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Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 27, 2016 @ 04:07 AM | 17,453 Views
In recent events, I've joined Facebook's Balsa Model Builders' Association..I met the Author at Warbirds over Delaware this year, and he has a good heart.
The Association is on the same 'track' as RCG's 'Balsa Builders' Forum.
Whatever, that membership is not hesitant in showing up with their models, whether scratch-built, kit-built , or in some cases restorations, of their Dad's models, from years past....
I'm especially interested in the continuation of those models' lives..
One gentleman is restoring a model with a Balsa Cowling, and has done a fine job of it.
There is a resurgence of building, from what I see, and maybe modeling has come full circle..
I voted for Mr. Tougas to be President of AMA, simply because of his statement that he intended to make it Traditional once more.
I firmly believe you can add too many'ingredients' to the 'soup' and ruin it.- My reasoning is that we see more splinter groups that are dedicated to a certain type of building, with certain materials..
There's more to say, but just spend some time digesting this much , for now.