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MG800 round two (12 min 0 sec)

This was originally supposed to be sub 250 , and it was ! Butt .....

The CG was too far back ( 70mm ) and the ESC was faulty , cutting the motor as soon as you went over 3A current draw .

This flight C of G was around 60mm and the battery was a Nanotech 1000mAh 2s ..
Flying weight from MEM was around 268 grams .
New ESC is a 10A Turnigy ..

It has taken a long , long time to get back to this model . I think I can forget about Sub 250 with this one .
The CG would most likely want to come forward a little , maybe start around 50mm from the LE for more stability .
Roll axis stability still bites , and trying to fly straight and level is a little challenging .
The MG800 wants to roll left or right when trying to fly straight . I may need to pull out some expo for faster response time to help tame the roll .
@ 60mm CG , the elevator is still sensitive , I am still @ 100% rates . So maybe lowering the rates to 80% and jacking up the expo a little ?

Flight time with the 1000 mAh battery was around 15 minutes @ 50% throttle , cell voltage was 3.79v when I got home . I ended the flight when I noticed some battery sag ( power sag ) .
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z51 predator ( Just a little Chuck Testing for CG ) (0 min 56 sec)

What came in the mail = One z51 Predator ..
Thrust controlled ..

I have never tried a thrust control plane before .. And so far the z51 has not impressed .

A) Mine seems terribly nose heavy , hunts the ground out of the box hard .
B) To stop it nose diving I had to adjust the V-tail assembly for some up elevator
C) Also had to put a little lead shot in the rear
D) This one has built in right turn ( Warped wings perhaps )
E) Lots of Chuck testing .

Anyways .... Took it out to the street to see how much power was needed to lift it off the ground . Just about all there was .

Apparently the way to tune the z51 is by bending / twisting the fuselage ( Anyhow )
Maybe tomorrow morning ?
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LDARC 450x after rebuild trim flights (6 min 57 sec)

It's round two :

After doing a rebuild on the brushed 450x ...

FS2A micro Rx with inbuilt 5A brushed ESC
8520 motor
1.9g servos ( I think )
Nanotech 260 1s

It flies ...
At first it hunted the ground ..
So I made a larger trim change after many small changes and then it hunted the sky a little .
Ailerons were a little soft - add more rates .
It's very close to where I want it , the rolls were a little slow .
It might tolerate a still larger battery (?) , but it was very decent . ( Just needs to roll a little faster )

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The impossible 450x Wing (5 min 44 sec)

The CG is way back !
Far enough back to be called the G-spot or is that the thrill spot ?
Either way , too exciting for me .

Next time the battery will be way forward in the nose .

But I just had to tame the beast .

Round two :
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XK x450 motor & prop on the thrust stand (2 min 7 sec)

This motor / prop test is sponsored by my dead XK x450 ..

How I killed the XK x450

I made the terribly silly mistake of flying 3D mode !
Already knew the x450 was some what unstable in 3D and hunted the sky in turns as well that orientation was difficult at times due the the shape of the x450 . But I had to do it didn't I ..

And that's exactly how it died , well almost !
I was flying right to left , going for a slightly tight turn . The x450 hunted the sky , almost stalled ! I pulled the x450 into a loop to recover from the stall .
On the way down the stability got a little iffy and I decided that a landing was required before I tried to bore a hole in the ground with the x450 ..
I actually plonked the x450 on the ground rather smartly I thought . But what happened was the motors got pulled down into the opposite direction from the normal hover position ( Pointed down ) . Guess those props got caught in the grass ..

Unfortunately , I think the morning dew got into the electronics as when I got home to do some fixing the main board smelled like an ashtray . So I can only figure something go cooked . Every time I plugged in the battery at home the x450 got worse and fewer things were working .
So the x450 currently resides in the rubbish bin .

The Tx bundled with the x450 is on the cheap side . No rates or expo ..
I was going to dig out another XK Tx with...Continue Reading
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XK A600 Bonus Video ( Hammer Time ) (1 min 9 sec)

Hammer Time !

Thats what I think of the XK A600 Tx ! ( Satisfying )

F16 Project > Flybear FX 723 ( FF versions )

Well on the way ( conversion to RC )
Uses the hot little 8520 , will have all moving Elevons , and use the WL F949 flight control board .

Zippy 350

New zippy is yellow and the old zippy is blue .
Weight wise the yellow runs 22 grams on the nose and the old zippy came in at 21.7 grams = Close enough to call samo samo .
HK reported the blue as being 21g and the new yellow as being 25g ..
Anyways , the yellow zippy will be the dedicated battery for the OMPHobby T720 ( Thats why I got it )
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OMPHobby T720 with DSM2 Rx (12 min 49 sec)

Chalk and Cheese

The difference between using a Taranis Q x7 and the OMP factory transmitter is like night and day !
Fly in stability mode the T720 is snooze town . It is almost boring .

I was flying with 100% rates and 50% Expo on the elevator and ailerons .
Turning off the stability mode and the T720 flew really nice . On the factory Tx the T720 was a challenge , especially at the slow speed I was flying at and the dead zone on the factory transmitter left you with little to no fine control . On the Taranis it was just gravy .

DSM2/x Satellite Rx

As mentioned , would bind to the Tx in DSMx , but did not work with the T720 control board .
When I tried DSM2_22 everything worked just fine .

Zippy 350 ..

For this flight I was using the slightly larger heavier Zippy 350 2s .. This be the old blue pack which apparently you can no longer buy . I did order a new yellow Zippy 350 ( larger and heavier again ) . That zippy ( yellow ) 350 just arrived .
The blue one gave some 11.30 minutes of flight time around 50% throttle and when I came home the battery tester reported some 40% battery left .
Kiss my beehive right ? I landed when I did because I was getting worried , I did not really notice any power sag but I was sure I was close to 10 minutes flight time ( over in hind sight ) .

T720 Hunts the ground

It does ever so gently hunt the ground . I have done a little elevator...Continue Reading
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OMP Hobby T720 with a DSM2 Rx (1 min 22 sec)

A) Really dont like the toy transmitter
B) oztreecrasher clued me to the Rx being the same as on the S720
C) The board can have 3rd party Rx plugged in

The issue with the T720 is simply reaching the Rx ports on the T720 control board ( PITA )
So I cut a hole in the side of the fuse = Made life easier !

Rx is a DSM2_x Satelite Rx ..
I got a bind in DSMx but no response from the T720 ???? A few more tries and the same result ?
Obviously one had to try DSM2 , and it worked ...

Tx is the Taranis Q x7 with multi protocol module ..
Bind is DSM2_22

Aileron and rudder needed to be reversed ( Direction ) ..
And thats where I am at ..
The foam cut out the side is being glued back in place ..
Also I cut off the foam shelf the battery sat on , may or may not glue it back

But looks like no more factory Tx , Yay !!!!
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https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...OMP-Hobby-T720 = Previous Post in regards to ..

OMP Hobby T720 Maiden .. ( The following is the expressed opinion of the current owner of this plane )

It does fly and fly well ( Stabilised Mode ) . I was actually able to really slow the T720 down a lot . It flies very slowly . This is good as it is still very stable and leaves the operator with plenty of thinking time . The T720 is a little rearward CG orientated making it sensitive to the elevator , even in the stabilised mode . The little 300mAh 2s batteries really do the job , and after 6 minutes of flying the battery power meter reported 58% remaining ( When I got home ) .


It is a DINKY toy transmitter . What makes it look half way decent is the stability mode built into the Rx flight board . Turn off the stability mode and you will instantly discover two things . The rearward CG and just how bad this toy Transmitter is . The T720 deserves the ability to be bound to a hobby grade transmitter . Seriously , the stability control built into the plane itself makes the Tx look decent when in stability mode . I would rate the Tx Rubbish for what it is ..

T720 ( The plane boss - the plane )

Stabilised mode ................

Really like the plane itself . It ticks all the boxes except for one . The CG is too rearward . Find a larger battery ( heavier ) that fits , like maybe a zippy 350 ?
Factory 300 = 16.9 grams / Zippy 350 = 21.7...Continue Reading
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XK x450 maiden (5 min 59 sec)

A) Battery is all the way forward = Excellent hover !
B) In level flight the x450 hunts the ground
C) Transition is insanely smooth
D) The only thing I can complain about is the x450 hunting the ground in level flight .
E) Flies slower than expected in level flight
F) The altitude hold is really good ( Hover Mode )

When I came home I gave the elevon connectors two turns of up .. The other option is to change the angle of the motors in level flight ( Maybe ) or the position of the battery perhaps . ( Change one thing at a time ) Battery voltage was about 3.94v per cell when I came home and put the battery on the charger . Looks like 5 minutes with the supplied battery should be safe , maybe more depending on how you fly it .
I am impressed , and if not for the ground hunting I would have given this one a 10 out of 10 , as is the score will be 9 out of 10 . Also if not for the ground hunting on my sample , I would call the x450 the perfect beginners plane .

I got mine from BG for $99.99 USD and it looks to still be at that price ..
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Brushed 450x Wing update (1 min 57 sec)

Right !!! Lets see ..

Soldered on a battery lead and a motor lead / plug for the hot little brushed 8520 .
Motor seems to run ok , servos look to work ..

This Rx / ESC combo might be sweet for that micro brushed project .

Next I need some control rods and then maybe I can go fly ?
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XK A600 , gone in 60 seconds . (1 min 4 sec)

I seem to have found a serious problem ..
Playing with the XK A600 after repairs and watching this video ..
It would seem that the XK A600 kicks in left rudder when the plane is in certain orientation ..

One second I am fighting to keep control and the next it is flying ok , then suddenly it goes weird on me again .
I can only put it down to the plane suddenly kicking in full left rudder for some reason .

WOW ! So my last 4 planes have been horribly disappointing .

DLG glider with a warped wing .
XK A600
and a Stagger Wing biplane that was killed for exactly the same cause as my DLG ( Hard left turn built in )
Damn ..
Out of 6 new planes , 4 have been bad to terrible .

Back to the XK A600 ..
Perhaps part of the problem is that XK may have used a helicopter flight board ... (?)
Do we really need a gyro on the rudder ?
I have no choice , I have had to unplug the rudder servo ..

The XK A600 did fly like a normal RC plane , well a little bit ! The rest of the time I was fighting to keep it away from terrafirma .
Yeah , well the XK A600 Won in the end and it slammed the ground hard enough to break the wing .

Next outing !
No rudder , and a little bit of lead in the nose ..
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OMPHobby T720 RTF (12 min 25 sec)

I purchased a second hand T720 from a well know modeller ..
And having watched his video's I noted something of interest , he was flying and lost an aileron .

Long story short , that T720 ended up being for sale ! Yeah , can you guess who got it ? ..

Anyways !

I remembered that tit bit from the video !
Assembling the T720 , I checked the wings !
And found the right wing rocked back and forth enough for the control lever in the fuse to pop out of the aileron slot !
On close examination , the PLASTIC spar was broken ( See Pictures ) ..
From the way it was broken ( direction ) , I would hazard a guess it may have occurred when the wings were pulled out of the fuse or ............
If the T720 hit the ground and the wing popped out and then force was put on the spar when the wing was hanging lose ...
It's all speculation !

I hit the break with some cyno and it looked to hold well . To add strength I cut some inserts and glued them inside the spar for added strength top and bottom , .... See Pictures .

I like the modular design !
Unfortunately , every last video review I have seen :
The wings or elevators pop off on landing .
I don't think I have seen a single video where this did not happen ..

Anyways , hopefully a simple repair and a functioning toy .
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The XK A600 = Bag of Fertiliser !

Hmmmm ! Opening the box !

It is light , reasonably made .

BUTT and it's a huge BUTT ( Bigger than that )

The Tx is garbage ,,

Moving the sticks you go from no control surface movement to suddenly all the control surface movement

Oh dear ! I had a real bad feeling going to my CG test area ...

And that bad feeling was confirmed when I crashed the XK A600 over and over again failing to achieve anything near 10 seconds of flight time . Don't get me wrong , the XK A600 flew just fine in a straight line . But when you wanted to turn it just hunted Terrafirma . This is exactly the same issue as I had with the XK A800 with the factory Tx , only the XK A600 is like 10 times worse .

After sufficiently breaking the XK A600 to the point that I was left with no delusions about being able to fly the XK A600 I packed the broken parts into a pocket and headed home . ( Some foam bits were left behind ) ..
Conclusion = PITA ( Pain In The Asp )

Pictured is the XK A600 after repairs ...

Enter the Dragon ! ( Sorry no , just the Jumper T12 )

Jumper T12 and SFHSS ( Futaba Protocol )

Thankfully the bind process is relatively Painless !
The Rx board has a button on its side ..
Just power up the XK A600 and then push the button ( Max )
Now start the bind process in the Tx ( SFHSS ) Multi protocol or Futaba .

Thing to remember is = The XK transmitters send out a bind signal on start up ..
So every time you...Continue Reading
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1) VD5M FrSky Rx ...

Ok , it was working ... Then it stopped working !
I purchased this Rx about 2 years ago and left it in a box .
Honestly , last few years I have had nothing but issues with FrSky receivers ..
So my SU-27 project has taken several steps backward because of this receiver .
I literally had to break the SU-27 to get the receiver out for test and evaluation .
It could be FUBAR or it could be something as simple as frequency offset .
I am replacing the Rx with something similar but DSMx .. ( No issues with DSMx )

2) Fly Bear F16 ...

FX-823 Stabilized Two Channel RC Thunderbirds F-16 Fighter Jet Flight Test Review (10 min 37 sec)

No no no ! I got the free flight version .
And hope to make it RC ..
The F16 Project = It's the same foam model less the toy Rc stuff ..

3) Got some more props in the mail ..

4) XT60 to XT30 converter plug came , now I can charge the battery for the XK X450 safely ..
No more risky business ..
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Product Link > https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DKvmNnHnlc

This is a really small Rx ( FS2A Flysky protocol - thats the new flysky protocol , not the old 9x protocol ) = To be tested !
Mine measures some 18.7mm Long and 11.8mm wide .. ( It really is small )
Has a ? is it 4A or 5A brushed ESC built in .
Has solder pads for battery and brushed motor , or you can run VIA ESC source .. ( 5v Max )
Apparently you can have your cake and eat it !

This Rx is going into the brushed 450x flying wing ..
So hopefully some useful information shortly .
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Gemfan RotorX 2535 ( Test ) to 30,000 rpm (3 min 15 sec)

Gemfan RotorX 2535 test to 30,000 rpm
This prop is a 2 piece 4 blade ... ( No really )
Interesting , apparently can be run in 4 blade mode or 2 blade .. ( I tried both ways in the video )

Brushless Su-27 is being glued together ..

( I did post some printable 3 views of the parts needed for a DIY )