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Posted by Geoff Potter | Sep 13, 2018 @ 08:52 AM | 2,822 Views
My friend Motorcycle Pete , asked me if I could make a cylinder for a 500ccRudge engine . Apparently they are not available anywhere so I said I would give it a go . Started with a peice of 1020 mild steel round bar 165 mil diameter x 200 mil long and mounted it in a four jaw independent chuck with alive centre to steady it as it was a long way out from the chuck . I decided to do the outside shape and fins first while it was still solid , I figured it would be a bit more rigid and then bore it out after. I'm up to here so far . Had to take the cylinder up to my son Grants workshop this weekend as I didn't want to make a mistake with the positioning of all the head and crankcase mounting holes in relation to each other . He is very good on the computer and can set it all up and one just has to go to coordinates on the the read outs . I had to put a new power service to his workshop as well so we didn't get it finished but got some of the CNCmachining done , but still the fin area to do so will go up again next weekend to finish it . It's a three hr trip each way and knocks me around a bit these days , left home at 5am Sunday and got back at 12-30 am Monday morning , use to do it every day but not anymore ! Some pics from yesterday's effort , the NC makes life so easy ....Continue Reading