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Posted by epoxyearl | Jun 12, 2017 @ 03:53 PM | 15,895 Views
I'm stuck inside, in 95 degree weather, so I decided to shoot a coat of paint on the Snow White...I've been sanding on that girl for a year.
Admitting I'm not the world's best surface preparer is a large defeat for me.....I just knew this was going to be 'The One', but it turns out it's just another one....
Glossy white paint can surely make you humble, when you twist it in the light....aaagggghhhhhhhh !!!
Well, at least 'the fire' has started to glow again.....I've been blocked for awhile, not wanting to work on any of the models.
Posted by epoxyearl | Jun 09, 2017 @ 07:47 PM | 15,178 Views
Let's imagine that enough people become aware of AMA's profitability from selling non-existent insurance that they join the newest fliers in not filling out AMA's membership application.. The FAA seems to think about 100,000 people are flying Uas's under their guidelines that don't belong to any Community Based Organization. -I'm aware that there's a 'stay' on that, but it won't last long-

Now , when the FAA digs in and plants their feet firmly, there'll be a new set of (laws, rules, suggestions, recommendations) that will put us in a pinch..
Do y'all remember the closing of all the fields within 15 miles of D.C. when this first started ? I'll bet that happens again...
Now if the AMA , in their great fight to stop this foolishness, fails to corral the FAA, what would be the wisdom of continuing to fund them ?

The 'outlaw' Uas fliers now, are enjoying the freedom from rules imposed that always contain reminders of what could happen if a Uas runs amuck..- these guys are flying their hearts out, not hurting anyone, and they aren't hearing 'doomsday' reports from an Organization bent on showing just how unsafe flying can be.

But that will be sorted out next year...

MY question is, if the AMA fails to meet the mortgage payments at Tajmuncie, will the remaining members be responsible for that?
The Ama won't produce a Financial report, because (I believe) the membership is steadily dropping, or they're demanding answers as to why the AMA isn't on top of this and the minutes, which should be available in a timely manner.

I'm just rambling on here, because things we didn't think would happen, are happening now.. Sears is going out of business, and since they own K-mart, several locations of K-mart stores are closing as well.
I'm well aware the big box stores will just trade one for another....but if the AMA goes bust......................who's gonna step up ?