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Posted by LemonC | Sep 30, 2019 @ 09:44 AM | 1,767 Views
FalcoX Newb (2 min 58 sec)

not the best footage but im digging this millioltosd quite a bit. Havent had all the time in the world to fly much lately, but got to burn a few on saturday (four before one of my skitty Hakrc 32shbit escs gave up on me (two of four so far)).

I need to tame my roll rate a bit, but i got my pids to not bounce so much and this was my best pack. Trying to get a bit juicy but im old so yeah.

Hakrc 32bit esc single four pack from amazon has been disappointing. One fried after prearm on my maiden trip a week or so ago. swapped out w a 32bit esc i got from a friend. flew it a couple times. Sat after fourth pack, swapped new battery and second hakrc esc didnt want to light up anymore... lame for real. i ordered a replacement so should be in the air again soon. I have a nice four in 1 32 bit esc and some new t-motors i will be implementing soon, but for now im seeing what my 2306 2450 iflight xing motors can do on falcoX. im liking it a lot.

The presets really are convenient and have been quite a bit less frustrating then betaflight has been so far. Betaflight is cool, but always needing to find my tune has been a bit depressing the last year... i havent been able to fly as much, and when i do needing to work the tune it out isnt what i want to do honestly.

The millivoltosd isnt perfect. My voltage readout in the osd has a bug which hopefully will be resolved soon. and im kinda not the biggest fan of the all the connectors, but they work. I crashed the other day and had black video bc the cam connector popped out. BUT i like the performance over all.
Posted by LemonC | Sep 12, 2019 @ 10:35 AM | 1,102 Views
Itís been a few years so finally got a few premium upgrades for my Ďbirthdayí.

Got a Crossfire Micro TX bc yeah, and a very premium set of motors(on their way still). The crossfire is setup, did the hardware mod on my qx7.

After lots of endless frustration w betaflight I figured Iíd give Flightone a try. Josue FPV kinda got the notion in my head and Iíve been kinda stagnant and figured why not. I have not gotten everything going yet but I should be in the air in the next couple days if not today.

I m getting over pneumonia which was no fun.

I also upgraded to some hkrc 32bit escís.

Let the cartoons begin.
Posted by LemonC | Sep 03, 2019 @ 04:39 PM | 1,012 Views
I got my Squirt v2 up and running, it flies way better than i thought it might with my old 1407 motor setup.
Squirt V2 Maiden Feet (1 min 55 sec)