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Posted by DutchRC | Nov 17, 2019 @ 12:19 PM | 2,562 Views
Halloa peoples

today I have a LONG term update / review on my experience with the Jumper T16 radio for you.. So this is about the normal non-pro version of the radio that I've used for several months now..
I'm allso going to Upgrade the radio in this video AND I'll give it away

Jumper T16 Multi Protocol Radio - UPDATE + UPGRADE + GIVEAWAY (23 min 9 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Nov 15, 2019 @ 12:06 PM | 3,920 Views
Halloa people

one of the essential tools for our hobby is a power / watt meter. At some point you will want to know what the Amp draw of your RC actually is.. Can you prop / gear up or not?

Link to this watt meter: ToolKitRC WM150 advanced Power analyser

And here is my show & tell of it

ToolKitRC - WM150 Advanced 150A Watt Meter - Show & Tell! (and GiveAway Announcement :)) (12 min 19 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Nov 11, 2019 @ 12:04 PM | 826 Views
Halloa people

sooo Diatone recently released a new variation of their micro GTR line and this time we got an actual DeadCat frame
It allso looks cool (IMHO) so I had to have one
Offcourse it is a Deadcat quad to keep them pesky propellors out of view

Link to the quad: GTR249T HD at Diatone's shop

Link to the quad: GTR249T HD at Banggood.com

spare props:

And.. here is a first look at the quad With a LOS testflight

Diatone GTR249T HD - CineRacer? :) - Show & Tell (24 min 16 sec)

type: Cinematic racer
wheelbase: 115 mm
base thickness: 3 mm
material(s): Carbon fiber + allu + platic canopy
dry weight: 86 g
flight controller: Mamba F405 mk2
firmware version: Betaflight 4.0.6
ESC's: Mamba F25 mk2 25A Dshot600
motors: Mamba 1105 5500kv
propellors: 2.3 mm Avan (frame supports 2.5mm props)
FPV camera: Caddx Turtle V2 HD recorder
VTX: TBS Unify 5v
Lipo: 650-750mah 3S (not included)
OSD: Yes, Betaflight
smart Audio: Yes, TBS Smart audio
buzzer: Yes
LED's: Nope
spare props: Nope
Posted by DutchRC | Oct 27, 2019 @ 12:06 PM | 1,270 Views
Halloa FPV pilots

we have ourselves yet another new Eachine quad! :O The last one I tested was a FAIL (Wizard X140hv) sooooo
how will this one work out? Completely different quad though this LAL5 with a remarkable motor-choice..

Link to the quad: Eachine LAL5 with Tarsier v2

So let's have a good hard look at it first

Eachine LAL5 Ultra Power 4K Freestyle FPV Drone - Show & Tell (18 min 49 sec)

type: Freestyle / Video FPV quad
wheelbase: 225 mm
base thickness: 5mm arms
material(s): carbon fiber + allu standoffs
dry weight: 412 grams (heavy)
flight controller: F405
firmware version: BF 4.0.3
ESC's: 50A Dshot1200 4-in-1
motors: Racerstar 2507 1850 Kv !
propellors: DAL Cyclone T5046C
FPV camera: Caddx Tarsier v2 - 4K recorder + FPV cam
VTX: Eachine TX805 - 800 mW 5.8Ghz
Lipo: 1250 - 1500mah 6S (not included)
OSD: Yes, Betaflight
smart Audio: Yes
buzzer: nope
LED's: nope
spare props: Yes, 1 set
Posted by DutchRC | Oct 24, 2019 @ 09:03 AM | 2,858 Views
Halloa people,

if you have followed this sage (which has gone on for Years) it's allmost a miracle we now have a PL18 we can actually go out and buy But maybe you have Not followed along.. In that case this is simply a step-up by Flysky into a more serious and potentially professional realm of RC...

Link to the radio: FlySky Paladin PL18 at Banggoood

Also: FlySky Paladin PL18 at HobbyKing

And because my full review is a VERY long video.. to start things off, here is a short "who is it for?" video

FlySky PL18 PALADIN - Who is it for?? (6 min 37 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Oct 18, 2019 @ 11:24 AM | 1,865 Views
Halloa guys

I got this very small lipo charger in from it's distributor.. And eventhough it IS small, it packs a punch.. 400W output and 8S capable is nothing to snarf at

Link to it: ToolkitRC M8s - very small lipo charger

At this moment it's available from for instance Banggood..

ToolkitRC M8S - All-In-One Charger & Diagnoistics Tool! REVIEW (22 min 10 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Oct 17, 2019 @ 03:04 PM | 2,292 Views
Halloa FPV pilots

so yes.. I'm not really the first to be reviewing this ER349 huh? I ordered in a sale a while back and had not come around to actually flying it yet :$
BUT.. I thought it would be nice combine my first-flight-experience with it with some insight into the RC industry...

Link to this quad: Eachine ER349se 3-inch racer

Diatone / Eachine ER349se - the best Eachine E V E R ! :D (19 min 52 sec)

Lipo used: GensAce Tattu R-line 850mah 4S

type: FPV Racing quad
wheelbase: 135 mm
base thickness: 3.5mm
material(s): carbon fiber + plastick
flight controller: Mamba F405 mini MK2
firmware version: 3.5.1
ESC's: Mamba 4x25A 4 in one, Dshot1200
motors: Mamba MB1408 4000 kv
propellors: GemFan Flash 3052 & some other alternate props
FPV camera: Runcam micro Swift 2
VTX: TBS Unify pro
Lipo: 650mah 4S (not included)
OSD: Yes, Betaflight
smart audio: yes (TBS)
buzzer: yes
spare props: yes, 1 set
Posted by DutchRC | Oct 12, 2019 @ 09:01 AM | 4,838 Views
Halloa people

Sooo.. what can I say.. Below is a short video about my giveaway..
Really quite a nice camera system! I wouldn't mind wining one myself

check it out.. it's only a few minutes...

Runcam Split 4K HYBRID! GIVEAWAY ! :D - Sponsored by Runcam ! (5 min 37 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Sep 24, 2019 @ 09:00 AM | 1,592 Views
Halloa people

I just finished building an RTF quad.. Wait what? Well yeah.. I simply just ordered all the parts myself as I felt like building another quad
BUT.. it's also avialable as an RTF, and NOT a chaeap one at that this time..
So this is a more specced-out version of the XL5 Nazgul I guess
In this thread I'll review the frame And show what the RTF version is like

the frame: iFlight SL5 freestyle frame

The RTF version: iFlight SL5 Cidora Advanced 6S version RTF

iFlight SL5 - Cidora 5" High Spec Freestyle FPV Quad - FRAME REVIEW (13 min 39 sec)

type: Freestyle / Cinematic
wheelbase: 215 mm
base thickness: 5mm arms
material(s): Carbon Fiber + allu standoffs
weight: 123 grams
chamfered edges: yes.. minute but well done
clean: some carbon dust but pretty clean
buzzer: nope
LED board: nope
battery strap: yes, 2x good quality
battery anti-skid pad: yes
Posted by DutchRC | Sep 15, 2019 @ 12:47 PM | 1,708 Views
Halloa people

sooo yes.. SJcam has itself a new action camera, and in case you don't know SJcam: they are one of the less costly alternatives to Gopro camera's..
I ordered one in pre-sale and received it last week.. Time to do some tests with it!

link to the camera: SJcam SJ9 Strike - 4K action camera

First test I've been doing is microphone / vlogging tests:

Vlogging tests with SJCAM's new Flagship 4K Action Camera - SJ9 Strike Review P.1 (7 min 26 sec)

the external microphone I used:

Playlist with Unedited video's:

shape: classic Gopro shape
max video res: 4K at 60 fps
max frame rate:
video codec: MP4 H.264 or H.265 - user selectable
max photo res: 12 MP - 4000x3000
field of view:
max CF card size: 128 GB - (I would suggest an U3 card)
microphone: dual / stereo
external microphone: Yes, via USB-C
gyro stabi: Yes, up to 4K 30 fps
WIFI config option: Yes
battery: 1300mah Lion
max recording time: +/- 2 hours at 1080P 60 fps
viewfinder screen: Yes
touch-screen: Yes
second (front) screen: Yes
usb-type: USB-C
water proof: Yes up to 10 meters without extra case
Posted by DutchRC | Sep 05, 2019 @ 05:02 PM | 1,683 Views
Halloa people

Sooo.. what can I say.. Below is a short video about my giveaway..
To that I should add that the X9 Lite Pro looks / feels better then I expected

check it out.. it's only a few minutes...

DutchRC & Banggood.com GIVE AWAY: FrSky Taranis X9 Lite Pro! - Banggood 13th Anniversary! (7 min 40 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Aug 30, 2019 @ 05:32 AM | 1,945 Views
Halloa people

Sooo.. what can I say.. Below is a short video announcing my giveaway..
check it out.. it's only a few minutes...

DutchRC & Banggood.com GIVE AWAY: FrSky Taranis X9 Lite Pro! - ANNOUNCEMENT ! (4 min 31 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Aug 26, 2019 @ 09:42 AM | 1,698 Views
Halloa people

it's been a while sinds I featured a fixed wing RC on my channel.. NOT because I'm not interested but simply because I didn't run into a new plane I was excited to try
BUT.. here it is then.. actually a plane that comes in my YT channel's colors :P

Link to the plane: Volantex SABER 920 - KIT or PNP

Volantex SABER 920 - 3D Acrobatic Aeroplane - Flight Test :) (12 min 14 sec)

wingspan: 920 mm
length: 875 mm
weight: 1100 grams all up weight
material: EPO foam
kit type: KIT or PNP
motor: 2215 1400 kv
propellor: 9x5
ESC: 30A brushless with BEC
servo's: 4x 9 grams
receiver: mine isn't a BNF
lipo: 1800mah 3S (not included)
ailerons: yes
rudder: yes
flaps: nope
retracts: nope
lights: nope
stabeliser: nope
Posted by DutchRC | Aug 22, 2019 @ 09:05 AM | 2,370 Views
Halloa people

sooo yes.. allmost unbelievable but here is another build project from me.. I've been working (selecting parts etc) on this one for several months....
I am in the process of replacing my 4S (GepRC KHX5 Elegant) freestyle quads with fresh 6S versions in this thread I'll show you the "Why & How" of this project...

I'm actually going to start this story with 2 first flight tests!
Later on I'll tell you what parts I used and WHY I chose those......

DutchRC RIPLEY - Ultimate 6S Freestyle FPV Quad - P1: Test Flights (14 min 4 sec)

Parts list:

Frame: Speedybee 5" 225mm

Stack: Diatone Mamba F722S + 6S 4-in-1 Dshot1200 ESC

Motors v1: iFlight Xing 2207 1800kv

Motors v2: Racerstar SIC 2207 1888kv

Props: Gemfan Windancer 5043

FPV camera: Runcam Racer 2 black 2.1mm

FPV transmitter: Rush Tank VTX

Control receiver: FrSky R9mm

The lipo's I'll use: Gaoneng GNB 1100mah 6S 130C
Posted by DutchRC | Aug 17, 2019 @ 09:14 AM | 1,874 Views
Yes! It is allmost unbelievable but here is yet another FPV camera test from me
And what?? It's not even a DJI HD Super Plus Extra :O :O
Nope.. simply a racing FPV cam from Foxeer..

Link to the bigger one: Foxeer Predator 4 Mini

The smaller one: Foxeer Predator 4 micro

Foxeer Predator 4 Mini and Micro - Low Latency FPV Cam's - FULL REVIEW! (22 min 55 sec)

sensor type: CMOS
sensor size: 1/2.7"
resolution: 1000tvl
lens: 2.5mm M12 or 1.8mm M12 (M8 for the micro version)
field of view: 170 degrees at 16:9 - 140 degres at 4:3
aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 switchable
input voltage: 5 - 40 V
latency: 4 ms
size: mini - 21.8x 21.8 x 14.2 mm
weight mini: ?
size: micro - 19 x 19 x 18.6 mm
weight micro: 6.1 g
setup OSD: yes
runtime OSD: yes
Wide Dynamic Range: yes, Super WDR
Posted by DutchRC | Aug 12, 2019 @ 09:02 AM | 2,702 Views
Halloa people

I'll tell you what: I totally SKIPPED this quad when it was released.. Then it was on sale in BG's last sweepstakes sale..
Less then 100... is the quad wurth that amount????

Link to the quad: Eachine Wizard X140HV - 3-inch 6S Freestyler

Eachine Wizard X140HV - HOW BAD CAN IT BE??? :D (20 min 7 sec)

type: Freestyle FPV Quad
wheelbase: 140 mm
base thickness: 3 mm
material(s): carbon fiber
flight controller: Betaflight F4
ESC's: 20A 4-in-1 Dshot600
motors: 1507 2500 Kv
propellors: DAL Cyclone T3056C
FPV camera: Foxeer micro Arrow
VTX: 25-300mW
Lipo: 3-6S (none included)
OSD: yes
smart Audio: yes
buzzer: yes
LED's: yes
spare props: yes, 1 full set
Posted by DutchRC | Jul 23, 2019 @ 09:10 AM | 3,975 Views
Halloa people

I received a brand new frame from iFlight yesterday.. It's the new version of their conventional freestyle frame..
BUT.. as you might have noticed: they are allso about to release a few RTF versions based on that frame..
In this thread I'll review the frame And build the quad with the same components as the RTF will use...

the frame: iFlight XL5 v4 freestyle frame

the base RTF version: iFlight Nazgul5 entry - Banggood version

There will allso be higher speced version which will only be available from their own site...

iFlight XL5 Version 4 - Nazgul5 - 5" Freestyle FPV Quad Frame - FRAME REVIEW (13 min 30 sec)

type: Freestyle
wheelbase: 227mm
base thickness: 5mm arms
material(s): carbon fiber + allu standoffs
weight: 109 grams
chamfered edges: yes.. minute but well done
clean: yes, spotless
buzzer: nope
LED board: nope
battery strap: mine didn't but yours should come with 2
battery anti-skid pad: mine didn't but yours should..
Posted by DutchRC | Jul 16, 2019 @ 09:08 AM | 3,429 Views
Halloa guys

I got this super small lipo charger in from it's distributor.. It's even smaller then it looked in the photo's That makes it a handy charger to take with you for in-the-field charging

Link to it: ToolkitRC M6 - very small lipo charger

At this moment it's on pre-sale at BG...

ToolkitRC M6 150W lipo charger - it is SMALL :) - SHOW & TELL (23 min 4 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Jul 09, 2019 @ 09:10 AM | 4,667 Views
Halloa people

it's been a while sinds I did a build-series, and in this case part of the reason was getting some cool new products in for review
Sooo.. the aim for this build is a high quality version of the fun I had with the LDARC 200GT.. a very light 5" quad... I will be building a 6S quad though, and it will have quite a bit more Punch

Let's start this story with an overview of the components I'll use

Hyperlite Floss 3.0 - DutchRC 200GT Lightweight 5" FUN FLIER :) - P1: INTRO (15 min 20 sec)

List of parts:
frame: Hyperlite Floss 3.0 frame
stack: Diatone Mamba F722 mini
motors: Emax 2207 RSII 1600kv motors
props: T-Motor T5132 propellors
receiver: Rush XR602T-b3 frsky D16 receiver
FPV cam: Runcam Phoenix 1000tvl camera
VTX: AKKtek FX3-ultimate VTX
lipo option 1: Tattu Rline 1050mah 6S lipo's
lipo option 2: CNHL 1000mah 6S lipo's
Posted by DutchRC | Jul 07, 2019 @ 09:12 AM | 5,547 Views
Halloa people

is this the last quad you will ever need? Well offcourse we want LOTS of quads or what :P
This new Diatone is one of the pocket-size do-it-all FPV quads..
It should be fast
It should be able to do freestyle well
It shoots 4K video's

Linkt to this quad: Diatone TMC Airblade UAV Intrepid v2 - Tarsier 4K version

At banggood: Same thing.. with affiliate code.. thanks for the support

In this topic I'll post My findings, but feel free to ad your own.. or questions.. concerns.. etc..

Diatone + Airblade UAV Intrepid v2 + Caddx Tarsier 4K :O - FIRST LOOK (26 min 32 sec)

type: Cinematic Freestyle quad
frame: Airblade UAV type: Intrepid v2
wheelbase: 150mm
base thickness: 3mm (arms)
material(s): carbon fiber + allu standoffs
flight controller: Mamba F405 mini mk2
firmware version: Betaflight 3.5.1
ESC's: Mamba F25 - Dshot600
motors: Mamba (BBB?) 1408 4000Kv
propellors: Gemfan Flash 3052
FPV camera: Cadd Tarsier (ratel + 4K recorder)
VTX: Team Blacksheep Unify 5V
Lipo: 3-4S (not included)
OSD: Yes, Betaflight
smart Audio: Yes
buzzer: Yes
LED's: nope
spare props: nope