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Posted by epoweredrc | Aug 26, 2017 @ 11:43 AM | 20,037 Views
Hello everyone, Epoweredrc here and I just want to make a post here about the Taranis Radio, while this radio is awesome and does all kinda neat stuff that even the $1,000.00 Radios won't, it is not the easiest to learn to use.. it can be a channalage infact. I had given up using it twice, but finally within the opast month i decided to get it back out and get back to trying to program things with it.. I first got me a Orange module off ebay from a guy in FL cause though Hobbyking had them in stock the non US warehouse i didn't want to still be waiting for it months later. This is where i got mine from, it seems he gives discounts at times and i got mine when he had them fro $41.00 so as of couple days ago he had went up to $50 so pay attention to that...


This is a Short you tube video I posted just showing the module in the Taranis already.. I didn't want to remove it as I have heard the pins are easy to bend and didn't want to chance it.. it in the TX it works i like to keep it that way..
Short Video of my Orange module for Taranis (2 min 28 sec)

I found on the Taranis with module it depends on what aircraft/reciver your using in what mode it needs to be in.. I would really recomend looking in the classifieds and trying to get a DM9 module as everything i have read on these are you just put in bind mode and it finds the dsm or dxmx or whatever and binds to the unit..

On mine I have found for my UMX...Continue Reading