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Posted by epoxyearl | May 26, 2017 @ 08:23 PM | 14,938 Views
I received an e-mail concerning the AMA's response to John Taylor's stealing their thunder on the FAA's UAS reversal in court. No surprise there- the AMA spoke legal mumbo jumbo for a few minutes while they floundered for a plausible excuse as to why his victory will be short lived....
That doesn't surprise us either...In the back of my mind lurks the suspicion that the FAA will 'get it right' next round, and both John AND the AMA will regret their actions.
I've been flying on the local farmland, doing my thing as I've always done...The farmer doesn't care if I fly over 45 acres of pasture, and he makes me responsible, if a cow eats a model- it' s MY loss...
It's sad that the Gentleman that owns the farm for the Local Club is seeing a gradual falling off of Fliers and Visitors...That isn't due to anything the FAA and the AMA has done, though.. It's a result of age attrition and the lesser satisfaction of building and flying models in my age group.-Well maybe the dues increase had something to do with several of us not re-enlisting again...
The AMA seems to be in another dimension presently, and it'll take a few years to regain the trust of many who aren't afraid to look critically at them.. I for one won't rejoin the AMA, and although I won't encourage anyone NOT to join, I will ask them to 'look at what they're looking at' with a critical eye.
I won't hand over $75 to a friend that doesn't deserve it, and I certainly won't give any money to an Administration that wastes it.- there's no financial report, and they have no idea how many members they have. Expanding the Muncie Taj Mahal is not in the best interests of the modeling general population, and they should be placing Bricks with our names on them as tokens of Appreciation, rather than asking an outlandish sum for them..
Posted by epoxyearl | May 20, 2017 @ 06:21 AM | 15,049 Views
After paying my final AMA dues two years ago, I voiced my opinion that the Organization was nothing more than a money grubbing, self righteous bunch of people indicating they would fight to the death for our freedom to fly model airplanes, and forcing a catazine on us, as parts of their 'deal'...

One modeler took on the FAA in Federal Court, and won a reversal of the FAA's interference in modelers, and their models...Registration is no longer required, and the restrictions regarding flight of models is once again under the rules we the modelers instilled eons ago, concerning safety.

I can barely contain my anticipation of the AMA's 'spin' on these events, considering the large amounts of money spent, incurred on Hotel rooms, food, travel, and entertainment, whilst the representatives were in DC, 'representing the modelers'..

If the talking heads at AMA were to give Mr. John Taylor full credit for his accomplishment, I may be pleasantly surprised.- One man accomplished what an entire organization was not capable of doing...
Posted by epoxyearl | May 07, 2017 @ 09:30 AM | 14,896 Views
I'm an old man..I started building model airplanes in 1951, at ten years old. Comet 'structo-speed' sheet models with 10" wing spans, rubber powered..Die crunched (worse than Sterling). 10c each,-some were 25c, if you could afford them..
I graduated through stick builts with (again) Comet's 54" Rubber powered Taylor Craft, which taught me how to trim a free flight model. On a calm spring evening, we'd have to get the bike, to retrieve it. I'm talking 1/4 mile flights on rubber power !
Eventually, we got into controline (small flight area)- no chasing.. Then finally R/C...I learned to build well, and fly well, and came into demand as a flight instructor. I've taught several Club Presidents to fly, my current one included.
I've learned so much, from so many experts, that I unknowingly became one. Scale models eventually became my forte', and I thrived on them, up to designing my own after a while.
Now, I'm at the twilight of my experience..The 'want to' is still there, but the effort is lacking..I have several unfinished models (they probably never will be ), and this morning , I recognized that fact.
The 5 mile walks have dwindled to 1/4 mile ones, that require much effort to complete. I've added 4" extensions to the couch legs, which enables me to escape from it now.
I am thankful for the Hobby experience, and I'm sure the escape from stress has added a couple of years to my life.
You guys keep on doing what you're doing....I'm going to do a lot more watching, now.