording on the Air Unit (TX)

- only LCD display's
- closed system all components are only from DJI (camera)
- Air Unit is big
- latency to high

The iFlight DC3 HD 3 inch freestyle drone is with a 3S lipo under 250g that very cool to fly without registration.
287€ - $315 - Coupon: aFfBg10 https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DmGDBVekwh


DJI is using all LHCP antennas. I have replaced all the antennas with my AXII 2 RHCP antennas (included Air unit with MMCX)

Lumenier AXII 2 Right-Angle Stubby 5.8GHz 2.2dBi Gain FPV Antenna
16€ - Coupon: BGBCFPV - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3DDDgBLA5A
The new AXII 2 Stubby right angle antenna for FPV goggles
...Continue Reading
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Fatshark Byte Frost is the new digital system to transfer the video digital from the drone to the FPV goggles. Similar to DJI Digital FPV System.

Here is a base station consists of a 5 inch monitor and four antennas used. Via the white HDMI mini cable the video to the FPV goggles is digitally looped through. So you get a razor-sharp picture with low latency in the display's FPV glasses. As glasses you should best use the new Fatshark Dominator HDO 2 which has the native resolution of 1280x960 pixels. The new HDO 2 finally has a field of view of 46 degrees, which is even more than the ORCA FPV goggles, which is not yet on the market (November 2019). The OLED display's are significantly richer in contrast than the old HDO display's. Diopter lens attachments are no longer needed, because each optics of the HDO 2 is individually adjustable to one eye sharply adjustable from 0 to -6 dioptres.

Byte Frost firmware update:
1. On the SD card will copy the 3 files for RX so the 5 inch receiver BYTE_FROST.bin, HDZERO_RX.bin and HDZERO_VA.bin
2. The one file HDZERO_TX.bin for the transmitter unit is also copied to the SD card
3. SD card is inserted in RX the 5 inch receiver.
4. The firmware cable is connected to the transmitter (TX) and to the port at the back of the 5 inch receiver (RX)
5. The transmitter is connected to power (3S battery)
6. Now the 5 inch receiver is connected to the battery
7. The 5 inch display shows READ FILE and write BYTE_FROST.bin, write HDZERO_RX.bin,...Continue Reading
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406,67€ - $450 - App Coupon: c5d300 (only 1x for mobile App customer) - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KmGKeeY4pN
420,23€ - $465 - Coupon: aff7off
427,50€ - $475 5% Coupon: MYSADOQ5A - https://www.getfpv.com/fat-shark-dom...v-goggles.html

The new Fatshark HDO 2 will be released in late November with new 1280x960 (4: 3) OLED displays and 46 degree field of view (FOV). The best FPV glasses on the market. the lens are variable to focus with diopter 0 to -6
Pre-orderable - Banggood guarantees duty-free shipping via Priority Direct Mail or EU Priority Line to EU or to my country Germany.

- big FOV with 46 degree
- can using analog module like Rapidfire
- new OLED display's with better contrast as HDO 1
- big resolution 1280x960 4:3 or 1280x720 16:9
- variable focus with diopter 0 to -6
- HDMI input for digital System

- power button too much function ( fan, power on , off)
- don't support prescription diopters
- expencive

Current I have the DJI FPV System from Banggood and it is amazing for freestyle FPV Racing drone the 3 inch
I'm using only the DJI goggles with the Air unit. My transmitter is the Taranis X9D Plus SE with CrossFire module.
DJI Digital FPV System
628€ - $696.15 - Coupon: BGOTC21 or App Coupon: c5d300 (only 1x for mobile App customer) or aff7off https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mGvK0KF1Em

The iFlight DC3 HD 3 inch freestyle drone is with a 3S lipo under 250g that very cool to fly without registration.
287€ - $315 - Coupon: aFfBg10 https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DmGDBVekwh


Check my new coupons and promotions at:
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Telegram - https://t.me/KopterHeld
Banggood generic coupons:
28% Coupon: 28RC Clearance - DYS Shark, iRange iR8M, Frames, FC, ESC
10% Coupon : AFFBG10 RC category
10% App Coupon: c5d300 RC category
8% Coupon: Parts8 for RC Toys and Hobby
7% Coupon: aff7off for RC Toys
6% Coupon: Drones6 for RC Toys and Hobby
$12 off $100order Coupon: 25E1DD RC category
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Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE 5KM 4K 3 axis gimbal
Banggood HK Warehous Coupon: BGFIMIX8SE10 https://www.banggood.com/custlink/Gmv3BGOgl0
Fast-29 EU Warehouse Gearbest Coupon: FASTGBFIMIX8 http://bit.ly/GbFiMiX8seEU
Coupon2: FIMIX8SE4K
This is the 4K version of Xiaomi Video drone which has real 3 axis stabilization and a 4K camera. The good thing is that the video image is transmitted digitally in HD live up to 5km. GPS with all the important functions like following, selfie gestures, flying around an object are included.

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE Video Drohne - Review deutsch (7 min 41 sec)

I am excited about the video drone. A very good control to which an iPhone or Android mobile phone is connected. The app works very well. The most important feature I'm interested in is always the video quality and above all how well I can control the drone while filming without something in the picture jerky. Due to the slightly more weight of the FIMI the drone stays calm in the air. A wind does not bother here at all.
I find the camera guidance very good on the FIMI remote control. All panning and movements are very good straight away and the video looks every soft. Such a good quality I know only from DJI. Here Xiaomi shows that you can make even for less a perfect video drone.
The Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE is better than the DJI Sparks or DJI Mavic Air and comes close to the DJI Mavic Pro.

- stabilized with 3 axis video camera
- Very good 4K camera
- Flight time over 32 minutes
- 5KM range
- very stable flight

- nothing

More good RC parts coupons on my blog:

New Kopterheld coupons on Telegram App or FB:

My equipment: (Banggood)
Fatshark Dominator HDO  - http://bit.ly/BgFaHDO
ImmersionRC RapidFIRE - http://bit.ly/BgRapidFire 
FrSky TARANIS Q X7 - http://bit.ly/2zLLvJq
FrSky X9D Plus SE - http://bit.ly/2z4KxXG
iRangeX IRX4 Plus Multi Module - http://bit.ly/2QrTIeT
FrSky R-XSR - http://bit.ly/2S6rNyc
RunCam Racer 2 - http://bit.ly/2BZJCtq
RunCam Micro Eagle - http://bit.ly/2BPNnkL

FaceBo – http://bit.ly/KhFaceBo
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Eachine Cinecan 85mm 4K - CineWhoop - Banggood Coupon: BGWKcinecan

This is the 85mm CineWhoop from Eachine with the good Caddx Tarsier that can record 4K, but more importantly that it has a very good FPV camera. The Cinecan flies well and is not as heavy as Beta85X 4K. The video footage is very good, but it shakes a bit, especially if you give too much throttle or it is windy outside. What I really like on the Eachine Cinecan is that it flies perfectly in Acro mode without a washout.

- best FPV and HD 4K camera
- Very light as a 4K CineWhoop
- strong 1103 motors
- Video transmitter 25-200mW
- F4 FC with 10A ESC
- external receiver like CrossFire
- flies very well in Acro Mode
- ND8 filters

- Video trembles
- not durable

Video 1 - Eachine CineCan 4K Review
Eachine Cinecan 4K CrossFire Nano CineWhoop Review deutsch (5 min 15 sec)

Video 2 - Roman Treadwheel crane
Eachine CineCan 4K Whoop - Römer Kran (1 min 59 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by kopterheld | Aug 25, 2019 @ 11:40 PM | 2,656 Views

Diatone GTB339 Cube:
Banggood Coupon: AFFBG10   http://bit.ly/GtB339Cube

Very good and fast 3S 3 inch drone which is very light with the Runcam Nano 2 camera and TBS Pro32 Nano VTX

or the Diatone GTB229 Cube 8500KV 2S Version 2.5inch drone
from Banggood with Coupon: BGGTB  http://bit.ly/GtB229Cube
Very good and fast 2S 2.5 inch drone which weighs only 43 grams with a Runcam Nano 2 camera and TBS Pro32 Nano VTX

- lighter 3 inch FPV racer
- Good Runcam Nano 2 camera
- powerfull VTX TBS Nano Pro 32 25-400mW
- very good motor 1105
- F4 Board 3-4S 12A ESC's
- external receiver such as R-XSR, CrossFire

- Camera like Runcam Racer Nano or Foxeer Predator 4 Nano would be even better
- Video antenna only linear
- Motors a bit too fast with 5500KV for 3S battery

Video 1 - Diatone GTB339 Cube 3 inch FPV Micro Racer
Diatone GTB339 Cube 3 Zoll FPV Micro Racer (6 min 51 sec)

Suitable batteries:
BETAFPV 300mAh 3S 45C - https://amzn.to/2ZkvZS7
GNB 300mAh 3S 45C - http://bit.ly/Gnb3s80c
GNB 450MAH 2S 80C - http://bit.ly/GNB2S450mah
Tattu 450mAh 3S 75C
Banggood - http://bit.ly/Tattu450mah4S
Amazon - https://amzn.to/2XqM1W3

GNB 300mAh 3S 30C 
Banggood - http://bit.ly/Gnb300mAh3S
Amazon - https://amzn.to/2xg3kOx

Happymodel 300mAh 3S 30C 
Banggood - http://bit.ly/M7Hd300mAh
Amazon - https://amzn.to/2IQ4zdY

Turnigy Nano-Tech 300mAh 3S 45C -
HobbyKing - http://bit.ly/2AHM5YR

LiPo Pad:
URUAV PADSTAR Lipo Silicon Pad - http:...Continue Reading